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True Happiness Emerges from Spiritual Progress

One of the most elusive things that everyone wants to have, is happiness. Many believe that happiness is the result of having a good job, good family, social status, friends, travels, acquisition of things etc., only to discover that even with all of that, they are not as happy as they thought they would be. Often time, people confuse temporary contentment or pleasure with happiness, or create an idea of happiness that is not always accurate. To be temporary content in life is one thing, to be happy is something else.

Happiness is of the essence, the consciousness, of the Being. Most of us have capacity to experience happiness, because we still have a small percentage of free essence. However, we might have noticed that this feeling of happiness comes in unexpected moments, in what we would call the small things of life, rather than in big events for which we prepare and expect for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Happiness is elusive, and it can come at any moment, regardless of where we are. Most often its manifestation depends on our inner state, but it is not always limited to that. Sometimes it can happen that we are in a sad state, but something may psychologically click within and this then gives access for happiness to unfold.

The consciousness is divine, it is of the Being. Some of its innate qualities are peace, compassion and happiness. Unfortunately, as most of the consciousness is trapped within the psychic aggregates or the egos, we are often blocked from feeling those qualities, and instead we feel the emotions that are of the egos.

“Unquestionably, when the psychological SELF has died, the essence shines within us…
The liberated essence confers to us an intimate beauty; from such beauty emanate perfect happiness and true love…”
~ Samael Aun Weor

By eliminating the egos, we are removing the source of pain and suffering, and are freeing the consciousness that is trapped in the egos. Every ego occupies a space in the consciousness, obstructing the latter and generating low emotions and uncontrolled thoughts. When obstruction is removed, the cause of suffering disappears and the consciousness becomes increasingly less eclipsed, thus enabling us to feel high emotions, peace, and happiness. This is a gradual process, but a tangible one nonetheless, where the results can be seen quite fast if we perform the inner work well.

It is important to understand the above-mentioned obstacles to happiness

1. The egos make us feel that which is the opposite of happiness – pain and suffering.
2. The egos occupy a space in consciousness, trapping it and not giving us access to its high emotions and happiness.

The consciousness is the only source of happiness that we have until we incarnate higher parts of the Being. With consciousness alone, we can feel happiness in a certain way, and up to a certain point. The increase in feeling happiness is a clear sign that we are progressing on the Path. This high emotion would significantly raise our vibratory frequency, enabling us to stay grounded in the inner work regardless of the situation we are in. However, the capacity to feel happiness starts increasing exponentially when we start incarnating the Being.

Every increase in the Being means enormous increase in happiness and other high spiritual states. For example, with the incarnation of the first part of the Being, the Human Soul, there comes a huge increase in love energy, and feeling of true spiritual peace. Then, with the coming of the next part, the Spiritual Soul (Buddhi), we start to feel spiritual happiness for the first time. Every other part of the Being, such as Atman, Christ, Divine Father, etc. profoundly deepen and expands the emanations of the Being.

The Path and the Being is the way to feel true happiness, of the type that is not limited by external circumstances, but instead it is always there. The Being, once incarnated, is always present within us. The Being is the flame of light that always shines in its lamp (the consciousness), regardless if there are egos present or not. And a major aspect of this light is true and permanent happiness, the one that is increasing as the inner work proceeds, as the inner Being expands in all its aspects, throughout all of our spiritual bodies.

HDP, August 2021.

Author: Dario

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  1. If you want God to appear, you must disappear.

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