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The Importance of Not giving up when Failing

The transformation from an intellectual animal into a true human being, and from a true human being into a divine being, is not easy. Nonetheless, it is achievable. On the Path to Liberation, there are always obstacles that prevent us from reaching the next stage in our work, and sometimes these obstacles make us fail. Failing in the work means giving in to the animalistic side of our nature, feeding it through identification with it and actions that we take, but also it means neglecting
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Esoteric Practice that can Help Heal the Mind

It is already well-known that spiritual practices can have amazing effect on healing of the physical, vital, astral, and mental bodies. All these bodies are interconnected, which means the health of one depends on the health of the other. Nonetheless, some bodies have somewhat higher importance in the overall constitution, when it comes to health. It is described that the vital body is the most important one, because it is what keeps the physical body alive, and due to its importance it is
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A Journey through the Four States of Consciousness

The goal of the spiritual work is to climb up the ladder of the Being, to reach higher and higher stages of the Path that can take one to the incarnation of all the parts of the inner Being. The consciousness that we have is the key factor in achieving that goal, because upon its transformation depends our movement forward. By performing the inner work, we go through esoteric initiations of the Path by which our consciousness is truly changed and expanded, and like this we journey through
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True Happiness Emerges from Spiritual Progress

One of the most elusive things that everyone wants to have, is happiness. Many believe that happiness is the result of having a good job, good family, social status, friends, travels, acquisition of things etc., only to discover that even with all of that, they are not as happy as they thought they would be. Often time, people confuse temporary contentment or pleasure with happiness, or create an idea of happiness that is not always accurate. To be temporary content in life is one thing, to
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Can we Discover on our Own What we Need for Enlightenment?

A phrase “all spiritual roads, traditions and religions lead to enlightenment” is something that’s been widely used in recent times. It goes hand in hand with a belief that” if you start becoming interested in spirituality, eventually you will work out what is needed to progress”. The word ‘enlightenment’, however, is something that’s been used in a variety of ways, and many people would say that they have become enlightened. Today it is not uncommon for someone who watched 10,20 or 30
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