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Entering the Threshold of the Path to Liberation

Often time, and for many people, the path to liberation appears elusive, incomprehensible, something that is out there and unreachable for most. It may especially appear so when we discover that many legends and myths of the world refer to stages of this same path, trodden by some famous figures of the past. All of this could be somewhat discouraging, though at the same time inspiring to consider that it might be possible to walk on that path and discover things that have been passed on for
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Your Path and the Path to Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a goal of many people who are interested in spirituality. Many will make a real effort to investigate about what enlightenment is and how to achieve it. Depending on their circumstances and the readiness of their inner Being, the search may take them in different directions and philosophies, such as to Gnosticism, Theosophy, Sufism, various branches of Hinduism or Buddhism , or some more contemporary spiritual branches, such as New Age etc. (just to name a few). There are
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Samael Aun Weor’s Mirror Practice to Strengthen Your Soul

Some time ago I encountered this interesting practice/petition from a book called Introduction to Gnosis by Samael Aun Weor. In it he describes how to get in closer contact with ones own soul, and how to try strengthening it with a petition that is done in front of a mirror. This can be very useful if we struggle in our inner work, when our will is succumbing to that of the egos, when it seems to us that we are not ascending in a proper way, or that we are stagnant, unable to lift up from
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Self-observation for knoweldge of the self

Once we tackle the exercise of self-remembrance and grounding ourselves in the here and now, the next step is to observe within. By so doing, we see what is happening in our five psychological centers where the egos (subconscious defects) manifest. These defects govern our lives in so many ways, but when we start observing them from the point of view of an observer, we are then able to detach from them and not go along with what they want us to do.
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