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The Power of Prayer and the Esoteric Forces Behind It

Prayer is a powerful force that we can and should utilize in the inner work. People have been praying for ages, as they felt that there is something more out there, beyond what the eyes can see, that can help them with going through various situations of life. Many religions today encompass prayer as one of the main ‘practices’, and encourage their followers to pray both during services and when alone. Some religions use continuous repetition of certain phrases or words, while some others
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The Value of Patience on the Gnostic Path

One of the most important virtues that we can cultivate on the Path, is patience. There are many other important virtues that are indispensable, such as honesty, chastity, love, compassion, will etc., but in order to acquire those, we need to have patience. Therefore, with patience we can climb the ladder of the Being, and eventually reach the Human Soul – the first of the parts of our inner Being that we incarnate on the path to liberation.
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