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Samael Aun Weor’s Mirror Practice to Strengthen Your Soul

Some time ago I encountered this interesting practice/petition from a book called Introduction to Gnosis by Samael Aun Weor. In it he describes how to get in closer contact with ones own soul, and how to try strengthening it with a petition that is done in front of a mirror. This can be very useful if we struggle in our inner work, when our will is succumbing to that of the egos, when it seems to us that we are not ascending in a proper way, or that we are stagnant, unable to lift up from
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3rd Key for Awakening – Sacrifice for Humanity

One of the most important principles of spiritual ascent is sacrifice for humanity. This type of help relates to spiritual sacrifice, or helping others spiritually, and it comprises one of the Three Keys of the Revolution of Consciousness. When we start to work on ourselves, we start to gain experience of that work and what is needed to climb up the mountain of ascension. With this knowledge we are more and more enabled to help others who would also like to reach liberation. By helping
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