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Guidelines for Spiritual Initiates

In his book The Doctrine of Judas, VM Lakshmi Daimon included some important guidelines that all spiritual initiates and everyone seeking the incarnation of their inner Being, should follow. Following them naturally comes easier for initiates as they have reached a higher level of spiritual unfoldment and aligned themselves to a good degree with Divine Law, though they too have to apply effort to continuously be in line with the Law and to take on new responsibilities that come from the levels they achieve. However, all Gnostic students can aspire to live according to those guidelines and to do as much as possible to come closer and closer to their Being, the source of divine wisdom, so that they always know what is the right thing to do in order for them to progress on the Path.

The guidelines:

“Brother. . . remember that you are a traveler who advances without a Path, because you are the one who makes your Path.

Walk straight, in a straight line, and at each step of your way get rid of what weighs you down.

Everything which you see on your way, observe it well in order to know it and to understand it.

Remember, that on this Path, there must be no turning back; therefore, don’t forget anything.

Try to pay everyone you owe so that they don’t look for you on your Path in order to collect the debt.

Only take what you need and what you don’t need, give it away to those who do.

Don’t tell anyone that your Path is without return, because it’s possible that those who love you won’t let you go and will try to close the way.

Give everyone on your way a smile so that they will say that this traveler is happy on his way; it doesn’t matter if your heart is breaking in two.

Drink from the fountain of wisdom every day so that on your Path you won’t feel thirsty.

During the starry nights try to rest in peace and at the dawn of each day continue on your journey.

Never say, “Today I will rest”, because you haven’t gotten to your destination yet.

On your Path, do not observe the defects of anyone; only look at their virtues.

If someone crosses your Path, agree with them and continue on.

To all who are going in the opposite way, don’t try to convince them to go back in order not to waste your time uselessly.

Give them a drink from the fountain of Wisdom and let them go on their way.

Observe your dreams carefully at each instant, in order to understand your errors.

Don’t tell anyone that you know the Truth; teach them, so that they can know it.

When sharing with your loved ones and with your friends, don’t say that you are a wise person; speak of the Wisdom of the Wise.

When walking on a path, walk alone, and if someone goes with you, observe carefully what you say; observe carefully where you step.

When you are in pain, try to hide it, so that those who see you won’t know that you are suffering.

When everyone speaks, listen; never censure, but learn.

When you are teaching, always cite the Wise Gods, so that your teachings are always up-to-date with that which you have had in other times.

When you pray, do it in silence.

When you look at someone, show them your affection.

When you correct someone, show them your love, and so your life will be instruction to learn from and an example for everyone you teach.”

~ Lakshmi Daimon, from the Doctrine of Judas, chapter: The Apostle

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