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The Noble Eightfold Path in the Light of Gnosis

Some of the most important teachings of the Buddha are the ones about the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. Some time ago I wrote an article regarding the Four Noble Truths from the Gnostic perspective, which aimed to elaborate upon an exquisite teaching of the Buddha regarding the nature of suffering, how the suffering has to be overcome if one is to reach true awakening, and how those four truths are tightly related to the Path of Initiations. Those Truths are: – there is
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The Spiral and the Direct Path on the Journey to Final Liberation

When we commence the journey that leads towards the 'final' liberation, which is the liberation from the Creation and the Universe in which we are and where we grow, we find our life is not just something random, but rather that it has a concrete purpose; we begin to notice all the lessons that were taking place in our life before our commencement of the inner work; the things start to move towards their respective places, like the pieces of jigsaw puzzles. We also begin to notice that the
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The Illuminating Void and the Story of Han Shan

The teaching about Illuminating Void is something that Samael Aun Weor emphasised a lot in several places in his books and talks as a mean to access the Reality that is beyond duality. The term "Illuminating Void" is coming from the word “Sunyata”, which in Buddhism is referring to Great Emtpiness, or the Great Void. In Gnosticism, Samael Aun Weor connects the Illuminating Void with the third ring of the Absolute – the outermost ring of the Ultimate Reality (or the Source) that is
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Using Koan Meditation for Silencing the Mind

One of the good ways to silence the mind (and subsequently activate your consciousness) is through a technique known as the koans. This old Zen Buddhist method for meditation involves pondering on enigmatic phrases, questions or sentences that are without an answer, or that the mind has a difficult finding an answer to. However, “pondering” in this case does not refer to thinking about it, but rather shining the light of consciousness on it in the state of inner stillness.
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The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa (book review)

“The Third Eye” was the first book of an author called Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, published in 1956, soon afterwards to become a global bestseller. The story of this author is quite interesting. Lobsang Rampa was supposedly an advanced Tibetan lama who lived in the 19th century Tibet. Some time after he passed away from his life, an Englishman was contacted through a metaphysical mean in the 20th century, and was asked if he is willing to let go of his physical body so that a Tibetan lama
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Fanatical worship

“Ananda said to the Buddha: “I think there has never been a teacher as great as you, nor will there ever be one as great in the future.” The Buddha asked: “Have you known all the awakened ones, the buddhas of the past?” “No, Honored One.” “And are you able to know all the buddhas of the future?” “No, Honored One.”
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