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Signs of the Awakening of Kundalini and its Six Mystical States

The Kundalini energy, also referred to as the Sacred Fire, is one of the essential parts of the spiritual awakening and the process that leads towards the Final Liberation, which is the liberation from the Wheel of Samsara and from the Universe. This energy rises up from the base of the spine in the Muladhara chakra and it goes up through the Sushumna channel in the spine until it reaches the Sahasrara chakra at the top of the head, opening the connection between the human being and their divine origin.

The ascent of the Kundalini is directly dependant on the inner work and the purification of the creative energies through the process of chastity and the path. The first aspect of this force ascends up in the physical body, however subsequent aspects of Kundalini will rise up in the higher non-physical bodies, which are created, activated and/or received with the inner work. Therefore, the role of Kundalini is akin to a divine key; a kind of bridge that initiates and activates all the necessary parts of our inner structure so that the  inner Being can gradually incarnate in the above mentioned higher bodies. This Sacred Fire thus plays a vital role in permanent increase of vibration and in lifting up the human being from its low animalistic states into higher and higher spiritual states.

There are several signs of the awakening of Kundalini, though it is not always easy to see that such signs are related to Kundalini, because as the student is working seriously on themselves throughout the day and by performing a set of practices, he or she can think that the increase of vibration comes from such practices and activites. It is also thought that the awakening of Kundalini is preceded by a sharp pain in the base of the spine, which can be the case but is not the rule. As the student becomes more and more sensitive from the result of their inner development, they will eventually start to notice a pleasant sensations or currents at specific points in the spine, accompanied with a certain feeling of fullness in the spine up to that particular point, which drops down in case of the loss of sexual energy.

According to Swami Sivananda, some of the signs of the awakening of Kundalini are seeing divine visions, experiencing divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, being able to stop breathing without any effort, feeling currents of Prana rising up the Sahasrara channel, experiencing bliss, receiving inspiration and insights, understanding the meaning of Vedic (ancient sacred) texts, having a balanced mind in perturbed condition, developing the power of oration etc.

In his book the Parsifal Unveiled, Samael Aun Weor has mentioned six mystical states that signify the awakening of Kundalini. In that book he wrote the following:

The clue of human salvation is found in the medulla and in the semen, and anything that is not through this way signifies a useless waste of time…

Kundalini is the Goddess of the world adored by the wise. Only She can grant us illumination.

As soon as the Kundalini awakens in order to initiate its subliminal inward and upward ascent, the Alchemist then achieves the following six transcendental mystical experiences:

ANANDA: A type of spiritual enjoyment.
KAMPAN: Electric and psychic type of hypersensibility.
UTTHAN: Progressive increase of the Objective- Consciousness.
GHURNI: Intense mystical longings.
MURCHA: States of lassitude, spontaneous relaxation during the esoteric exercises.
NIDRA: A specific mode of dream that when combined with meditation becomes     transformed into Samadhi (ecstasy).

(…)The serpentine fire is the mystic ‘Duad’, the unfolding of the Unity, of the Monad, the eternal feminine aspect of Brahma, ‘Mother-God’…
The igneous Snake grants us infinite powers, among them being the Mukti of final beatitude, and the Jnana of liberation…”

Kundalini is known as the aspect of Divine Mother within each human being. The person working on themselves and who achieves the awakening of Kundalini can experience a lot of things, but there need not be a grandiose sensation by which he or she would know that their Kundalini has started to ascend, particularly not for the first Kundalini (the one related with the solar physical body). Nevertheless, a substantial inner change would surely take place, and some of the mystical states quoted above would probably be experienced.

HDP, September 2020

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