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The Spiral and the Direct Path on the Journey to Final Liberation

When we commence the journey that leads towards the ‘final’ liberation, which is the liberation from the Creation and the Universe in which we are and where we grow, we find our life is not just something random, but rather that it has a concrete purpose; we begin to notice all the lessons that were taking place in our life before our commencement of the inner work; the things start to move towards their respective places, like the pieces of jigsaw puzzles. We also begin to notice that the lessons have now become more intensified and that our daily existence is starting to revolve around them, within a process that may eventually bring us to the point of liberation, which can also be called the process of progressive graduation.

An interesting thing is that the path branches off in two different ways as the person approaches a stage on the path, concretely when they approach the 5th initiation of the First Mountain. At this point, the person has already created or activated (depending on the work in previous lifetimes that may or may not have been done) the solar bodies, and has established themselves in the latest of these, which is the solar mental body, acquired at the end of the 4th initiation of the First Mountain, through which they gained an awesome ability to stay detached from their mind in a way unknown to them before, and the ability to be centered in consciousness, that has now expanded beyond their head, making them even more apt to stay outside of the mind and detached from the thoughts. And with such great ability, the person starts the process of learning that is part of the 5th initiation. But as mentioned above, there is something very interesting that occurs on this initiation – the person must choose between two paths: the Spiral one and the Direct one.

The Spiral path is very well known in the Buddhist tradition – it is the path that leads to Nirvana through the dissolution of the egos. The Nirvanic plane, according to the esoteric teachings, is one of the three planes of existence located between the seven dimensions and the Source. These planes are known as Nirvana, Paranirvana, and Mahaparanirvana. The end goal of the Spiral path leads the person to the happiness of the Nirvanic plane, however it has also been stated that this point is not the final liberation, because after a long period of time, the person would have to return to the physical world to continue their inner work. They would exist in Nirvana with the solar bodies that they have created, and would feel the joy of the Nirvanic emanations, but they wouldn’t have any part of their inner Being incarnated, and thus they would be empty inside. It seems that the goal of the more popular Buddhist tradition is to be ‘reduced to nothing’, but there is much that is lacking to this knowledge, as the mysteries of the Being are not taken into equation.

Another option that one could take when in the process of the fifth initiation, is to take the Direct path. If this path is chosen, then one receives or activates the causal body, which is the body related to the causal plane of the sixth dimension of Life, and shortly after, if they pass the test that takes place at the end of this initiation, follows the incarnation of the first part of the Being. This first of the parts that we incarnate is called the Human Soul (Manas); the coming of this part for the first time fills up the person inwardly, and they are no longer empty; instead there is a continuous presence of this part of the Being, providing the person with calmness, an increased sense of love, and the inner sanctuary in which the person can always rest, despite the chaos that is going on around them.

After this point, because the person has chosen the Direct path, the path to liberation keeps unfolding and the person continues towards the end of the First Mountain, whereas on the Spiral path the road branches off in a direction towards a very long rest in the Nirvanic plane, and not towards the completion of the First Mountain.

I think it is worthwhile to properly understand this difference. Escaping the dimensional planes, only to come back to them later on, could be what many people truly yearn for and need, but there would be something very important missing if such path is chosen and reached, and that what would be missing would be the inner Being, with all its parts that are incarnated on the Initiatic path, and with all the qualities that each of these parts would give us, but also the high forms of freedom that would come with such achievements. There is much more to the inner work than the ‘total annihilation of oneself’ and the long enjoyment of the Nirvanic plane.

HDP, July 2020.

Author: Dario

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