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Gnosis and the Search for Answers about Life and Oneself

In this day and age, there are many people who are searching for answers about deeper things of life, and there is even more of those who would like to search for answers but are prevented from it by the feeling that it is a pointless undertaking, because they are of opinion that there is no objective way to do it. This can bring such souls to the point of desperation – feeling that there is something out there and yet don’t know of the ways by which they could arrive to the knowledge that they seek.

Our modern science is making some progress in this regard. It is for instance discovered that the consciousness is not just the product of the brain activity, but rather that it exist as a separate entity that “may” survive death. Though still unofficial, this has been proven by many near death experiences that people have had. When these people came back to life they gave a detailed and accurate account of what was taking place around them when their physical body was dead. Despite this, our science is caught up in the materialistic narrative, which makes it very difficult for proper scientists to do something in this regard and challenge the status quo. Because of this (and also because of the lack of appropriate technology), we cannot rely on our science to find out about the most important questions that humanity have been asking: who are we, where we come from, where are we going after death, and what is the purpose of life. To find answers to such questions, we have to approach this subject from the point of view of our spiritual potential, beyond this dimensional plane that we believe to be the only one there is.

The Gnostic teachings explain various ways through which it is possible to obtain answers to higher questions of life, to arrive to gnosis (knowledge). This type of knowledge is experimental rather than intellectual. Instead of reading about it in books, we experience it directly through the means of spiritual science. Unlike materialistic science which depends on the five physical senses and on the material instruments for measurements and perception, the spiritual science depends on the non-physical instruments (higher organs of perception) that we already have within ourselves, and that we can activate and develop with specific exercises. Like this we can obtain a proof and verification that it is indeed possible to arrive to a higher knowledge of life and reality.

One of a marvelous way to start discovering the deeper aspects of reality is by commencing having out-of-body experiences. This can be experienced on a regular basis by training ourselves to fall asleep consciously, which then results in a conscious exit of the consciousness (ourselves) from the physical body. At that moment we are in our astral body (the body of emotions), which is one of the spiritual vehicles that we use for the exploration of the fifth dimension of space. This is where we always go during the night when the physical body is asleep, albeit unconsciously. In order to be conscious there as we are here, a special type of training is needed. Many spiritual traditions are well aware of this possibility of the soul, and have been given different names to this skill, such as astral projection, astral travel, soul travel, dream yoga, and many others. This is a safe way to explore reality. We don’t have to wait for our physical body to die or to have a near death experience in order to explore the fifth dimension. Once there, we can verify for ourselves that that dimension is real through different means; we can learn how to meet higher beings that can teach us and show us the mysteries of life and death, we can visit different realms and places, and travel to even higher dimensions from there.

Another way to arrive to higher answers of life is by developing our non-physical organs of perception, also known as “chakras”. The latter are energy vortexes responsible for a transformation of various energies that surrounds us and pass through us. We activate our chakras and help them to work most optimally by doing the spiritual work. By so doing, the chakras not only provide us with better health and contentment, but also with psychic senses, such as telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, polyvision, direct cognition, empathy, and many other non-physical abilities through which we can begin to know the higher things of life.

Another very useful technique for obtaining those higher answers is meditation. The latter is not only used for us to be more peaceful and relaxed, but we can also use it to obtain answers. By so doing, we are further developing possibilities of our consciousness and chakras to start perceiving reality beyond what our five senses can register. This route enters into higher knowledge by first having a particular feeling, which develops and becomes shaped in a particular way, informing us psychically about whatever mystery of life we are meditating on, and later on guides us when pieces of the puzzle of knowledge begin to fall in their respective places. This feeling works together (or is related to) intuition and clairvoyant imagery.

Every genuine system of spiritual development includes a detailed plan on how to arrive to higher knowledge, because this is something that takes us out of the ignorance in which we find ourselves. This ignorance adds to the hypnotic effect of our five senses, the mind, and the egos, but once we start seeing what is really going on, we help out our consciousness by making it more active and strong – this new acquired knowledge has such a profound effect on our consciousness!

In Gnosis, we are incredibly lucky to have such a system laid out in the open for aspirants who are ready to receive it. And it is necessary that one is ready, because the path to knowledge is concrete and with requirements. And though there are many who would want to know the answers about the deep aspects of life, only a few will persevere with their necessary training until beginning to arrive to more and more profound knowledge. The latter is not only based on having strong will and determination to get it, but it is also intimately related with inner purification, because higher knowledge and the light obtained from the elimination of the egos go hand in hand. Still, there are layers and layers of knowledge, and not all of it demands the same requirements to reach it.

The path to knowledge exist, is very real, and can be taken up by anyone sufficiently interested.

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