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Making Sacrifices for the Gnostic Work to Yield Results

Sacrifices are an important aspect of our human life and the whole of existence. On a macro cosmic level, forces are being transformed (sacrificed) so that they become available in a suitable form to the beings of the micro-cosmos. On the micro level, every living creature is sacrificing something of themselves in various parts of their lives, in order to give to others or that themselves achieve a goal that they have set for themselves. Parents make sacrifices in order for their children
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A Prayer to Divine Mother as a Technique for Astral Projection

Traveling out of the body in higher worlds is an ability that anyone interested in it could develop. This ability is known as astral travel. To astral project from the physical body means that one is consciously stepping outside their physical body  The latter body stays behind, asleep and safe in the bed, while the traveler travels with their astral body. There are many techniques for the achievement of this process, but the essence of it is that you (the consciousness) stays awake while
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Willpower: A Silent Force for the Awakening of Consciousness

It is interesting to investigate and reflect upon the subject of willpower, as it is such a crucial aspect when it comes to moving towards spiritual awakening. When we do something, we can say that we use our will to do it, and that is true. In this sense, our will is related with conscious intention, although we also do things that does not come from our consciousness, but rather from our instincts, impulses, drives, and other things of the subconscious mind. This means that the will is
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Remembering the Inner Work in Daily Life, from Moment to Moment

The inner work has to be done from day to day and from moment to moment, if we are to succeed with it. This type of work is not like a meditation that is done once or twice a day, and then in between that time simply being calm and trying to deal with situations of life in a peaceful way, no. It requires an active application of practices like self-remembrance and self-observation throughout the day, with the goal to break the mechanical nature of the subconscious mind, so that it doesn’t
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Gnosis and the Search for Answers about Life and Oneself

In this day and age, there are many people who are searching for answers about deeper things of life, and there is even more of those who would like to search for answers but are prevented from it by the feeling that it is a pointless undertaking, because they are of opinion that there is no objective way to do it. This can bring such souls to the point of desperation - feeling that there is something out there and yet don’t know of the ways by which they could arrive to the knowledge that
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