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Using Meditation for Receiving or Arriving to Answers

Meditation can be done in different ways, and for different purposes. Some of the purposes could be related to reaching peace and clarity, other to arrive to information, to be more conscious, and other yet to reach self-knowledge etc. – all of them valuable in their own ways. One of the ways that the meditation can be utilized is to arrive to answers about topics that we would like to know about, or about questions that we have. This is an approach to meditation that is very popular today, though its roots go far back into the past.

There are certain conditions that have to be met before such skill can be used; first of all, the person would need to create the ability to focus for a prolong period of time, and in such a way to put the mind in a quiet and meditative state. When in such a state, consciousness (our true self) becomes more prominent and we are then centered in it and can enjoy our true state of being, which is to simply be. Secondly, there should also be a certain degree of purity in the heart; the answers should be sought for benevolent and noble reasons, and not for selfish or malicious ones. When we genuinely seek answers in order to spiritually improve our lives (and thus indirectly and directly also help those around us), then such answers can be more easily reached.

The answers sought should be coming from a sincere interest about the mysteries of life, Creation, the Absolute (Source), and also about things pertaining to our own life and, in cases when we sincerely wish to help others, we can also get information about those around us. There are many people who have developed psychic perceptions in previous lifetimes or in the current lifetime, and who can use these abilities to get to some of those information. However, many who are sincere with spiritual development could also reach it by the means of meditation.

Before starting with this practice, it is useful to reflect on the value that the information you are seeking would have in your life, how much is needed, and if it would serve your highest good. If this conditions are fulfilled, then the information can flow within your perception in the form of understanding, intuitive feeling, a vision, or a combination of some or all of these elements. This can of course happen within the meditation practice, but also during daily life and in dreams.

When seeking the information in meditation, it is necessary to reach the stage of silent and tranquil mind, and then focus your attention on the question that you have, or a topic that you want to learn more about, whether that be related to your personal life, your spiritual life (such as wanting to discover where you are on the path), or wanting to find out about the nature of your inner Being, or the nature of a sun or a rock etc., whatever it is you can bring it up when you are in that stage of tranquility and inner stillness. The deeper is the stillness that you achieve, the more your consciousness is active and present, and easier it is then to receive the answer that you seek.

The dynamic of this is that through your consciousness you can connect to your inner Being, your Atman, and through him to larger parts of the Being, which can provide access to the source of information from where the answer to the question that you have can arrive, whether that be something that is of this universe or beyond.

The practice in itself is simple – reaching appropriate inner state of stillness and serenity (which requires a decent amount of previous (and continuous) practice of meditation), and then simply being present in the consciousness, bringing the topic or question and allowing for the answer to unfold in a way that it does, without any expectations, nor judgments if the way in which it comes is not the way we thought it would. When you perceive something that is related to your question or an object of study, simply allow it to touch your consciousness, and then continue with your focus. With time and experience we can learn on how to discern between the subconscious images and interference, and the real information coming from the higher source.

This a powerful exercise that can be used by anyone seeking spiritual development, and it can be especially useful when it is used in the context and for the purpose of the path to liberation.

HDP, July 2020.

Author: Dario

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