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Remembering the Inner Work in Daily Life, from Moment to Moment

The inner work has to be done from day to day and from moment to moment, if we are to succeed with it. This type of work is not like a meditation that is done once or twice a day, but rather it requires an active application of practices like self-remembrance and self-observation throughout the day, with the goal to break the mechanical nature of the subconscious mind, so that it doesn’t keep us in a constant state of psychological sleep. To walk on the path, to climb the mountains of initiations, it is necessary to become more and more awake, to reach the stage of permanent awakening of consciousness, so that a more advanced and profound work on oneself could take place, in which we move towards obtaining one hundred percent of consciousness, and this requires a complete dissolution of the egos. To reach this goal, it is necessary to work on developing qualities that will allow for this to occur, and it all starts with remembering to do the work in daily life, from moment to moment.

There are various ways on how we can achieve this. A very good one is to schedule one’s day with the inner work being in the center of it. This can be done by writing down activities and spiritual practices that you plan to do. It can be written down as a list, or it can include a time schedule. It can be a good idea to try both of these and see which works best for you, the time schedule or the lists. When I organize my day based on a time schedule, I like to allow for a more loose time frame because often things don’t go as planned, and then the next morning when going through the activities of the previous day I can see more clearly where and why were activities not done. On the other hand, when scheduling the day by writing down the two lists of activities, one related to spiritual practices (and spiritual activities in general) and the other to daily chores, tasks, work etc., this can be more relaxed because we don’t have to worry about the time schedule, and we can modify it the next day if we see that there is too many or too little  activities on the list. However, none of these daily plans should create a worry or a pressure, but rather it should serve to remind us of the inner work. When we remember that we have to do a practice or a spiritual activity, we are automatically reminded of the inner work, and this is what we want to achieve – the mind should become accustomed to look at the inner work as the center of daily activities, around which our day revolves.

The mundane activities of the day (as well as any other activities that are seemingly not related to spiritual practices) that we write down in our daily planner can also be used as a spiritual practice. In fact, we can approach the entirety of our day with this mindset; every activity of the day, no matter how mundane it is, can be used to practice self-remembrance, self-observation, concentration and also elimination of the egos. No matter how mundane the activity is, we can use it to ascend up the path, or we can use it to develop concentration that will later help us with practices such as astral projection and meditation. So when we write down in our daily planner the mundane activities of the day, we see them differently. We see them as a stepping stone towards becoming more awake, and as an opportunity to strengthen a connection with the Being. Because of this, then, there is nothing in our day that doesn’t remind us of the inner work; every aspect of our day is used for doing the inner work, no matter how mundane it is. Having said that, it is always advisable to choose the activities of the day wisely, and to avoid the ones that harm our work, because no matter how good we are in remembering the work, some aspects of life bring about too much stress or involve emotions and thoughts of a low type, which make the astral body vibrate in a way that is harmful for our work, and it can eventually drag us away from the work completely.

Therefore, writing down our daily activities can be a very good way to remember about the work, to have it at the center of our life, and at center of our day, week, month, year etc. This type of planning doesn’t have to be done only for one day. In fact, such approach works even better if we plan for the entire week, month etc. With long term planning we would write down our goals and what activities can bring us closer to it, and then adjusting it every week or month as we see fit, or as we have clearer and clearer knowledge of  what help us achieve that, and if necessary we can also modify or change the entire goals. All of that can help with training the mind to remember the work from day to day and from moment to moment.

Besides such form of planning, there are also other ways that help with achieving the goal of remembering the inner work as much as possible within the day. I think that most of it comes down to how interested we are in it. If we are interested in it a lot, obviously we will remember it a lot throughout the day too, but the interest can be diminished if not supported with concrete changes within us, and these changes come from practical application of the work. For instance, with the practices for the awakening of consciousness, such as self-remembrance and self-observation, we actually temporarily awaken the consciousness. When the latter is thus awakened, it emanates its innate qualities, such as peace, love, faith, yearning for the Being etc. The consciousness yearns for the harmony of life and to be in peace and co-operation with all living beings, to fulfil the higher economy of life. All of that is activated by the simple act of being in the state of self-remembrance and by self-observing, and is further strengthened and deepened when we expand the consciousness by eliminating the egos.

And then there are also many, many other practices and activities that build up on that, such as meditation, astral projection, prayers etc. all of which have as the end result a form of awakening of consciousness, as well as receiving revelations from the Being regarding the deeper truths of life and ourselves. All of that contributes in making us live our life from the consciousness, and therefore helps us a lot with remembering the inner work in daily life.

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