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Balanced Use of the Psychological Centers for Longevity and Inner Success

One of the key instruction for advancing on the Path of ascension is to dissolve the egos that manifest in the five psychological centers, from moment to moment, and thus keeping these centers balanced so that each one can use its own energy for daily needs. These five centers are intellectual, emotional, sexual, motor and instinct. They are also known as the three brains: intellectual, emotional and sexual/instinct/motor brain. To work on oneself profoundly is to be in the state 
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Purifying the Chakras with Sounds, Intention and Visualization

There are many practices out there that entail working on the development of the chakras. The latter are described as energy vortexes on the astral body that fulfil multiple purposes within the multi-dimensional level of the human organism, a lot of it boiling down to being the centers of transformation of a higher type of energy into the one that the physical body can use for its daily needs. Besides that, the chakras are also non-physical senses through which we can sense beyond what the
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What Role being Hermetically Sealed has in our Development

In the Gnostic teachings, a great emphasis is placed on having the five psychological centers balanced and not allowing the escape of the psychic energy. The latter is the overall energy of the physical and the spiritual bodies which the consciousness uses to achieve the inner transformation, its own permanent awakening. In one of his primary works, Samael Aun Weor has written the following regarding this topic
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Temporary and Permanent Awakening of Consciousness

In the inner work, we use our consciousness to perform exercises that will lead to its temporary and permanent awakening. The consciousness, also referred to as the essence, is our true self. It is the intrinsic awareness of life, the observer; that which experiences life, a divine spark that is trapped in the energies of the ego states, such as anger, pride, lust, greed, gluttony, fear etc. Most of our consciousness is trapped inside them, approximately 95% of it. This means that our
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Being In Society but Not of It

One of the very important element of the esoteric wisdom pertaining to spiritual development is to learn to live in society, while at the same time being "detached" from it. At first sight this can be hard to grasp, though crucial to understand and apply this principle in our lives if we want to achieve spiritual mastery and the final liberation. For many people interested in spirituality, the concept of living in society and wanting to reach spiritual awakening does not go together, and
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