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Reflection on the Inner Being

Much has been said about the inner Being, and yet everything that is said remains abstract; that is, it is abstract for those who cannot relate to it in any way, whilst those who have done a degree of the inner work and expanded their consciousness can feel intuitively, at least to a degree, what the Being is about. And those who have it incarnated, know it more profoundly, and yet it still remains a mystery even to them. The reason for this is because of our earthly mind, personality and the physical body which prevent us from experiencing what the Being experiences, and from seeing things in the way how the Being sees them.

The more of the Being someone has, the more they are in the know about it, though the above-mentioned factors remain obstructing the full comprehension until the spiritual initiate has moved onto planes where more of it can be grasped.

In the Gnostic and esoteric tradition we are taught about the unfoldment of our inner Being, our Higher Self, and how it has many different parts that are temporarily separated and reside in different dimensions or planes of existence, until the essence in the physical world through much effort incarnates and reunites the whole of the Being. After that point, as a unity, the Being moves onto a higher and higher purposes.

Here on Earth, in this cycle of time, essences live as fallen and lost, many of them aware of divine ideals through the religions and spiritual traditions from the ages, though out of those people, a few are aware of the fact that a lot of those spiritual figures refer to inner potential and higher self. Still, as fallen, people continue aspiring for something higher, aspiring to become a better version of themselves, a transformed and spiritual version. This is done by first incarnating and later on merging with the Being, so that one is even less inhibited by the ignorance emitted by the bodily shell. On the other hand, on planets or planes of a higher order, its inhabitants are already aware of their Being and have it integrated into their essence, and are working on a spiritual unfoldment of a more profound type. This awaits us as well, as individuals or collective (in a much broader sense than just people of the Earth), if we manage to free ourselves from the egos in which we are entrapped.

The Being is beyond the ego, the earthly mind, the personality and the body. It is also beyond time and space. It is Universal, though it does not belong to this Universe.
The Being is Spirit, presence, beingness, but its source is in something even more profound than being. For that reason, it is unknowable, even though it is known and felt by those who have it. It is a revealer of secrets to those who listen, a guiding light amidst the pressure and obscurity of the world. And although in the teachings we speak about the parts of the Being and It being separated, looking at it from a higher perspective it is one: the masculine-feminine parts, the divine-human parts, the Spirit and the Christ etc… all of it is one.

As essences, we come from our Being, and to it we will return. Our earthly journey have us pulled into forgetfulness, until through friction created by the many experiences in the matter we start to gravitate again towards the spiritual, seeking peace, wisdom and happiness of our higher self. That point of incarnating the Being is the gateway of spiritual maturity; prior to that point, we are still a small child who lives in ignorance and makes mistakes. The inner work makes us more conscious of what is going on and initiations increase our spiritual age, but it is only when we incarnate the Being that we reach maturity. This is true even for the essence whose Being has reached awakening a number of times already, because the ignorance and forgetfulness that comes with this world and with a spiritual fall, makes the essence degrade to a kindergarten level, although internally we could be different from others in many ways.

We could learn a lot about the Being by having it and through out-of-body experiences, but it requires effort. It is not that everything about it will be revealed to us when it incarnates. It is kind of like getting in possession a great vehicle with many features. It is up to us to explore those possibilities through our own effort and the will to learn. It is true that the Being saves us, as the force it consists of predominates over the entrapping force of the egos, but it is up to us to keep going and use this force to the best of our ability, in order to reach resurrection and total integration with all parts of the Being. The most important is to reach those first integrations with the Being, because it is that that rushes us into a stream that carries us over a bridge that we need to cross, if we want to reach the full awakening.

HDP, September 2022.

Author: Dario

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