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Guru Yoga Practice – Gnostic Approach

Not long ago I had a chance to read a book that was about an esoteric practice, as seen in the context of Tibetan Buddhism. One of the practices that was mentioned in this book is called Guru Yoga. It is a type of meditative practice that entails bringing in a high ideal and putting it in front of you. I heard about Guru Yoga term even before that, but in the context of invoking a spiritual teacher.

Being inspired by the description of the practice, I decided to do it but from the Gnostic approach and to see how it would affect me. Because the results were good, I decided to share here how the practice goes.

In Hinduism “guru” is a term that signifies “teacher”. It is most often referred to a physical teacher who is transmitting some kind of spiritual teachings. However, on a deeper level, in Hindi faith they say that any life-form can be a teacher, be it a plant, a rock, a mountain, a bird, a friend, a flowing water, a child, a stranger, or anyone else for that matter. Guru can also be some high principles of divinity, such as the three Logos – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. From the Gnostic perspective, a guru is also ones own Being (Higher Self), and based on this precise perspective I modified the practice that I’ve read in the abovementioned book.

The Being, as described in the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor, is a sum total of all spiritual parts that a person has. In esoteric Hindu tradition this totality is known as Monad. The core of the human being is called consciousness – a tiny part of the greater Being, a spiritual spark that is the true us – that which experiences life. Various parts of the Being correspond to Sephirots on the Kabalistic tree of Life. The largest of these parts is the Trinity Father –Mother/Holy Spirit – Son, and also Atman – Buddhi – Manas, etc. On the spiritual path to awakening the aspirant has to gradually incarnate these parts within himself. Once again, the totality of these parts is known as the Being. In the practice of Guru Yoga that I modified into more esoteric version, one intents that his own Being to appear before him.

First find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, comfortable for meditation. Sit down on a chair or in a crossed legged position, close your eyes, and relax your body. Quiet your mind with a technique that you know, such as with a mantra, breathing, or something else. Once you reach a state of silence within yourself, visualize and intent that a few meters opposite to you appears your Being. I like to visualize it in a humanoid form of divine light in a crossed-legged position, floating two-three meters in front and a little bit above me. The Being is the source of light, strength, courage, peace, love, and every other divine quality with which it can infuse his little spark (consciousness, our true self). As your visualization and intention become steadier, you may start feeling the presence of your Being. You can ask it to give you strength to pass any obstacle that you are facing, or to give you anything that you lack. If you want you can also ask a question about a problem you are facing in life, or any other meaningful question that you would address to your Higher Self. Once you asked your Being for divine qualities that would help you in life, such as strength, love, self-remembrance, etc., see how from his forehead, throat, and the heart the rays of light go out and into your own forehead, throat, and heart. This transferring of light represents the qualities that you asked your Being for. Let your heart guide this whole practice. Feel free to end the meditation in your own time.

This can be a very powerful meditation, especially if you have already established a connection with your Being before. The Being is always helping you through life, but the connection starts to get stronger as you progress on the spiritual path – when you start climbing up on the Tree of Life. Nevertheless, even without any previous conscious experience with the Being, you may still have a powerful experience of the Being. There can be a type of deep feeling experienced when the Being comes in front of you like that, the feeling of knowing what to do and how to proceed. It is also the feeling of substantiality and of the power that this spiritual presence of the Being has. Finding oneself in front of the totality of ones own Higher Self/Being can also evoke the sense of duty that we have towards ourselves and others. The bottom line is to see if this practice would be of any help to you in your own spiritual endeavors.

H.D.P. November 2017.

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