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Using Mantra Solin Sala Ra to Establish Contact with ETs

Once we begin a serious inner work, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature go through transformations, making us apt to make contact with higher intelligences with more ease. It is true that anyone can make a contact with them with or without previously having done the inner work, however with the latter we not only can make the call, but also receive response, and much more. This goes for any form of higher intelligence, wherever it may be.

In one of my previous articles on the subject I’ve written in general about how to make contact with advanced extraterrestrial races, and in this one I’d like to focus on a specific approach given by Samael Aun Weor. In one of his texts, he said the following on the topic of ETs:

“Infamous slanders have been raised against extraterrestrial visitors, cosmic ships have their history and traditions, these ships have actually been created by Angels, Archangels, Powers, etc. Those who possess physical bodies, beings with awakened consciousness and faculties such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, etc., and as our earthly mind is full of defects, then we judge according to our perversities and we want to see in our noble visitors all hatred from our minds, all the atrocities of a Hitler, all the monstrosities of the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb, etc., etc., etc.

“We do not want to realize the noble purpose of our extraterrestrial friends, if they wanted to take over planet Earth and enslave all the inhabitants, they would do it in minutes because they have enough elements to do so.”

“Our extraterrestrial friends know the critical hour we are in and just want to help us. We urgently need your help because we Earthlings are totally unsuccessful. Let us take advantage of the brilliant opportunity for help and help that our brothers in space are giving us and give our sincere friendship. “

Whoever wishes to make contact with these civilizations, they should always focus on the ones that are advanced and that can help you with progressing along the spiritual path. We can receive a lot of help from them in these regards, but we can also receive knowledge and protection. There are advanced ETs that are stationed in various places of our planet, such as in the seas and oceans, mountains and volcanoes, and possibly in underground establishments etc. There are races on this planet that we would never have imagined existing. There are also ETs that are stationed in Earth’s orbit and throughout this solar system. It is said that each of the planet of our solar system has civilizations (on higher dimensional levels) that are much more advanced than our. We are being visited by many civilizations from various star systems and galaxies.

In one of his lectures, Samael has given an interesting approach in making contact, by using the mantra Solin Sala Ra, both as a vocalized sound and as a symbol:

“Our brothers from space: they want to establish personal contact with us, but instead of receiving them with true respect and love, instead of offering them hospitality, fighter planes are sent to intercept them. Everyone wants to destroy them; really, we are behaving like foreign savages to every civilization and every culture.

The time has come to change our warlike attitude and to offer to our visiting brothers from space our friendship and our care. They come to help us, not to destroy us.

The Gnostic brothers must begin to set an example by establishing on the roofs of our houses, in our country, on our plot of land, friendly signals: circles with points in the center. From the center lines come out that are directed to the periphery and from the periphery small lines come in that even though they do not reach the center, it is understood that they are directed towards the center, towards the point.


(Everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity)

Make the aforementioned point in the center of the circle a beautiful golden color, to symbolize Divinity.

The lines that are directed from the periphery to the center, towards the point, can be blue, in sufficient quantity and short. The lines that are directed from the center towards the circle clearly connect the point with the circumference, and can also be a blue color.

This is the symbol of Divinity in the Martian religion. We can use it by putting it on our houses, on our plots of land, making it with a light source or simply painted, in order to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants from Mars and from all the inhabitants of the Cosmos.

Said symbol means that everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity.

Use this symbol in order to offer friendship to the inhabitants from space, even though the rogues laugh at us. All of you already know what the rogues are; they are one hundred percent sceptics, they presume to be super civilized, they believe themselves to be very wise, and they use satire and refined irony against all those who do not think like them.

~ Samael Aun Weor

Solin Sala Ra (Everything comes from Divinity and returns to it)

There are many ways how this symbol can be used in combination with other methods in order to contact spiritually advanced extraterrestrial races.  One can use this approach indoors or outdoors. It can be pleasant to do it outdoors in a secluded place, under the starry sky. This can be especially inspiring if you wish to invite them to join you to where you are in the three-dimensional world, in order to see them and communicate with them in a more three-dimensional way.

One can start by calming down the mind and then grounding oneself in the consciousness, asking the inner Being to connect you to the ETs that are right for you to meet at this point. Then commence pronouncing the mantra Solin Sala Ra, elongating the vowels, like this:




After vocalizing the mantra out loud for some time, vocalize it softer and softer until continuing to pronounce it mentally. Rest in the peacefulness of your inner Being, and use this connection to radiate out the Solin Sala Ra image/symbol throughout the Universe, like a message of peace and welcome. Once you’ve done that, stop and ground oneself again in the center of yourself, and see if something appears on the screen of your mind’s eye. The response from them or from your Being would most often be in a higher-dimensional form, receiving it through the third eye and the faculty of clairvoyance. If you do receive it, and if you feel comfortable enough, you can mentally invite them to come to where you are.

Another thing that can be done, is to focus on a star or a planet that you see in the starry sky, and send out the Solin Sala Ra symbol, having an intention of peace and welcome.

It is also important to continue this contact protocol in the astral plane, when you go to sleep, as it is there where the most action takes place. You can ask the ETs to visit you in dreams, and to teach you about the nature of reality, this Universe, or anything else you would like to learn about.

HDP, July 2022.

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