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Making Contact with Advanced Extraterrestrial Races (Part Two)

In the first part of this article I wrote a short overview of the involvement of the extraterrestrial races in our evolution from esoteric point of view and also from the point of view of the evidence that was put together over the past decades, that say how the ET beings are present and are observing us for quite some time. It was necessary to write about those things before writing about more practical side of this topic, such as how to have a direct experience with some advanced ET races.

The extraterrestrial races that collectively reached a decent level of spiritual development, or that host beings who are allowed to live and reincarnate on those planets because of their high spiritual level, would be very different in their inner nature than people are here on Earth. Our science fiction has tried to depict how such races and beings would be like, but would often time failed to capture their inner essence and would more focus on their outward appearance and technology. However, there were also some spiritually mature people who investigated such advanced races by using non-physical methods, such as traveling out of the body and clairvoyance. Depending on their level of development and thus their level of objectivity, some of them have captured and described them accurately, both their outward appearance and their inner nature. Such highly developed ET beings have become multidimensional beings in their own right. People on Earth are also multidimensional, but we are unconscious of it due to our “web of illusion” that keeps us in ignorance of our true nature and of the nature of reality.

As we begin our spiritual investigation we come to know that we are multidimensional; that the thoughts and emotions that form such a large part of the human experience have their root in the 5th dimension (in the astral and mental plane), and that our vital body has its root in the 4th dimension. As we progress with the inner work and experience more of our consciousness, we come to realize that its base is in a still higher dimension (that of the 6th dimension – the Causal and Buddhic planes of existence), and through more esoteric training and experience we could also come to know of our Being, the Spirit, which is settled in the 7th dimension (the Atmic world), and so on…

The advanced extraterrestrial races would have come to such realizations through their inner work and development; they would have a profound knowledge about themselves and their multidimensional nature, and this would catapult them “into the stars”, because through the inner work they have gained access to those higher dimensions and planes of existence, and can use them to further their development and to help other races on other planets, the so called “emerging races”, or in other words the races that are yet to become spiritually mature.

Making contact with advanced ET beings is not something that should be taken lightly; there should be a concrete and a good purpose behind wanting to make contact with them, rather than just from pure curiosity, or worse – entertainment. Even though this might sound as a common sense, sadly there are many people who approach this subject for reasons that are not very noble. If they are ‘lucky’, such people during the contact protocol may sometimes see the “lights in the sky”, but usually not more than that. In some cases it can happen that some of those people have had shared experiences in their esoteric history with some of those ET races, in which case they might be given more than just seeing lights in the sky. Whenever the ETs take such an interest in individuals, it is often the case that their lives will be changed in some way, for how can anyone be left unmoved when they start to interact with visitors from other planets?

Therefore, it is important to emphasise that even though the extraterrestrial beings are interested in our awakening and in our becoming a conscious denizens of the Universe, it is disrespectful to vector them in just for fun, or for adding on our list of experiences one more ‘cool’ experience. When approaching the subject of making contact, it is crucial that there is a respect and a degree of maturity, as well as a sincere interest for higher knowledge, otherwise the ETs will simply not bother to make themselves a part of your experience.

Making contact with the ET races

There are several ways that are utilized in order to make contact with advanced ET races, but all of them are based on the same principle. This principle is at the core of human nature; it is the consciousness (the awareness and awakeness within every living creature), and this consciousness further connects (through the higher aspect of ourselves, our inner Being) with the “consciousness field” that is everywhere in the Universe and in its dimensions. Because we humans are intelligent creatures with consciousness, we have the ability to tap to this Field through which we can arrive to different information regarding the past, the future, our own esoteric history, as well as making contact with advanced races from the stars, etc.

In order to tap to this Field, it is necessary to learn to quiet down the mind through meditation, and to have an experience of the consciousness, to be able to recognize what the consciousness is. There are many meditation techniques from various spiritual traditions that can bring about this state of a quiet mind and learning about the consciousness.

One of the methods for making contact is known as the CE-5 technique, developed by Dr. Steven Greer. “CE-5” stands for “close encounters of the 5th kind” (the 5th kind is referring to the human initiated contact with the extraterrestrial races). This technique consists of using the principles of silent mind, remote viewing and telepathy in order to locate the ET beings or ET vehicles and to invite them to physically come to the place where you are. This technique has shown to work for many people, however it is hard to say how much of that success was due to the technique and how much was because of other factors. For example, there were times when I was about to apply this technique, and ET crafts appeared during the preparatory stage, before the technique itself. This shows that our intention of making contact with them can be known by them in advance. My first verification of the “ET phenomena” was when through the use of telepathy I saw them flying in the sky. This points out that the beings who arrived are already in or around the Earth, or that they traveled to Earth from other locations by using the route of higher dimensions.

Necessary requirements

There are certain requirements that, when met, increase the likelihood of success. The first of this is the understanding that the true nature of every living being is consciousness, the non-physical part of ourselves, that which survives death and which reincarnates again and again. By understanding this, and by understanding that the consciousness in one person is of the similar or the same substance as in everyone else, is something that can greatly increase the chances of having profound experience, because it means that you don’t see the ET visitors as strange aliens, but rather you see the non-physical part that is within them, which is same or similar to your own true self. This makes you understand that the physical form is only a temporary vehicle and that there should be no prejudices of any kind because of it. And therefore, since the consciousness is the same in everyone and it is part of the consciousness field that connects us all, we could say that from a higher point of view we are all part of a large family, not only humans but everyone in the Universe.

Secondly, one should have pure and noble intentions when trying to make contact. These can be goals related to your own spiritual progress, or to knowledge in general , or to helping other people. Dr. Steven Greer trains people to become ambassadors to the ET’s, which is another noble goal. If the motive for doing this has anything to do with power, I suggest you better don’t attempt the contact until you reach a higher degree of spiritual maturity; the nature of the advanced ET races is honesty, humility, care and love, and they are most likely not interested to spend their time on those whose ulterior motive has anything to do with power, or with using this knowledge for manipulation of others.

Thirdly, there should be a spiritual feeling present within; there should be love within the hearts of the participants, because love is the energy that permeates the Field and the Universe. When you have love and compassion in your heart, when you have understanding about the nature of consciousness and how all of us are one through it, and when your goals are pure and noble, then the chances that your endeavour would be picked up and acted upon by advanced ET beings are higher.

Making contact on the physical plane

You can do this inside your home or outdoors. If you are outdoors there are higher chances that you will at least see them as lights in the sky, or you might even see a more concrete craft. If you do the contact protocols indoors, then you either can be open to initiate communication through the higher senses (such as telepathy or clairvoyance) and/or allow them to physically manifest inside your home. The latter would entail a great deal of trust, which I would recommend only if you really feel it is the right thing to do. However often time, even if they appear inside your home, it would be on the etheric or astral level. Usually people feel more comfortable doing the protocol outdoors when the intention is to invite them to come in their physical form. The ETs themselves could be acting on the 3rd, 4th, or a higher dimensional level, but it seems that in most cases they appear in a more non-physical form when they decide to make themselves present.

When doing the protocol outdoors, it is best to be in a quiet and isolated place, far away from any sign of civilization. If there are other people around, chances are that the ET beings won’t approach you. You might still see them in the sky, but that’s as far as it goes (unless you have ability to perceive through one of the higher senses, in which case they could contact you that way). The reason for this is because they don’t want to show themselves to people who have no interest in seeing them; they do not want to frighten them.

Once settled in a place, you can set up intention with other participants (if there are any) and make a prayer to your inner Being and other higher beings to connect you with the ET beings that are good for you to meet at this point. This is also the point when it is suitable to mentally/telepathically invite the visitors, also mentioning to them in this way your purpose and why you would like to do this. After that you can sing or chant some mantras to lift up your inner state. The devotional and esoteric mantras are a great aid to deepen your awareness of your higher nature, and thus create the necessary feelings of love, compassion and longing for truth. These can be mantras that are related to the highest spiritual principles. If the mantra brings you a spiritual state, you can once again invite them to come, but now from this new state that the mantra brought.

Next step is meditation to quiet down the mind and to feel your consciousness. The CE-5 technique insists that after that you visualize your consciousness expanding throughout the entire Cosmos and then, while maintaining a clear and silent mind, allow for the clairvoyant image of an advanced ET beings or their ships to unfold in your mind. Do not push for it or imagine it yourself, but rather wait for it to unfold on its own. Once (and if) it does, focus on it and see what you can insight from it. If you feel comfortable with what you see, you can proceed to inviting them to where you are. By using conscious imagination you can visualize exactly where you are, on which planet and in which star system and galaxy, and simply intent for this “map” to reach them.

The technique itself is rather intuitive and should be adjusted based on the individual insights at the moment that you are doing it. For example, if at a certain moment you feel a great need to mentally tell the ETs something, or to send them an image of something, you can certainly do so. It can sometimes be the case that our Being pushes us to do certain things in moments like these. Once you are done, look at the sky and around you to see if they will manifest there, and pay attention to impressions that you are receiving inwardly. Messages can come in different ways and forms, not always as clear words in the mind, but rather they can also arrive as feelings, insights and comprehensions. The best is to stay open for the new, without much expectations. These beings are advanced and far ahead, and can give us an experience in ways that is beyond what we could have previously imagined.

Making contact on the Astral plane

The contact with the ET beings is more likely to take place on the astral than on the physical planes of existence, whether that be through lucid dreaming, conscious out of body experience, or a clear and vivid dream. In my case, I have had many clear experiences of seeing them in the astral plane. The reason for this seems to be because the astral plane is much more easier to traverse, and much more comfortable and appropriate to have experiences of this kind. At one point I was approached by an ET being in the astral plane, after doing three or four CE-5 protocols in the physical plane. The experiences of this kind can come as a reward for our efforts.

The easiest way to meet them would be to have a lucid dream or to leave the physical body consciously, and then to ask your inner Being to take you to an ET race or an ET being that is appropriate and useful for you to meet at this point. Sometimes you wouldn’t even have to ask for this, but would meet them as soon as your lucid dream or an OBE  begins.


Making contact with the advanced ET races is something that is possible and within the grasp of those who are ready for such experiences. If you have interest for it and if you understand spiritual principles and respect them, chances are that you are ready. As with every other being or spirit that is attempted to be contacted, it is important to understand whom or what you are calling, and why would you like to do so. The advanced extraterrestrials are marvellous and a lot can be learned from them, but it is necessary to understand the whos and whys. It is also worthwhile to keep in mind that they have specific role and mission, and are not always suitable to be your long-term spiritual teachers. Above all it is important to be open minded and to use common sense when approaching practical subjects such as these, to stay open for what might come, but to also stay within reason and fully grounded in reality. These investigations can be an incredible source of inspiration for the inner work, however they should not be allowed to sway the inner work to the backseat, despite of how interesting they might seem. At the end of the day, it is with the inner work that more and more incredible spiritual and other-worldly experiences will unfold before us, proportionally to unveiling  of the “veil of Isis”.

HDP, October 2020.

Author: Dario


  1. Thanks for the article. I question came to my mind while reading it in regards to my own practices and was wondering your thoughts and experiences on it.

    Since we have so little free consciousness, is it true that unless we get to a point where we have enough available, that getting to true meditation with no thought, and leaving the physical body at will, are impossible unless we have eliminated enough defects more at surface level within ourselves to have enough free consciousness with which to work so that we do not fall asleep?

  2. Hi Nicole, that’s a good question. From my personal observation I would say that more free consciousness means higher abilty to stay focused and grounded during meditation and astral projection practices. Without freeing up consciousness, the focus can also be sharpened by continuous practice, but things change a lot when cosnciousness starts increasing. The change is in the depth that practices get, in ability to stay outside of the mind and detached from the subconsciousness, and to actually have less distracting thoughts and emotions. Having said that, I am sure that there are people who have trained their mind to stay very focused and can achieve Samadhi states in meditation and astral projection at will, even if they don’t die to their egos (and thus increase their consciousness), but their experience would be limited by the amount of consciousness that they have.

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