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The Extraterrestrial Involvement in our Spiritual Evolution (Part One)

There is a lot of things that has already been discovered and revealed about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. It is not a secret anymore that they are here, although the hardcore sceptics in their dogmatic belief negate anything of that sort, despite the overwhelming evidence. The information about the ET’s revealed by different sources has created a strong fantasy-like beliefs in people as to what is it that they really want from us, which was the cause for many conspiracy theories and manipulation about them of many kinds.

There is a lot of indications that the ET’s have been with us for a very long time, possibly since the beginning of life on this planet, which spans much more back than the materialistic science is aware of. It seems that the organization of life on planets is not an isolated thing, but it is rather the case that more advanced races are aware of what is going on and have a duty to oversee it and interfere if needed.

If the contact with the ET beings has been made already by the first or the second root race that lived on this planet many millions of years ago, it would be something that should not be surprising, considering that the development of life was probably much different that it is now, as well as its values and spiritual openness. Over the millions of years, the contact with the advanced races from outer space would have continue being made, some of which we can see in many ancient artworks (whether primitive or ‘modern’), as well as indications regarding it in mythology. It is said that the myths and legends of the past were the vehicles through which deeper truths about our reality and beyond could be passed on and preserved, and thus the indication inside such texts about the visitors from outer space should not be dismissed just because they lay in the form of mythological stories. At the same time, there is a big effort today to credit all and everything to the extraterrestrials, and equating them with the gods and heroes of the past. This type of generalization is based in ignorance of the esoteric teachings and the principles of the structure of the Universe, as well as the ignorance of high purpose in life, which is the self-realization of the Being. Nevertheless, there likely are quite a few instances in those ancient texts where the ET visitors have been divinized and put on pedestals of certain societies of that time.

The esoteric wisdom speaks about the Seven Kumaras, which are the seven powerful extraterrestrial beings who came to this planet millions of years ago during the third root race (that of Lemuria) to help out and further the evolution of humanity. The main of this Kumaras is known as Sanat Kumara, also known as Melchizedek of whom some ancient texts, such as the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, speak about. This being is also known as the regent of planet Earth, the main ruler, and the founder of the Initiatory School known as the Brotherhood of Light (also referred to as the White Lodge) which has its headquarter in a higher dimension. He is said to reside in the mystical city of Shambala, located somewhere in the Gobi desert in the 4th dimension, together with many other influential spiritual beings and bodhisattwas who play a big role in helping humanity.

There has probably been many of such instances of help from more advanced beings in this Universe, the beings who are often time referred to as our brothers and sisters from space. The reason why they are referred to like that is because, seen from a higher point of view, the consciousness field of which we are all part can be likened to a large family of beings across the Universe, and this large Universal family can further be narrowed down to Galactic cluster families, galactic families, and then further to constellational families and solar system families. As it is very normal that brothers and sisters within families take care of and help each other, so too is natural that those more advanced beings also take care and help their ‘younger’ brothers and sisters, or rather their brothers and sisters who are stuck on the path to Graduation; stuck in the materialism and in the school of life.

UFO from history

Artistic depiciton of the extraterrestrial involvment in our evolution.

But despite this profound and long history between the extraterrestrial races and the races of our planet, it is good to separate between the ET beings that come to help, and the spiritual beings that are part of this planet. Today it is very popular to equate everything that has to do with spirituality with the extraterrestrials, but that would be wrong to assume. For example, there are most likely many spiritual beings that have reached high grades of spiritual development, and which in some religions would be referred to as angels, archangels, seraphims, devas, gods etc., but are closely associated with Earth and its evolution. These great and helpful beings can be encountered in the higher realms during experiences out of the body, and because of their high energy and power, it is understandable that it might be assumed that they are of an extraterrestrial origin.

Another common assumption is that the ETs are responsible for building of many profound structures that we now have on our planet. This is based on assumption that we as humans are at the technological pinnacle right at this moment, and that the ancients were more primitive than we are now, and thus would not be able to produce wonders of that kind, especially because we at today’s age would not be able to do it either. This rationale is wrong because it doesn’t take into account that the ancients of both our race and the previous races could very well develop a different type of technology that was connected with the multidimensional constitution of the human being and the knowledge of the energies that permeate the planet Earth and also themselves from moment to moment, and thus knowing how to utilize it for various purposes, such as creating marvellous structures and creating a society that is more in tune with their higher purpose.

The bad reputation of the ETs propagated by those who see them as “evil aliens”

The ET beings are still here since that ancient time and continue to help humanity and individuals. In the conspiracy theories circle they are generally on a bad reputation, as a lot of fantastic stories have been fabricated about them. Many of the extraterrestrial races are seen as manipulative, heartless, and even downright dangerous. In Christian conspiracy circles they are seen as evil demons, and are even seen as the Antichrist that will mislead people during the end times. However, a question to ask oneself if you are leaning towards such thinking is that if the ETs would have negative agendas, would they be able to develop technologically to the point of where they are able to travel to other star systems and even other galaxies?

We can take a look at our example: we have developed technologically, but spiritually we are still very immature, the result of which we can increasingly see in the world today with all its wars, injustice, poverty etc. It has been said that a civilization should first of all reach peace on global level before it can truly thrive and have the possibility of space travel open before them, and that if they don’t reach it and yet go through the technological advancement as we are going now, the civilization will then eventually self-destruct.

And so, if the ET’s would be malicious and immature, it is highly unlikely that they would reach peace between themselves. The true progress happens only with spiritual maturity, when we stop being self-centered and when we start to consider other people and other life forms. It is then when the true technological advances take place, of the type that the ET beings use to travel to distant locations. The form of their travel is multidimensional, which enables them to travel from point A to point B almost instantly, or within a short time. For them to be able to enter into the spiritual realms, there is no doubt that a strong requirememnt would be that they themselves develop spiritually, at least up to a certain point.

But even if we assume that somewhere out there in space a civilization did manage to reach a significant degree of technological advancement, and went out into space with bad intentions. This assumption does not take into account the non-physical laws of the Universe, such the law of karma, and the law that prevents interference of one extraterrestrial race with another. There is order and structure to this Universe, and there are laws put in place so that this order could be maintained, and so that each civilization could evolve, develop, and eventually achieve its higher purpose. The lack of such order would potentially create chaos, and this is not how this Universe functions.

The extraterrestrial involvement today

The ET races continue helping people today, both humanity as a whole as well as individuals. Most of the time we cannot see them because they don’t want to be seen. They observe and interfere when necessary, and sometimes their interference is spotted and even recorded, such as during the time of the Cold War, as well as to this very day they are often seen around more dangerous military bases, overseeing things and making sure that we do not “blow ourselves up”. They also sometimes decide to show themselves to individuals, groups, or large amount of people, for one reason or another, such was the case with the “Phoenix Lights” event that happened a few decades ago. Yet still, they generally do not want to publically make themselves known and directly interfere with our progress. The reason for this is because we have our own evolutionary path, our own karma and learning curve. Having them stepping in and taking care of all our problems and bringing us to the point of advanced society, would be akin to a university student taking care of all of exams of an elementary first grader, and thus speeding up his way to a university. That would be a disaster because the first grader is still not ready for such progress – he needs to patiently go to class, develop skills, abilities, and allow for his brain to develop in a natural way.

Nonetheless, the ETs are here, are present, and are doing a lot to help us in our evolutionary path; they are overseeing our progress, push us when needed, and help us not to take a path that would set us far off from our set purpose. From the Universal perspective, they have a role of our older brothers and sisters who are taking care of us, and as we too are members of the Cosmic family (albeit still unaware of it and immature), they exhibit a true care and compassion towards us, as we share the same consciousness field and the same origin as the rest from this Family.

The ETs are also helping individuals in their own personal paths. Over the course of history there has been many people who have been contacted and guided by the ET beings, in one way or another. In more recent times, there have been many accounts of people mentioning how the extraterrestrials have contacted them in meditation, telepathically, or via the out of body experiences and dreams. This type of contacts can come ‘spontaneously’, which means that the person experiencing them does not know why it is happening to them. Often time, however, there is a purpose for it, whether that be something related to the person’s esoteric history, or perhaps the ETs taking the role of a ‘materialized’ spiritual guides.

It seems it is also often the case that they can be present in the lives of those who dedicate themselves to their own spiritual advancement and to helping others spiritually. When we dedicate our lives to walking on the spiritual path with intention to take the leap from the human to spiritual state through the process of initiations, we then have the possibility to be in contact with those who have already made that step and have achieved this kind of transformation. The doors of knowledge then become increasingly more open, in which we can seek direct guidance from spiritual beings, both non-physical and physical, and both those associated with the planet Earth and those from other star systems. Such beings can be of many degrees of advancement, though in most cases they are far ahead spiritually then the great majority of people on Earth is, and are thus able to provide with experience and guidance that can be helpful for our own spiritual growth.

When through the process of the spiritual path we make qualities such as love and compassion our everyday reality, we then naturally align with the mission and purpose of the higher beings (including many of the ET races). They then see that we are moving closer and closer to a higher economy of the Universe that is based on service to others and making sure that the higher plan is on the way to realization. Through working on ourselves we become more and more selfless, more and more de-egotized, and thus increasingly directed towards serving others, but in order to arrive to that point we first need to work on ourselves. The latter is not an act of selfishness, but rather it is the work of great sacrifice, in which we sacrifice our material self (the personality and the ego) so that our true self (our inner Being) can shine resplendently within us. By so doing the higher beings take notice of us and provide us with every possible help we can get so that we succeed in that endeavour, so that we become like them and join them in the “Chain of the Immortals”.

In the Part Two of this article I will talk more about the practical aspect of this topic, such as how to make contact with the extraterrestrials in a safe way on the physical and astral levels, and how such endavour can be used for spiritual growth.

HDP, October 2020.

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