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Encounter with People from another Galaxy: Samael’s Journey to Mars

“One day, it does not matter which, when residing in Mexico City, I had to visit “El Desierto de los Leones” (The Desert of the Lions National Park). I wanted to peacefully abide there, even if only for a few hours. I wanted to deliver myself to the calmest of reflections.
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Using Mantra Solin Sala Ra to Establish Contact with ETs

Once we begin a serious inner work, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature go through transformations, making us apt to make contact with higher intelligences with more ease. It is true that anyone can make a contact with them with or without previously having done the inner work, however with the latter we not only can make the call, but also receive response, and much more. This goes for any form of higher intelligence, wherever it may be.
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The Purpose of Gnostic Practices is to Wake up the Consciousness

A while ago I have written an article (Fundamental and secondary practices of the Gnostic teachings) in which I attempted to describe or categorize the two main forms of practices that we use in the Gnostic work. In this current article, I would like to emphasize that the purpose of all the exercises is to wake up the consciousness. By saying this, it may sound that I am oversimplifying things, as all these practices are related to various inner processes on the journey to enlightenment,
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