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From Love to the Twin Souls to the Being

In order to do the spiritual work to reach the Being, it is necessary to already have some spiritual qualities developed from previous lifetimes. I have talked about some qualities needed to ascend spiritually a while back, and a good portion of those have already started to develop before the concrete interest to walk on the Path emerged. It is likely that without this qualities sprouting in a proper sense, there would still be no interest in the Work and the Path.

A person beginning the inner work needs to have love sufficiently developed; they need to be able to feel compassion, to have love fairly established in their life. And by love in this context I mean impersonal and unconditioned love. This is developed in a true sense once the inner work commences, but even before that point, the person can/does have a loving heart and ability to feel compassion. Often time this goes with qualities such as having spiritual longings, the sense of wonder, interest in the mysteries of life, and being willing to go outside one’s comfort zone.

As we progress in the inner work and ascend on the First Mountain, this love grows gradually, but also exponentially. Each initiation completed means an increase in the vibratory frequency, which is an increase in an overall energy level and thus love. This is due to solar bodies being created or activated within. Each one of these provide with new qualities and functions, and adds to what is sometimes referred to as ”spirit” (the consciousness + its inner vehicles). This progress on the Path does not only increase love, but also clarity and overall wakefulness. We become more established within ourselves, having the center of gravity in the consciousness, instead of in the personality or the egos. This is the first major stage that take place on the Path, starting from the Probationary Path and until we incarnate the first two parts of the Being – the Twin Soul: higher Manas (Human Soul) and Buddhi (Divine Soul).

The incarnation of the Twin Souls happens on the 5th and 6th initiation of the First Mountain. When Manas enters, it means we have made a decision to walk on the direct path, and have shown a good degree of care for other’s spiritual well-being, which requires having compassion and love developed to a good degree. Then, at the time we do not suspect (unless someone announces it to us), the Human Soul incarnates within us, settling itself in the causal body and radiating throughout other solar vehicles, nourishing us with a high degree of love. It is a generator of peace underneath all the aspects of our human constitution, and in it we can find solace even when the storms of life rage from all directions, if only we center ourselves in it. Just like the stars above the stormy sea are always stable and in peace, so too the Being is stable and in peace, even though he is amidst the egos. The Human Soul is the first part of the Being that we come to know and have. By having it, one has the connection to the higher part of the Being in the way that is normally not experienced before.

After higher Manas, we incarnate Buddhi, if we complete the 6th initiation of the First Mountain, and then, for the first time in our life, we get to know what spiritual happiness of the Being is. At around that point, the consciousness awakens permanently from its slumber and is always in the here and now, it never again goes to sleep. This doesn’t mean that periodic identifications with the ego won’t happen, but despite this the consciousness is always on the surface level, so it is not taken into such daydreaming that happened in previous stages of the inner work. The Twin Souls, Buddhi and Manas, radiate the feelings of spiritual peace and spiritual happiness, always – not only in a good meditation or the moments of clarity, but always. The twin souls – one masculine and another feminine, are the spiritual nectar and inspiration for the courageous, giving knowledge that the Path is unfolding all the time, and, with divine assistance, it is possible to reach far on it. This is then not only hoped for, but becomes living knowledge.

Love and the development of the spiritual qualities have led to the incarnation of the Twin Souls, and the latter pulls us like a magnet towards Atman, or Divine Spirit, the inner Master.  Having the support of Buddhi and Manas, we work intensely to be here and to die to the egos as best as we can, so that we learn from the initiation and go through its testing stage.

The first incarnation of Atman is followed or preceded by receiving knowledge in the astral plane about the Atman’s eternal name. Atman is incarnated twice on the First mountain, and five more times on the Second, in order to expand throughout all the higher bodies, just like all other major parts of the Being expand seven times.

The Spirit (Atman) connects us with the Universe; he is the Universe within ourselves, profound and deep, and his wisdom vast. His incarnation is an indication that the First Mountain is nearly finished. After a while, we are given a choice to start the Second Mountain, the Mountain on which we incarnate even larger parts of the Being, such as Christ, Holy Spirit (Shiva-Shakti), and divine Father – the primordial Trinity of existence, yet in themselves they are beyond the Universe and its existence….

Going from love to the Twin Souls to the Being is a gradual self-realization, gradual establishment of the higher self within one’s interior, and oneself in it. Therefore, enlightenment is a gradual process that entails constant inner work in daily life in order to develop the qualities needed for the Being to enter, and to one day complete the Path.

HDP, June 2022.

Author: Dario

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