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Signs of Enlightenment: Recognizing a Genuine Spiritual Master

For many folks today it is not easy to recognize a genuine spiritual master. Primarily this is because the real ones are very few indeed, but even if they were many, people would not really know what to look for. In today’s world of commercial spirituality, what sells is charisma, emotion, and nice assuring words.
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Creating Spiritual Associations for the Awakening of Consciousness

In one of his life lectures, Samael Aun Weor has brought to attention the necessity of having as much as possible spiritual associations throughout the day, by living a spiritual life and by immersing oneself in spiritual activities. By so doing, we create spiritual associations that help the consciousness in the process of its awakening. In that lecture, he was especially emphasizing how this new associations help the consciousness to break free during the dream state from being submerged
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From Love to the Twin Souls to the Being

In order to do the spiritual work to reach the Being, it is necessary to already have some spiritual qualities developed from previous lifetimes. I have talked about some qualities needed to ascend spiritually a while back, and a good portion of those have already started to develop before the concrete interest to walk on the Path emerged. It is likely that without this qualities sprouting in a proper sense, there would still be no interest in the Work and the Path.
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