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From Love to the Twin Souls to the Being

In order to do the spiritual work to reach the Being, it is necessary to already have some spiritual qualities developed from previous lifetimes. I have talked about some qualities needed to ascend spiritually a while back, and a good portion of those have already started to develop before the concrete interest to walk on the Path emerged. It is likely that without this qualities sprouting in a proper sense, there would still be no interest in the Work and the Path.
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What Role being Hermetically Sealed has in our Development

In the Gnostic teachings, a great emphasis is placed on having the five psychological centers balanced and not allowing the escape of the psychic energy. The latter is the overall energy of the physical and the spiritual bodies which the consciousness uses to achieve the inner transformation, its own permanent awakening. In one of his primary works, Samael Aun Weor has written the following regarding this topic
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