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Creating Spiritual Associations for the Awakening of Consciousness

In one of his life lectures, Samael Aun Weor has brought to attention the necessity of having as much as possible spiritual associations throughout the day, by living a spiritual life and by immersing oneself in spiritual activities. By so doing, we create spiritual associations that help the consciousness in the process of its awakening. In that lecture, he was especially emphasizing how this new associations help the consciousness to break free during the dream state from being submerged
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Are Dreams just Dreams? Some Reasons to take your Dreams more Seriously

In today's world, the phrase “It is just a dream” has become a common thing when someone wants to diminish the value of what happened during the hours of sleep. We have become ignorant of the value that the dream information carry, looking at it as something nonsensical and solely from the point of view of the brain processing the information from previous days. Even modern psychology is seeing dreams in a very limited way, mostly looking at it from the point of view of the subconscious
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The Dream Types and Dream Guidance in the Gnostic Work

In the Gnostic work, our dreams have enormous importance. The dreams that we have are not just a bunch of messy stuff that came from unprocessed departments of our subconscious mind, but they can also be a very valuable source of information that we can use in our spiritual unfoldment. In the West today it is generally believed that dreams are simply a product of brain activity, a subconscious mind processing information, and that there is not much value to them.
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Having More and Better Quality Astral Experiences (Part Two)

This article is a continuation from the one from previous week, in which we deal with increasing chances for astral projection, and having more conscious out of body experiences and lucid dreams. Last week I mentioned some important aspects such as concentration, awareness, relaxation, prayer, setting intention and goals etc. This week I will focus more on some other elements, equally important in order to start having regular astral experiences. To have such experiences on weekly (or even
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Dream Yoga And Seeking Guidance in Dreams

Dream yoga is a term often used for some kind of control over dreams, such as in lucid dreaming, or using them for specific purpose. In the video I'll share here the instructor describes the technique of what one must do in order to use dreams to their advantage. By applying this technique, you can become lucid in dream, have astral projection, receive guidance about any issue you are facing, etc.
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