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Choice and Destiny

In life, we have free will to make choices that we want to make, which then determines how our life will unfold. Some choices presented before us are more important than others, though sometimes even the seemingly unimportant choices make out a concrete path that we find ourselves on. If we choose to do some big things in life, such as the inner work, this will obviously take us in a completely different direction to what would happen if we choose trivial things. So there is choice, a free will. The question is, how much of that is affected by something greater, something that we do not yet know about.

We know that there is a divine law (Karma) that pushes everything in a direction of its realization; this karmic law operates based on choices that people make; based on mathematical probability, it already knows in advance the choices that will be made, and then it uses that to manifest the reality of learning and balance. The karmic law can make the probabilities in regard to choices when we are psychologically asleep (as most humanity is), because then it is the egos that govern our lives, keeping us in a robotic state with their pattern-based programming.

When we begin to awaken, we start to act from the consciousness, rather than from a program of the ego. The ability to act even more consciously happens when we have the body of conscious will (the causal body) and incarnate the Human Soul (higher Manas). But even then, we can ponder over how much of the choices we make are ours, and how much of it depends on the inner Being. In the Matrix Trilogy, when Neo visits the Oracle, and they talk about choices, she tells him that he had already made the choice that he now makes, and that he didn’t come to see her to help him make the right choice, but to help him understand why he made it. The question then arises, what governs our actions towards the realization of important things that we do in life? Is there a destiny that we are part of, or that we are fulfilling, without us even knowing about it? Have we already set the stage for this life even before we were born, and are now just trying to fulfil what we are ought to do?

In the book the Flight of the Feathered Serpent, a lot is spoken about destiny. The author who wrote the manuscripts of that book says how “the sweet kiss of my Princess Sac-Nicte taught me that destiny and Spirit are the same thing”, meaning that it was through his greater consciousness that he learned the truth about destiny, its connection to the macrocosm and the nature of reality.

“For the most, who are only men of clay, destiny is what happens in the time between the cradle and the grave. But it happens that by the will of the Great Hidden Lord for some there is also a path that goes from the tomb to the cradle […]
What path, what grave and what cradle am I referring to, is something that the man whose blood is Maya will be able to learn to know if he seeks the kiss of the Princess Sac-Nicte.
Whoever believes that destiny is what happens in the time between the cradle and the grave lowers himself, knows nothing about time and still less about life. Nor can he claim that he has any destiny, even if he believes otherwise.
He is a man of clay, he thinks things of clay and for that reason he will return to clay.
For he is not baked in the fire of the Sacred Princess Sac-Nicte to be a clean amphora of the Great Hidden Lord, in the Highest and the most Sacred of the Mayab.
And, certainly that whoever tries to explain destiny as what happens in the time between the cradle and the grave, will explain absolutely nothing real or true because they will confuse a breath of life, an inhale and exhale of the Earth, with the truth of human existence.”

“One of those “I’s” that confuse you so much may also make you think that destiny is what happens in the time between the cradle and the grave.
And it will tell you that the destiny between the grave and the cradle is madness.
Such is the case with most people, and like that has always happened and will continue to happen in the life of the clay because the men of clay are always asleep, and they have not been given to understand that every man is also Humanity, that his suffering or enjoyment is connected to the suffering or enjoyment of Humanity, and everything that awaits him, also awaits Humanity.”

The destiny that goes from grave to cradle, or in other words, from death to life, is the destiny that awaits all those who free themselves from the bondage of the world through the death of the egos, and from everything that binds them to this world. It is the will of the Great Hidden Lord that everyone who is of the Maya lineage (who has cleansed their energies and prepared the inner vehicles for the Spirit), to be part of that great destiny, and so the choices they made are aligned to its fulfillment.

“The time of the destiny of men of the Maya lineage is not a time that is separate from the destiny of other men, because the men of the Maya lineage are not separated from other men; for them they live and for them they work.
They are only different because their time is the time of a light that never goes out.
And that time is the immortal time, the time of the Sun of suns.
The time of other men is a time of water, like the water of floods.
They are not two times, nor are they two destinies.
They are the time of Above and the time of Below, that make the time of the Middle.”

I think it is worthwhile to reflect on this quoted text and on the bolded sentence above it. It can open up an understanding about the unity of life, and how regardless of the choices we make and the path we are on, there is a thread which connects us all. It shows that despite our individual paths and where we end up, in the end we have strong connections that we cannot isolate ourselves from. Even though we all have our individual path and our individual end destination, there is something larger than that to which we all belong.

“Man has forgotten that there is no individual destiny at all, but he who seeks and who receives the kiss of the Sacred Princess Sac-Nicte, and who hears the Silent Voice of the Great Hidden Lord in the Highest of the Sacred Kingdom of the Mayab, becomes undivided and sets aside individual illusion and seeks no other destiny than that which is the destiny of the Mayab.
In the man of clay, there is only an illusion of individual destiny, and that is why he speculates with beautiful words and with foolish words that only make him see himself isolated and separated from everything around him and from everything that the common destiny is weaving.
And this destiny is the one in which what is below always tends to unite with what is above, and thus lives under the law of Good and Evil.
Because in this destiny, the serpent crawls on the Earth and only looks in front and behind, and does not have the feathers of the Condor to lend it wings to take the flight beyond the summit of the Andean mountains.
Beyond that law is the Sacred Kiss of Princess Sac-Nicte that illuminates destiny.
He who does not seek that kiss is dead.
And to live is to seek the truth of destiny, and not to flee from it.”

“But there are those who still affirm that they are architects of their own destiny…as if the man who lives longing for the Mayab could do something that was not the destiny of the Kingdom of the Mayab, the immortal destiny. ”

~ The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

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