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Choice and Destiny

In life, we have free will to make choices that we want to make, which then determines how our life will unfold. Some choices presented before us are more important than others, though sometimes even the seemingly unimportant choices make out a concrete path that we find ourselves on. If we choose to do some big things in life, such as the inner work, this will obviously take us in a completely different direction to what would happen if we choose trivial things. So there is choice, a free
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Prayer as a Multidimensional Help

Prayer is an amazing tool that can be used to help oneself and others. Sadly, people only resort to it when pressed in the corner or when desperate. Often time, it is at such difficult times that many start realizing that there is someone or something there, listening and granting their wishes, and so they become either religious or more open to the spiritual side of life. But when we use this tool as we develop spiritually, we can achieve a lot, provided that we know how to pray, or how to
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Reflection on the Seven Last Words of Jesus

In an esoteric sense, the life of Jesus Christ provides with an incredible wealth of insights that every initiate (and aspirant to the Path) would do well by studying and trying to understand its deeper significance, and how it relates to us individually, as his life was more than just a historical account or a one-time saving event. When we begin with our awakening process, we start to notice that the lives of great spiritual masters can also be looked at from the point of view of the Path
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To be a Revolutionary in the Gnostic Work

In the Gnostic teachings, a lot is spoken about being a revolutionary in the inner work, by those who have reached far along the Path. Some of those teachers have described what it means to be a revolutionary, whereas some Gnostic students were fortunate enough to be close to such people and see from real life example what is the meaning of a revolutionary in the spiritual work.
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