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The Importance of Sacrifice for Humanity

Helping others to advance spiritually is one of the most important aspects that allows our own advancement on the Path to Awakening. It is such a crucial aspect that if one does not have this as a fully integrated part of their life, their inner progress will be very limited, and will not go at all pass a certain point.

When we start out with the inner work, it is enough to practice the mystical death technique in order to gain experience and most importantly, to start awakening and expanding the consciousness. By so doing, the innate qualities of consciousness, such as love, peace, compassion etc., will surge forth and will begin to transform our life. Once this first stages of awakening take place, we start to acquire experiences and thus the conscious faith, which then enables us to start helping others to also rise up spiritually.

It is important to do that if what we yearn for is to incarnate the inner Being; it is only by having the Being that we feel permanent peace and permanent and true happiness, and the Being will not settle within our interior if we do not fulfil the requirements of awakening, and a largely important one is the sacrifice for humanity.

Many people interested in spiritual progress look up to the hermits who stay for decades secluded in the mountains of the Himalayas, doing practices like pranayama and meditation for many hours a day. They believe that this is what it means to progress spiritually in a true way, but it is a misconception, because even though if those people will develop certain abilities such as astral travel, clairvoyance, or living on a very little food intake, it is a tiny fraction of what is achieved on the Path to Liberation. If those hermits have not done what is necessary to incarnate their inner Being, even though they have awakened certain faculties or have learned to control their body and mind, they will remain empty inside, just like any ordinary person is.

If we study the lives of great spiritual figures, we notice that one of the things that they all have in common is their deep love for humanity, and their continuous sacrifice in order to help their fellowmen spiritually. Some of them, when they came to earthly life, were already awakened and with a mission to guide and direct us, while others started out asleep but through a lot of efforts managed to wake up and incarnate their Being. None, however, locked themselves up and did nothing for their fellowmen. None of them were selfishly looking out after their own advancement only.

When we rise up in a true way, we change our nature from one that is egotistical towards one that is selfless. It is the love within, the love and the peace and the happiness of our inner Being which makes this huge change to take place.

The divine qualities of the Being come together with gravitating towards being in service to others – the two are inseparable.
Wanting to be spiritual but at the same time isolated and selfish is a contradiction – the two cannot be reconciled.

We are lifted up, gradually but surely, when we define ourselves to serve others unconditionally. Of course, there are also other requirements to be fulfilled in order for the divinity to lift us up, such as having inner spiritual bodies, being increasingly purified, and having sufficient amount of stored energy within. But when all these things are in place, the divinity will wait for us to do our part in helping others who also wish to ascend; they will wait for us to do that, and then they will lift us up. Once up, our nature is very different from what it was before, enabling us to move with greater strength and intensity towards the goal of the Final Liberation.

Every genuine esoteric school that is connected with the masters who work for the spiritual evolution of humanity is greatly emphasizing the aspect of helping others. This is because they know how things work in the higher realms of existence; they know about how important is being in service to others in the grander scheme of things.

Sacrifice for humanity is not just about directly telling to those who are interested about how to awaken. Although that’s a substantial part of it, there are also other things that we can do to help others spiritually. We learn what that is by listening to the guidance coming from within, from unconditional and impersonal love.

HDP, April 2021.

Author: Dario

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  1. Thank you for this crucial reminder. I feel it’s one of the most important aspects of any persons spiritual work.

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