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The Karmic Pool: How Sexual Karma Weighs us Down

It is becoming more known to people in various spiritual circles that sexual energy plays one of the primary roles in the process of spiritual awakening. In the esoteric teachings, a great emphasis is put on not only conserving this precious energy, but also transmuting and purifying it with the practice of transmutation, using it as the primary fuel for realizing the Great Work. From the point of view of the latter, the sexual energy is something sacred as it relates to an aspect of the inner Being known as Divine Mother/Holy Spirit (Shiva/Shakti). The more it is purified, the more does the Being take control over its physical and spiritual bodies, and the easier it gets for us to become the master of ourselves.

In many spiritual traditions, sexual energy and sexual intercourse is considered sacred, because it can be used for spiritual transformation when done correctly. This type of sexual intercourse is known by different names, such as Sexual Alchemy, White Tantra, Sahaja Maithuna, Karezza etc., where the union of male-female creative forces is used for the crystallization of higher spiritual bodies (also known as the solar bodies) in order to prepare the place within oneself where the Being can incarnate.

Because of the sacredness of the sexual energy and its connection with Divine Mother/Holy Spirit, it is explained that the sexual misconduct carry a strong karmic debt. In the New Testament, Jesus has said that all sins can be forgiven, except those done against the Holy Spirit. This means that all sexual misconduct needs to be balanced out by paying the equivalent karmic debt, whereas other types of karma can be forgiven, negotiated, or cancelled out with the inner work. Even though we live in the age of a heavy distortion of original sexual desire, in many people there is still some sort of inner sense about what is in harmony with nature and what is not, despite the media/society creating a new picture of it. Nonetheless, a lot of things that are considered as normal sexual behaviour, go against the pristine sacredness of sexuality and creates a karmic debt. One of such things which is common today, especially among the youth, is having multiple sexual partners in a short period of time.

In the Gnostic teachings it is explained that when someone has a sexual intercourse with another person, on a certain level there is a mixture of karma between those two people. In order for this karmic mixture to run out, there needs to be at least one year time of celibacy before moving on to another sexual partner. Otherwise, the karmic mixture becomes what is known as the karmic pool. This means that, when someone has had sex with many people within a period of a year, and all those people have been sexually involved with other people, and all those people with other people within the year etc. etc., it means that all these people will be karmically mixed, i.e. there will be a karmic web between them, and they will all share to a certain extent in their karma. This also means that a person from such karmic pool does not only receive an energy of his or her direct sexual partner, but, to a different degree, of all those who were or are part of that karmic pool.

A pool is a good analogy in this sense, because esoterically, water represents the sexual energy, which is dirty or clean depending on our actions. In the pool that is of the nature described above, there are hundreds or thousands of different people who have bathed in it, leaving their dirt in it, and every newcomer in that pool will bathe in that water and contribute toward making it even more dirty.

For someone aspiring towards spiritual awakening and self-realization of the Being, it is important to seriously consider the way they use their sexual energies, and to avoid anything that may create a stumbling block for their progress on the Path, because such karmic blocks can be a serious impediment and may slow us down a lot. Even though the karmic web described above can be diminished with a strong form of daily inner work, the problems can still remain to some degree.

The more we work on the inner purification, on removal of the heaviness of the egos, the more we see that with it, we are freeing up the sexual energy from those heavy energies that are robbing us from peace by continuously creating a pressure towards expulsion of the sexual energy outwards. However, with the inner work, the sexual energy is purified, conserved, and pulled inwards and upwards towards its home in the heart, so that the base and raw sexual energy becomes distilled and transformed – a great fuel that the Being can use for its self-realization.

HDP, June 2021.

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