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Dark Occult Influence in the Music Industry

Normally I don’t write about dark things here, but it has been on my mind for a while to write something about what has been happening for the past two decades in the pop music industry.

It happens that the dark side of occultism has infiltrated itself into many pores of human life, which includes politics, business, society, and now the entertainment industry. In this article I will focus only on what is happening in the music industry, by presenting three examples – performances by today’s superstars: Madona, Nicki Minay, and Katy Perry.

Unfortunately these days the presentation of dark occult symbolism and rituals (in both subtle and blatant way) has took a huge grip and interest among celebrities, some of which reflect the actual rituals that one can encounter in the lower dimensions, also known as the abyss. It is from there that the dark side of occultism is stemming from, and the popularization of it by the media is inundating and poisoning the minds of the masses.

Many people mention illuminati as the link through which these things get popularized. There certainly exist a hidden and powerful group who is connected to these lower dimensions and who has a tremendous influnce in people’s everyday life. The problem is however that many fantasies have been created around them by so many people today, that they easily enjoy their status among those higher up in society (who’s opinion is the only one that matters, such as established workers, scientists, doctors, and other “rational thinking” folks) as a mythical creatures that are existing only in the minds of the “crazy conspiracy theorists”. Nevertheless, the situation is very concerning, as their influence results in connecting the “innocent” masses to the lower and dark regions of their subconscious mind as well as that of the abyss. This then naturally makes them prone to a certain way of thinking and acting, and it opens them up to aggressiveness, passivity, ill-will, and extreme lustful behavior.

You can find many videos and articles on these topic that show some good examples, but unfortunately the majority of these has been created by fanatical religious people (mostly Christians) who only see one side of the story and want to eradicate not only the dark side of occultism, but esoteric matters as a whole. Having a strong flavor of conspiracy and one-sidedness, they too are being ridiculed. By talking about esotericism as a whole as something that is inherently evil and needs to be destroyed, they are doing more harm than good, and are perpetuating the mindset of the medieval times of witch hunt and heresy. In other words, “everything that is not as our priest tell us must be burned and destroyed.”

However, occultism/esotericism is a broad term for things pertaining to the other side of life, the side which we cannot perceive through our fives sense, but through the development of our non-physical potentialities. It is a knowledge that an aspirant of the Universal School of Life gradually gains after corresponding amount of inner work. The aspirant or initiate of the dark side gains the knowledge of darkness, while that of the side of light gains knowledge of both light and darkness, and of that which is beyond both. To want to eradicate everything that is occult also means to want to prevent people from reaching permanent peace, love, and happiness, as these states are reached with the techniques which centuries ago would be considered heretical, the techniques of  Gnosis.

Coming back to the presentation of the dark side in the music industry, I will start in the chronological order, where Nicky Minaj performed her song Roman’s holiday on Grammy awards 2012.


The song and the performance is about her being possessed by a demon, who is then helped by a priest and his ministers. There is a very dark element to the song and the way the priests and the ministers go about “helping” her. It portrays dark elements of the Catholic hierarchy, of the dark things imbued in one of the world’s most powerful institution, the Vatican.

And the last performance I wanted to bring attention to is that of Madonna’s song Living for Love, at Grammy’s awards 2015.


The choreography of this performance is the same here as in other shows. It includes horned creatures and her as their master. In Brit’s Award performance she had a long black cloak, underneath which is a short and tight dress, making her desirable-looking, similar to the depiction of women at the dark ceremony in Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut, a film after which he died). The horned creatures are portraying the demons from the lower dimensions. As soul starts developing towards the darkness, it starts acquiring animalistic characteristics, such as horns, tail, claws etc. Note at the beginning of the performance how the demons climbed the stairs towards where she was, using all four limbs, in the same way as animals are moving. The entire scene is charged with the atmosphere of lust, which is the main vibration of the abyss. How ironic it is that the name of the song is Living for Love. Perhaps the more appropriate name would be Living for Lust. The latter reflects much more the reality of her performance.


Important thing to understand here is that these things are not happening in one of the clubs of a city, but are taking place at one of the most distinguished awards, the Grammy Awards. They are not happening on some alternative metal concert, but are as mainstream as it gets. So why are these celebrities into these things? Why would they help transferring these malignant vibrations of their performances to the minds of the millions?
When taking into account that these are just some of the examples and that there is much more of it, it is obvious that the music industry is being heavily targeted by elites behind the scenes who have a great interest in occultism, especially the dark side of it. Unfortunate thing is that many of the celebrities then pick up this interest, seeing it as something elevated and superior. Even more so once they acknowledge that some of the richest men and women in the world are part of it.

The dark side of occultism connects those who are favoring and practicing it to the lowest of the spheres, to the heavy energies of  lust, fear, anger, and every other low states that are ruling the human psyche. The more the person is in it, the more bestial he or she becomes. It is such a sad thing that these type of things have become the mainstream. Luckily though, being aware of it means there is a chance to counter it, to neutralize it, to educate people about what is going on. Ultimately it is about self-transformation, about oneself becoming light, and then by ones own example helping others to follow your footsteps.

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