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Seeing Into the Hieroglyphs in Egyptian Temple of the Crocodile

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During my time in Egypt a few years ago, I visited a town called Aswan in the South of the country. That region has several interesting ancient sites, such as Philae, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel etc. One of the most memorable experiences I had in Egypt was when I visited the temple of Kom Ombo, also known as the Crocodile temple.

Kom Ombo is situated in a beautiful location by the Nile river, and even though it is mostly associated with the crocodile god Sobek, it has parts that are dedicated to some other Egyptian deities, such as Horus and Hathor.

I arrived there at a perfect timing in the afternoon, when I was almost alone in the entire complex of the temple. The afternoon sun, that was slowly setting over the Nile and illuminating the Western side of the temple, has made the atmosphere profoundly mystical and beneficial for my esoteric investigations, which made me visit this temple in the first place. Primarily that investigation was related to trying to connect to Akashic memory of this ancient site, and see how its energy would benefit my meditation.

As I passed the patio and enter through one of the two main gateways, I was in a corridor of columns that seemed strongly influenced by the Helenistic culture, which fits the description on how that part of the temple is newer and belonged to the time of Ptolomey IV. On the columns were beautiful carvings depicting some of the Egyptian mythology and symbolism, and the corridor was leading to a place that had an altar type of structure in the central space.

Proceeding from there, I found myself at the back side of the temple, seemingly where temple finished, but it was precisely there where I had an experience that left me amazed.

That particular backside of the temple consisted of a wall that is part of the main backside temple wall and also one more wall that went parallel with that main one. In between the two walls was a corridor space, around five meters wide, and while walking through it one gets a feeling of being in a sort of a gallery, because both of the walls are filled with very interesting hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs were different than in other parts of the temple, because beside pictorial depictions, there were various shapes that resembled a sort of a letter system. These ‘letters’ were boxed together beside some pictorial carvings, such as that of Isis and other deities. It was clear that these hieroglyphs are telling a story.

I walked through that passageway very slowly; it felt as if this particular place had a type of an energy that non-verbally says: “There are important things to learn here. You should stop and reflect.” The place had me glued like a magnet, and my walking through it became meditative.

Then at one point, as I looked onto the hieroglyphs on the backside wall of the temple, I realized that the way I am perceiving them has changed. I no longer saw those ‘letters’ as something abstract and obscure, but rather it felt as if something allowed me to see into them in a way that was unexpected. This was accompanied by a special feeling, a sort of a higher emotion that made me look into those hieroglyphs with great interest, as if a part of me was very aware of the hidden meaning, and had a subtle joy that I reached that place and looked into these things. It was this higher feeling that helped me to delve deeper into the message that this temple has been transmitting for so many centuries.

As always when it comes to mystical experiences that go beyond the mind, it is hard to explain in words what I felt that afternoon at the back of the Kom Ombo temple of Sobek, but it was profound, as well as something that made me realize even more about the potential of consciousness and higher senses. It was clear that spiritually charged places can speak, and the messages that lie therein can be transmitted and understood by a recipient. However, how much will be understood depends on the readiness and the effort that we make in order to listen and see.

As I slowly went down through that entire passageway, and as my ‘meditation’ reached its end, I noticed that more and more people were walking there as well. It was then that I heard from someone how some well known mystical and unexplainable things are involved in some of the hieroglyphs, at the backside of the Crocodile temple.

HDP, April 2020.

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