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Importance of Being Surrounded With Things of High Nature

When a person starts to work on themselves in a psychological-spiritual way, the frequency of their vibration will start to raise. This brings many changes to their life – many spheres of their life are transformed for the better, including how they approach and interact with their environment. One good example is that such a person would not feel comfortable any more living in a house that is cluttered with things and where mess abounds.

There is a famous teachings that says how our outward mess is a reflection of our inward mess, and that once we start working on sorting out our interior from all sorts of psychological trash, this will then reflect in our outward environment. Not only are we then not comfortable with living in a messy place, but also where we frequent and things we choose to do will be more and more aligned with beauty and harmonious order. This is not something that requires much effort from our side, but rather such virtues would emerge from the depths of our being as the integral part of who we are.

Therefore, the more that we transform inwardly by liberating ourselves (our particles of consciousness that are trapped in the subconscious mind), the more important will things such as beauty, art, music, fragrance, harmony, beautiful landscapes etc. become in our lives. These are the things of a high nature, that correspond to the increasing of vibration inside ourselves, and as such become the things that permeate our day to day life.

Being surrounded with the things of high nature can also help us in cases when we feel low, when our vibration has dropped. In such situations, the exterior acts to lift us up or to help remind us of our goal in life, which then help us to get out of the mind (the trap of incessant thinking and worrying) and to get back to where we were internally.

There are many different ways on how to set up our environment in accordance with the principles of beauty and harmony, and also there are many small things that can be done to help us, that range from keeping our house clean and tidy, to garden landscaping etc. All of this of course depends on our circumstances.

I personally find it very useful to at least keep the room where I spend most of my time always clean, and to arrange in it various things that remind me of the spiritual work, such as certain statues, symbols, stones, images, books, bells etc. Burning incense is a great aid to lift up the energy in the room and to purify the astral body and aura from different psychic larvae that are collected from day to day. Doing practices in that room also helps with lifting up the overall energy level of the room.

The ‘outer ring’ of the environment can also be filled with things of a high nature, such as putting some plants, flowers, esoteric or landscape paintings, or even arranging furniture in a way that would help keep the consciousness in the active/awake state. If you have a garden, you can apply the same principles of arranging it in a harmonious way that becomes a tool for your awakening. It can then become a place where simply by sitting in it, you are lifted up internally.

Nature in itself is a reflection of all universal principles that are filled with beauty and harmony (as the famous maxim of wisdom states “as above so bellow”), which we gain direct evidence of as we develop more and more spiritually, and with it we effortlessly connect to nature. However, circumstances don’t always allow us to live close to nature, so there is a need to improvise to ‘bring the nature to our homes’ in a practical way. By this I’m not referring to having caged birds or pets, but rather to bring the harmonious atmosphere of nature and the principles imbued in it to different sphere of our lives. This is not only related to our immediate surroundings, but also choices we make regarding our work environment and where we spend free time. For example, if we live in a big city, it can be of great benefit to go out to countryside’s nature on weekends or once a month, or even parks if there is no better option, in order to feed our soul with those high things that are present in nature.

To sum it all up: high poetry, beautiful art, wonderful sounds of the high types of music, the fragrance of natural incense or etheric oil, spiritual texts and books that inspire us etc. etc., all of this can be of great help for our spiritual work. Even though being surrounded with things of high nature can help improve all aspects of our life, the emphasis here is on using this for putting our spiritual work in the plan that it deserves.

HDP, September 2019.

Author: Dario

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