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Balanced Use of the Psychological Centers for Longevity and Inner Success

One of the key instruction for advancing on the Path of ascension is to dissolve the egos that manifest in the five psychological centers, from moment to moment, and thus keeping these centers balanced so that each one can use its own energy for daily needs. These five centers are intellectual, emotional, sexual, motor and instinct. They are also known as the three brains: intellectual, emotional and sexual/instinct/motor brain. To work on oneself profoundly is to be in the state  self-remembrance and self-observation from moment to moment, in order to see the egos entering the above-mentioned centers, and to immediately eliminate them by using the mystical death technique. However, besides this crucial teachings for spiritual ascension, the psychological centers can be worked upon in other ways as well.

It is mentioned in the teachings of Samael Aun Weor that we can use the five centers intelligently throughout the day in order to be more healthy and to live longer, but also to be more successful with the inner work. Each of the five psychological centers have multiple uses in daily life, for example the intellectual center is used for thinking, the emotional for feeling different emotions, the sexual center is used for procreation, the motor center is responsible for the movement of the body, and the instinctual center controls the bodily functions such as digestions, proper work of organs, is also related to survival instincts etc.

All of the centers have multiple uses. When we keep them clean from the egos, they function in their best possible way, however we still need to use them intelligently. Samael says that it is the intelligent use of the five centers of the human machine that has maintained the longevity of some monks of a spiritual order in Tibet for hundreds of years.

Using the centers intelligently means that we should use them in a balanced way and not beyond their capacity. It is obvious that when each of the centers is misused, we suffer illnesses. For example, someone who is using the intellectual center for many hours each and every day to solve problems, do math, or write, will indubitably notice a sharp decrease in mental energy, because the latter has been all drained up by the misuse of the intellectual  center. Doing this for prolonged period of time can result in a serious illness. The same thing applies for those who do activities that involve their emotional center being continuously active, such as watching several intense movies in a row, or being continuously involved in interactions or situations that are emotionally pulling or disturbing, etc. The same thing with someone who misuses their motor center – they will feel drained of energy and, unless they stop misusing the center, they too will suffer illnesses. Finally, the misuse of the sexual center is even worse because every prolonged sensations of lust in that center drains a lot of energy from it and renders us incapable of any deeper form of spiritual work. That’s why, in the context of the inner work, this center should be worked upon intelligently with the practice of transmutation, whether within or outside of alchemy.

In the above-mentioned teachings of Samael, it is said that we should use the intellectual, emotional and motor center in a balanced and good way. This means not to overuse them, but rather to give them time to recover after using them for a prolonged time, while in the meantime using another one of the three centers. It also means that the activities done when these psychological centers are used should be beneficial to the essence, and should feed the essence rather than the egos. Although a lot of activities in the day are simply neutral, we can still make them beneficial if we are conscious of their use.

For example, when we use the intellectual center, we aim to be conscious of its use, and if we are in a situation where we need to use it for hours every day, we should take breaks and use other centers instead, such as using the motor center by going for a walk or doing physical exercises. The same thing is applied for the usage of the emotional and the motor center. Instead of using the emotional center in a harmful way, such as by listening to music or watching movies that are bad for our psyche, we can change that by watching inspiring movies and listening to music that lifts the soul. This is how the emotional center is fed daily by beneficial impressions and emotions. And the motor center is fed daily by doing the appropriate amount of movements every day, but also physical exercises that are good for the body and soul, such as going for walks in nature, or doing Yoga, Chi Gong, some sports, wild swimming, hiking etc.

The key emphasis here is to use the centers harmoniously and in a good way. As the body is the temple of the soul, it needs to be maintained as best as we can so that the soul can have opportunity to use the body in order to awaken and reach the self-realization of the Being. The intelligent use of the five psychological centers increases as we become more objective and clear in daily life, as the egos are eliminated and the consciousness expanded. In other words, as we become better and better masters of our inner house.

HDP, October 2021.

Author: Dario


  1. This is really useful because it gives practical real-life examples of how to disentangle the egos. I have been finding it hard to understand how to start recognising them (with intent of ultimately dissolving them)..probably because there are so many and they’re all over the place, it’s quite confusing.

    • Yes, it takes some time to see what is an ego and what is not. It’s an experimental knowledge that comes from persistent self-observation and self-remembrance. Generally, every low and heavy emotion and sensation within the centers is an ego, every tension in the body, as well as every random and associative thought that comes out on its own accord. In short (and this is especially so at the start of the inner work), most of the things going on inside would be subconscious-based, thus an ego.

  2. Thanks so much. That clarifies it even more.

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