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Liberation from the Laws of Nature as the Goal of the Great Work

The Great Work, referred to as the Magnum Opus by the medieval alchemists, is that which has the ability to transform a human being by inward purging of all that is heavy and low, and by creating the garments of the Spirit, so that within remains that which is true and to, also within, merge with its divine source.

A work of such magnitude must have many goals, not just one, but the main ones would be related to things such as knowledge, freedom, peace, happiness etc., all of which could be narrowed into one single term – Self-Realization of the Being. I would say that this is what a lot of people would hint at if asked the reason for the inner work that they are doing. We all have our own personal reasons, and our goals with the work may change over time. It is not uncommon for someone to start with it because they want to overcome some bad habits, to gradually become drawn towards some other things of the spirit.

However, the esoteric teachings tell us that there is another reason for the Great Work, which is perhaps the most important of them all, and that is to become free of the laws of nature. To be free from them does not mean to live contrary to them, but rather to exist above them, to not be affected by them, though at the same time to live in harmony with them. It is said that with the inner work, we gradually transcend all the laws of nature, on all planes of existence, parallel to the dissolution of the egos, development of consciousness, working on the vehicles of the Spirit, incarnation of the distinct parts of the Being, and going through the initiations of the Path.

The laws of the Universe are needed; they are like pillars on which dimensions are built. They have their structural purpose, an important one being the growth or the evolution of the soul. Though, as the soul grows, the laws begin to not pertain to that soul; we may even say that they lose their purpose in the context of a learning curve.

Each plane of existence has a certain number of laws. The lower the plane is, the more laws there are. The material reality is said to be governed by 48 laws; consequently the etheric world, the astral world, the mental world have less and fewer laws, and we are bound to them all as these planes of existence are part of the Wheel of Samsara. This means that even after the physical body dies, and the soul exist in the higher planes, it is still bound to the material world and will eventually have to return to it because of the law of cause and effect, the law of rebirth and the law of recurrence. These laws that bound everyone to the Wheel of Samsara can be transcended by completing the First and the Second Mountain – two large stages of the Path to Awakening.

While having the physical body, there will always exist limitations as the body grounds us in the physical plane. However, the master who completed the Path, even though still in the physical body, would be freer of the laws of nature than an average person. The master who has his Being fully incarnated in all of his higher bodies would be able to do marvelous things because of the freedom that he or she has attained. Such a master would be nurtured and maintained by a force of the Being that is of a different quality than material forces, which is why certain laws would seemingly not apply to them. And when they leave their body, they would have freedom from all the laws of this Universe and all the dimensions in it. They would be able to exist in them in harmony, but always detached from them and able to escape them at will. However, by this I am not saying that we should escape the existence in the Universe. For countless masters, the growth does and will take place in not only this Universe, but other universes as well.

It is explained that each dimension has progressively fewer laws, until we arrive to the highest of dimensions where there are only three laws, and from there into the Absolute where there is only one law. The return into that Absolute Abstract Space seems to be what inspires many to do the work, as it is the closest what they can relate to with their point of origin. But on this road back Home we are bound to discover things that will increase our perception of things, enabling us to look into journeys and experiences of a kind that are much different from what we can at this point envision. And whatever our choice may be, when we have the Being fully integrated within, we are able to hover over the laws of dimensions, live in harmony with them, and at the same time being shielded from them by the light of the Being, which is the light that connects us with the Absolute.

HDP, September 2021.

Author: Dario

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