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Sexual Energy in the Spiritual Esoteric Work

When a person starts developing spiritually in a true way, they will eventually discover a topic about the usage of the sexual energy in the esoteric work. This is the basis of the inner transformation; the cornerstone of any real spiritual-psychological work to be able to take place inside.

Sexuality and the sexual energy in the context of esoteric work is an important subject to understand for those interested in spiritual growth, which in its fullness is explained once a student has comprehended other things regarding spiritual development, such as the components of the psyche and the transformation that happens inside it (such as what it means to transform the subconscious mind into consciousness). Nevertheless, it is important to speak about it because of its huge value and implications for everyone seeking real inner change.

As we live in the day and age of all-pervading consumerism and capitalism, the true spirituality has been overflown by many streams of thought based on a type of spirituality that promises a lot but gives very little, as the authors goal is earning a living from it. Out of ignorance or greed, this type of spirituality is constructed so to adjust to the current modern life of an everyday person, but it lacks the main ingredients and it ultimately leads not far.

When one commences the inner transformation by working on liberating light from the darkness of their subconscious mind (a technique also known as “the death from moment to moment“), one has already gained at least some understanding of the sexual energy and its importance in order to perform the esoteric work. Being the most powerful energy that a human being has within, and out of which he or she is made of, it can be used to perform various things in life. The most obvious one is that it can create another human being, but it can also be used for inner transformation. It can also however, being extremely potent, destroy a person if the path of sexual degradation is taken. And sadly it is easy to go down that route as such things are promoted and even encouraged in today’s world.

As mentioned before, sexual energy is the cornerstone of the spiritual work – a type of work that can transform us from an ordinary person to a spiritual being. The potential of that lies latent in the sexual energy, and the sexual seed. When instead of being released outwards, the sexual energy is pulled upwards through the spinal cord with specific techniques of breathing, intention and visualization, and then down into the heart, this sexual energy (and the vital force of the sexual seed), is transmuted. Then the crude energy is transformed to that of a higher type. In some esoteric traditions this is exemplified with polishing of a stone: in the beginning the stone is rough, and then with a special work the stone becomes smooth and cubic-shaped. This symbolizes the transformation of the sexual energy and the work on liberating consciousness from the subconscious mind.

The main goal of the esoteric work is to become complete internally, in a spiritual sense. In the beginning of the work, the person is empty – it is missing its own Being (the higher self). The work allows for the inner transformation to happens, so that all parts of the Being can be incarnated within the person. Criteria for this is ‘internal cleansing’, or ‘polishing the stone’, which refers to elimination of subconscious defects and corresponding liberation of consciousness trapped inside it. To be able to do this, the sexual energy needs to be purified, transmuted and stored so that the part of our Being responsible for performing such transformation inside ourselves can have enough of the energy fuel to do it.

Furthermore, this energy is also used for the practice known as the sexual alchemy, or White Tantra (as explained in Gnosis), where the two opposite sexual energies/poles are united and in their union evoke the emergence of the third force (also known as positive, negative and neutral forces), that is used for creation of higher spiritual bodies inside oneself, into which the Being can incarnate.

In order to even begin this spiritual journey, it is necessary to reach chastity – to keep and transmute the sexual energy from the sexual center up along the spine into brain and then into heart. Otherwise, when the sexual energy is lost in orgasm and indulgence into lustful activities, there is no fuel by which the inner transformation can be achieved. In that case, the change that the person interested in spirituality is longing for will only be superficial, and will not bring a true peace, happiness, and other qualities of the Being.

That is why it is necessary to grasp the power and value that the sexual energy has in the esoteric work, so to use it for the purpose of reaching the highest goal that we can – the integration with ones own Divine Being.

HDP, September 2019

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