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Tendency to Equate Angels With Humans

A couple of years ago I visited a place in India where I’ve met a devote of the Hare Krishna movement. We spent some time talking about spiritual things, and during that conversation a topic of lust came up, that further sparkled a talk about Krishna and his human characteristics, particularly some romances from his life. The devote said how it was normal that Krishna had human characteristics such as erotic playfulness and that he had over 16108 wifes, even though he was a spiritual being of a high caliber. (by the way, if you add that number kabalistically you get number 16).

I noticed over the years that it is not uncommon for people who lean towards spiritual side to have such view about higher beings who once walked the earth. Similar perception is attributed to Jesus, for whom it is said that he was a husband of Mary Magdalene, which interpretation is obtained from the early Christian texts, primarily the Gospel of Philip. If you ask many of the believers of the Christian faith, they will tell you: “despite of all he was also a human.”

I believe this occurs because of the need to justify our own weaknesses and defects. We seem to take those things as integral parts of who we are, and even though we may wish to become more spiritual or ‘closer to God’, most of us does not really wish to radically change internally. Unfortunately, the detailed knowledge about thorough transformation is not even a part of most of spiritual schools and groups, so it’s not surprising that while we live in the ignorance of our true nature, we will continue looking at our defects as a part of who we are.

A spiritual being, or an angel, is more than just a saintly figure who is doing good deeds, sacrifices his time for others and prays or meditates a lot. Inwardly he has transformed himself by building through alchemical process something that he did not have before; he purged himself of his defects, and is filled with his Higher Being. This is a radically different state to what we consider being ‘just a human’. He transcended desire, anger, gluttony, envy, fear, and all other defects that average humans have. And by transcending the lower he is immersed in the higher. Such being stopped carrying out the urges and whims of the egos…He (or she) is free.

HDP July 2019.

Author: Dario

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  1. Dear author,

    You can not deny your sexual energy, it is one of the most potent in the humam body! And how it could not be, the same one is creating new human beings.

    However, there are some techniques and ways of transmuting this energy into higher energy centers in the body. This is how you do not waste it, when you have no intend to make a baby.

    Many monks who reamin celibat through life, face diseases like prostate cancer.

    Consider about it.

    Best wishes.

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