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Purifying the Chakras with Sounds, Intention and Visualization

There are many practices out there that entail working on the development of the chakras. The latter are described as energy vortexes on the astral body that fulfil multiple purposes within the multidimensional level of the human organism, a lot of it boiling down to being the centers of transformation of a higher type of energy into the one that the physical body can use for its daily needs. Besides that, the chakras are also non-physical senses through which we can sense beyond what the five physical senses are informing us of. Although the major aspects of these senses are generally ‘atrophied’, or inaccessible to most people, there are still some senses that we may experience from time to time, such as intuition, empathy, occasional clairvoyance etc. However, as most people have closed themselves off from their Spirit by plunging into the materialistic culture, they have their chakras working only in a very basic manner, just enough for the most basic functions to be fulfilled, which is not sufficient to perceive the true nature of themselves and of the reality. In order to be able to perceive that, the spiritual work as the whole is needed, and the active chakras would contribute a lot in giving us such perceptions.

When we focus on our chakras during meditation, they tend to temporarily become more active than they normally are, which can result in many noticeable benefits, such as having better energy level, better sleep and digestion, clearer dreams etc. All of this and more would happen by just regularly meditating, regardless of if we have our attention on the chakras during the meditation or not. That’s because by going into a deeper state of consciousness, our higher bodies and the chakras become more active by default, whilst the direct focus on the chakras would affect them even more.

The following practice combines the vocalization of the vowel sounds to activate each of the chakras, as explained by Arnold Krumm-Heller (master Huiracocha) and Samael Aun Weor, and also using visualization and intention to have the chakras shining into activity and to be purified. The chakras too can have energy blockages and remnants of all kind of larvae that would make them function poorly and prevent them from giving us the benefits of having them working optimally, thus purifying them now and then can be beneficial. It can be done in the following way:

The Practice

Sit down in your regular meditation posture, close your eyes and relax the body of any tension. Be centered in the quietude of your consciousness, and become aware of the seven chakras in your body. Once you feel the unity of yourself, the chakras and the body, start by vocalizing mantra/sound “I” (pronounced as in the word “liver”), by inhaling deeply through the nose and when exhaling vocalize like this:


Simultaneously feeling the sound acting upon the third eye chakra, waking it up from its slumber, seeing it shining brighter and brighter.

Repeat that five times. With each repetition feel and/or imagine that the third eye chakra is becoming more active and more purified by the sound and the visualization.

Next, vocalize vowel “E” (pronounced as in the word “let”), in the same way as the previous mantra. Like this:


Simultaneously feeling the sound acting upon the larynx/throat chakra, seeing it becoming purified and shining brighter and brighter with each repetition. Repeat five times.

Next is the sound “O” (pronounced as in the word “throat”), which acts upon the heart chakra, vocalized like this:


During each of the five repetitions, feel the heart chakra becoming more and more active, more and more purified as you visualize it shining brightly and feeling the sound acting upon it.

Next is the sound “U” (pronounced as in the word “loose”), which puts the solar plexus chakra into heightened activity. Just like all sounds vowels before it, it needs to be elongated, like this:


By this time you will get much deeper into the awareness of your body, the chakras and the consciousness, but remain with your focus on the chakra of the solar plexus, feeling it becoming more and more active, more and more purified as you vocalize and visualize.

Next is the sound “A” (pronounced as in the name “Africa”), which affects the pair of lungs chakras. These chakras are located on the back, at each of the two lung wings. Vocalize it five times, going deeper with concentration and immersion into the practice:


Next is the sound “M”, which acts upon the navel chakra. As you pronounce it five times, see and feel the chakra being affected by the sound and visualization. This one in particular can benefit a lot from being purified, as it is related to sexuality. Pronounce it like this:


Finally, pronounce the sound “S”, which is like a hissing sound, acting upon the root chakra. Just like the previous one, this chakra too is related to sexuality, but more so to the sexual energies and the Kundalini energy. While making the hissing sound “S”, see and intent for the chakra to be purified, shining more and more brightly. Repeat five times:


Depending on how you will feel, you can repeat the vocalization of all the mantra sounds a few more times, each sound repeating five times, combining the sound with visualization. If you already have experience with regular spiritual practices, it would be beneficial for this particular practice to last for 30 minutes.

If this practice resonates with you, it can be a nice supplement for the spiritual work, so to receive additional strength and energy for your work, and hopefully more inspiration and new spiritual experiences. It is beneficial to do practices from time to time (or as much as needed) that deal with purification and cleansing of the non-physical components of our organism.

HDP, September 2021.

Author: Dario


  1. This is a really great meditation. I practised it over a few days and have felt a real surge in energy and really centred.
    Curious about lung chakra.. Did not know of its existence.. Is it associated with anything in particular?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Sharon. I’m glad you had such a good results with this practice.
    The lungs chakras are said to be associated with the ability to remember past lives.

  3. I was also wondering if the meditation involves visualising the chakras in their individual colours, or just white light, etc. I have been practising in colours, but wonder especially about the red of the root chakra..

  4. It can be done in both ways. Yes, the root chakra is most commonly described as having red color.

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