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How to Raise your Vibration in a Deep and Permanent Way

One of the topics that comes up often in spiritual circles is about raising one’s own vibratory frequency. Many people are seeing the need to do it, but many more are wondering what that means and how to go about achieving it.

All of us are vibrating on our own particular frequency, humans, animals, and all living beings. Humans generally vibrate on a frequency that corresponds to their level of being, which is the result of their past lives actions and consequent learning that came out of it; this then creates the level of being, or what in Gnosis is referred to as “the ladder of the Being”. However, depending on what we go through in life, our vibration could change to correspond to different events that we go through. For example, when we are present at certain places that spiritually uplift us, we would vibrate on a higher frequency, and in contrast to that, when we are angry and are expressing that anger, we are vibrating on a lower frequency. Eventually we would come back to our “normal” vibration after the above mentioned inner states have passed.

The normal vibration of an individual, regardless if they are a good person or not, is lower than of those who are working on themselves spiritually in a proper and serious way; this is why many aspirants, when they come to the sphere of spirituality, try to find out what to do in order to increase their vibration.

That which vibrates on a higher or lower frequency is related to our inner non-physical structure, our essence (consciousness) and our subconscious mind (the egos such as anger, greed, lust, pride, jealousy etc.), as well as to some higher parts which most people are lacking. As generally people have very small percentage of free consciousness available (while the rest of consciousness is trapped in their egos), they vibrate on a lower frequency. The egos have their own low vibration, and because they are dominant most of the time, we irradiate low non-physical waves that correspond to whichever ego is active within. Those who are trained to see auras in a deeper way could see the egos that are dominating us in any given moment. However, when egos are quiet and only the consciousness is active, our vibration increases and we vibrate on a more spiritual frequency. And like I indicated in the beginning, the consciousness itself could vibrate on various frequencies depending on its past work and its karmic learning.

When it comes to learning how to increase your vibratory frequency, there are some important aspects worth mentioning. What a lot of people in spiritual circles believe that will increase their vibration, is really just a minor thing to what is possible to achieve. Practices such as meditation, energy work, chanting mantras, pranayama (or doing rituals, practices and ceremonies for inner and outer cleansing or for connecting with nature), in reality have only a minor effect on our vibration, and when the energy of that particular practice is gone, we are left with the vibratory frequency that is based on our inner structure. To change this, to increase the frequency of our vibration in a permanent and profound way, it is necessary to change and add on to that inner structure.

The inner structure is changed and added on to by doing the inner work. Being in the state of self-remembrance and by meditating often, our consciousness is active and we begin to vibrate in our most optimal state of being. From there, we begin to observe our egos and eliminate them so to free the conditioned consciousness that is trapped inside them. As the consciousness increases in size, our vibration also increases; our energy becomes lighter and more spiritual. Furthermore, when the sexual energy is transmuted by bringing it to the heart center along specific channels (nadis), our vibratory frequency is increased again.

When the higher spiritual bodies are created through alchemical means, we begin to vibrate on an even higher frequency.
When the Kundalini serpents rise in each of our spiritual bodies, then the energy level and thus our vibration goes further up.
When we start to incarnate parts of our Being, of our Higher Self, we become even more spiritualized and our energy level and vibration surges to higher levels.

Increasing vibratory frequency in such a deep way means that we have control over ourselves, over our thoughts and emotions, and the high inner energy that is the direct cause of the vibration is blocking low inner states from getting hold of us.

This gradual increase in vibration is part of the overall path to liberation, and goes hand in hand with doing the inner work consistently and seriously. Through this process our vibratory frequency is lifted up permanently, provided we do not indulge in low activities that would bring the vibration down. Once we reach the higher state of being, then we have it continuously, every day and in every moment. Even when our egos manifest and are trying to pull us in one direction or another, the higher inner state is always there, because we have permanently increased our vibration through changing our inner nature, our inner structure.

And when we have done so, it is not only us who are reaping the benefits of it, but rather everyone in our immediate surroundings, and beyond. By working hard on ourselves, on dying to our egos, we are giving a gift of love to ourselves and to everyone around us. Love is the force that lifts us up and makes us in tune with our divine nature, and is directly related to our vibration and its increase.

HDP, May 2020.

Author: Dario

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