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Why Orgasms Are So Spiritually Harmful

Sexual energy is a very powerful energy that is part of the human being in many ways. It is a creative energy, which can be observed by the obvious example of procreation, but it can also be used to transform oneself spiritually. Sexual energy is often mistaken for lustful sensations and emotions that manifest in genitals, torso and the mind, but it is actually a different thing.  It is a force that sustain us, and that can ultimately liberate us from all suffering. Using sexual energies to transform oneself spiritually is done in the practice called alchemy (White Tantra), which as a base has transmutation of that sexual force. It is a sacred sex between a loving couple where mixed sexual energy of man and woman become the ‘prima materia’ of the old alchemists, the key ingredient of transforming ‘the lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit’, a process that takes place within the inner laboratory which is the human body.

Even if you don’t transmute the sexual energy within the practice of alchemy, but are just storing it by being chaste and are working on the first key for spiritual awakening (elimination of egos) and are transmuting it in the way that I will describe bellow, you would see that the amount of your physical, emotional and mental strength has increased significantly. Your inner state would be much improved – you would be much more balanced, focused, and perceptive. The sense of genuine happiness would occur more often; mental and psychic abilities would improve, your spiritual practices would get on a new level, your aura (which is also the sexual energy) would grow and offer more protection, and much more.

Now, with every orgasm (regardless of how it happens), the stored sexual energy is released outwards and lost. The result of that is strengthening of the egos (psychic defects, such as lust, anger, fear, pride etc.), reviving of some of the egos you have eliminated, and general loss of the sexual energy. Even if you never worked on yourself spiritually in a manner of removing egos and being chaste, you may still feel the after-effects in terms of noticing low states within you and/or feeling a lack of energy.

However, if you have been working on yourself for a while and have been storing the energy, the difference would be very obvious. You would feel  low, the mind would be more scattered, the percepetion of oneself and the world would shrink, and the overall sense of purpose could potentially be more lacking, etc. In short, the pulldown of the orgasm would bring about an obvious spiritual decline to everyone who has done the inner work for reasonable amount of time and has ascended to some degree.
Unfortunately it takes some time of the inner work in order to get back to a higher level and regain what was lost. It is explained that the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our Being, goes down the spine for one or more vertebrae, depending on the magnitude of the fall. Obviously, the magnitude is less if it happens during sleep, than if it would be a conscious decision.

It is not possible to ascend along the scales of true spiritual development while indulging in orgasms. With each sexual fall or wet dream, the egos strengthen, the consciousness/essence weakens, and the person is kept at the ground level as orgasms continue to happen. To truly progress spiritually one would have to eliminate the egos so that the consciousness that is trapped within them is freed. For true development, the consciousness has to grow and develop, the Kundalini serpent has to rise, and the inner transformation has to occur. All of this is lost with orgasms because lust is continuously fed and the egos keep reviving each time it happens.

It can be very difficult to cut off the addiction to pleasures that the egos of lust and orgasms bring. But if you try and work on yourself you will understand that the lust you feel is illusion, a distortion of reality. It is suffering that keeps us chained to the material dimension of life, bound to material bodies, perceiving them in illusionary way of lust, and continuosly desiring them in unsatiable thirst that rules our lives.
But if you gradually eliminate it and free the particles of consciousness trapped within it, you will get something much different than the animalistic drives and desires.  The heavy energies of lust are then replaced with higher emotions, with something that is real, an energy that is light and beautiful to feel, and of chastity and understanding about what desire is. Alternative is being its slave, kept in the state of ignorance, kept from that which is Real, and kept from developing above the average state of being.

Influence of pork

Pig is an animal with very low energies, and eating it would cause pollution of the psychological centers (mind, emotion, sex etc.), which ultimately cause the human machine to be flooded with lustful feelings. Even if working on lust during the day, at night one would likely to lose the energy in the form of wet dreams (providing of course that one does not have intentional orgasms; if one does have them then eating pork is irrelevant).  It isn’t just pure pork that is causing that, but every food additive that is of pork origin. This is also something that you can verify if you work on yourself for a while, and then eat something that contains pork you will feel heavy lustful emotions in the front torso and genitals. It brings down your state of being and put consciousness in a dizzy state, depending on the amount that is eaten.

If the food you eat has only a small amount of pork based additives, like for example ice-cream, you don’t necessarily have to have wet dream that very night. But as you keep eating it the low energies will build up and after some days the nightly pollution will happen. It is said that it takes approximately 8 days for pork to get out of the system once it’s eaten.

Here  is the list of food additives that is of an animal origin, and hence potentially being of pork. It is a vegetarian list so not all E-numbers here are spiritually harmful because some are made of insects etc.
Many of vitamins B in food products can also be extracted from pork – these are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12. It’s best to get your portion of B vitamins from non-pork sources, like eggs, or verifying from the food manufacturer from where is it extracted. For more information on it see this link

Transmutation of the sexual energies

If you are chaste and don’t have a partner with whom you can transmute the sexual energies in the practice of alchemy, but you are practicing other keys to awakening, then you could transmute the stored sexual energy with a practice called Ham Sah. It is done like this:

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and relax your body. Then inhale very slowly through the nose while in the same time mentally elongating mantra Ham (“a” is pronounced like “a” from the word “are”) (Haaaaaaammmmm) and also imagining a light energy going from your testicles/ovaries up through the spine, into the brain and to the third eye chakra. Then you exhale rapidly and in that rapid exhale pronouncing mantra Sah (“a” here too like in the word “are”)  imaging this light sexual energy (that is stretched up the spine and in the brain) dropping into the heart, where it is deposited. Then during the upcoming short period where your body doesn’t need to inhale for a few seconds, visualise that your heart is filled with light. Then repeat the breathing again.
Do this exercise for as long as you feel comftorable. As with every other exercise, you shouldn’t strain your body to practice more than it feels comfortable. Perhaps starting with less amount of time and gradually coming to half an hour.

It’s necessary to transmute the sexual energy in this way because otherwise, after a while, it would cause a nightly pollution. As one author puts it, “the glass that is full will inevitably spill”. This is related to sexual energies and not semen. Non-ejeculated semen is always naturally pulled upwards by the body and excess is discarded during urination. According to one author, such naturally pulled-up semen enriches the blood hormones and this in turn slows down the aging process. Sexual energy on the other hand is not naturally pulled up – it is required of us to do it with the practice of transmutation.

Due to this type of breathing that entails slow inhalation and rapid exhalation, if you do it properly, you will notice that after each exhalation your lungs won’t require immediate air intake as they normally do. Don’t be scared of that, it’s a normal thing that happens during such breathing exercise. Samael Aun Weor mentions that this exercise can also result in the highest form of samadhi, which is a state of meditation where the consciousness is liberated from all the components of the psyche (body, mind, egos, emotion) and experiences the Reality outside of the dimensions.


Here I wrote what I learned about lust, sexual energy, and orgasms (in the context of spiritual development) from my own experience, but guided by the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor. Refraining from orgasms and transmuting sexual energy is an integral part of the path I’m writing about on this blog. Taking up this spiritual work is definitely not easy, but it brings radical inner change. I understand that not many people are ready for it, but I invite you to reflect if you are.
Conscious work on lust and refraining from orgasm is not the same as typical religious celibacy, because in the former one is consciously learning about lust and transforms it into consciousness, while in the latter, in most cases it is done through surpression, which ultimately leads to failure.

Many people think they are not fit to work on lust in way mentioned in this article, without even giving it a proper try. One receives much spiritual help when embarking on this quest. Without this help from our own Being and other Divine Beings we would probably fail. Thus, praying for understanding of what lust is, what are egos, how lust functions and control us, and also praying for strength and spiritual power, is vital.

HDP, (last revised April 2019)

Author: Dario


  1. Several of your notions of spirituality are incorrect. First, you speak of the ego as if it is a demon, demonizing it…yet the ego is a construct, like a hand…in itself it is not evil. This duality causes schizophrenia in most people who claim to be spiritualists. Second you attest to know what true grace is…many people who are not married, such as Newton were alchemists…the Grace of a Creator cannot be known by a person…it can only be experienced through the mysteries. You seem to be trapped in your own transcendental ego, as I like to call it because you have not realized that the ego is not your enemy…that there is no enemy.

    • Saul, when I speak of “egos” I’m referring to multiple inner state such as anger, lust, fear, pride etc. They are called egos because of their egocentric nature. To dissolve these lower energies is the basic teachings of all the great spiritual teachers, such as Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Kabir, Krishna, Lao Tzu and many others.

      It is not a question of them being evil or not, but a question of reality and spiritual progress. When you start working on your psychology, you start to see who you really are (the consciousness) and you se what you are not (the subconscious states mentioned above). When you start seeing reality for what it is, you see that the these energies are like dirt on your hand, and not the hand itself. Amazing thing that starts happening when you start to dissolve them is that the particles of consciousness trapped in each of those energies are returning back to your “mother”-consciousness, which increases your sense of self and wakefulness – you see more and more what you really are. Therefore you become the very opposite of szicophrenic – more balanced, centered, more and more intelligent, loving, peaceful and compassionate human. You replace what you are not with what you are, continuously fortifying your true self. I’m talking from my own experience here, and know many others experience the same thing when doing this.

      I also never said that I know what true grace is. Grace is an ambiguous concept with many different meanings attached to it, so I very rarely, if ever, use this word. If you are referring to the state I described that comes from abstaining from orgasm, then that is something very different, and one would naturally need to experience it to know what it brings.

      • Saul is incorrect and you are correct . The ego is not the true self but the projected image of self and schizophrenia /bipolar is simply to not be in touch with that invisible self beyond the ego . When one has discoverd the true consciousness beyond the image , you become someone and then you unite and are whole rather than split . When one attains true self , you realise that the world around us including our bodies and time is not the true self but a projection as all is sound made visible or a holograph . Therefore our inner world is the true world and must be set free . We cannot be free if lust/ sexual images / money / others praise are our masters . All this world must die to us and our self in it in order for us to find a new self – the United indivisible self that has no past present or future but simply is . These secrets have been hidden in the arcanum and the ark is our soul or light of consciousness – the eye or the “I” . This eye is so filled with true identity the images around do not own it . It is free . It is not a servant to this world but the most priceless someone because the secret no one is told is – you are priceless for being you , for being conscious . You are not your name or your location or your dob or the government, you are not taxes or your job , you are you because you are you – the one who sees- the consciousness . Find this and you find all and are owned by none .

        The true illuminati
        Aka MONA lisa
        I AM

        • I like this. 🙂

    • I agree with both you and the author on many points. However duality exist because we are on this physical plane. There is existence and non-existence. Thought and no thought. I would ask, would you be careful of your language? Energy goes where attention flows. The authors ‘duality’ creates only an opinion and I still have a choice on how to interpret this message. Give us readers a little more credit here. Anyone who is reading this is on the path like you. So at some level we are all thinking similarly. I do value your insight. Language is mutable. We think millions of thoughts a day. Each person is that unique in how they see the world. Yes? And we are all Spiritualist. The etymology of the word Spirit is “of or pertaining breathe”. Don’t we all do that? Also as much as we like words we must balance on process/action. Movement.

      Sexual energy is the most powerful creation energy on the planet. Next to money. To create it we much [move] our bodies coupled with the breathe. Both can be used ask a tool for good or not. What value we assign to each energy is what dictates our actions. I really like your hand analogy. Also, keep in mind the hand must move to create. We are of the age of consciousness so now we information more easily available to answer our questions. The next step is how to take the information, be empowered and create something wonderful on this planet.

      More importantly these tools help us make more discernible choices so we can create things with better intent, if a person values that belief. Not everyone is there yet. Ego has it’s origins based on whomever decided to coin the word. I look at intent and the look at how the language can direct me in a way that helps me accomplish something positive.

      For this instance I am looking at the specific definition stated online. Ego: a person’s sense of [self]-esteem or [self]-importance. Considering all my thoughts come from my[self] I enjoy the idea of having a healthy self-esteem. I think most would agree all spiritual teachers needed a strong ego to hold their own ground when others with less of self-esteem would try [in vain] to attack them. I also believe that these teachers thought their message was [important] enough to share it. Ego is a label just describes a certain type of energy. What we do with that energy is where people begin to label it good ego, bad ego, right ego, wrong ego etc. From where they stand, they still have to use their own energy that from within [the self.]. Best of luck.

      • Abby, not sure if I understood your post correctly. I’m just sharing my experience with sexual energy and how it had changed my life once I stepped on the path to free myself from the strongest ego of all, the one which creates pressure in a body and pushes people to have orgasms, and in this way perpetuates eternal slavery. Lust.

        I noticed that to progress with elimination of egos (low inner states such as anger, pride, envy etc.) one must not feed lust, because by feeding it they’ll just revive over and over.

        I understand that majority of people today are not ready for this path yet. But this post serves as information for those who are but do not know how to develop themselves.

      • Great post. Although I believe this material plane is more negative than positive where more harm to all organic material is practiced than good. We upon physical death, must never be tricked to return to this 666 animal realm again. 666 being 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons which is all organic carbon base which man is made of. Thus, this is the mark of the beast which we practice every day with the mark on the forehead which is your beliefs or thoughts following by your actions with you hands. No way around it we are all hurting one form of life every day by consuming meat or any other organic food. We must reduce our harm to fellow beings then never return again. True reduction of ego is reducing harm to fellow spirits trapped in flesh and other organic materials.

      • Abby, there should be more people like you in this world. Finally someone who gets it! As long as duality exists the concept of Good&Bad/right is just a bloody illusion. Is funny how people speak about duality, when they propose only one solution. Everything is dual…every duality has its own duality and so on. Is not about right or wrong, its about Balance! How do we mix water&fire (emotions), how do we mix earth&wind (structure&dynamics) or even better how do we mix Lust&Love, that’s true Alchemy! Metaphorically speaking, we don’t have to master only “one element”…WE HAVE TO BECOME THE AVATAR!

        • It’s clear that the word “ego” here is not th same concept of freud’ ego. To better understand of the meaning, the author should choice another word to explain it’s point. “Ego” is universally recognized as Freud’s work.

          • Thanks for the suggestion. I have linked the term to the article that explains about it: https://ascendingpath.org/principles/the-egos/

            Freud was onto something, but other authors went much deeper regarding what the ego is and how to deal with it.

    • I did a personal experiment on this topic and became celibate for a year. I didn’t do this exact spiritual release but something very similar where I imagined the sexual energy transmuting into healing energy inside of me and expelling energy waste out. At the end of the year, my body had aged twice as much as it had the year before, my anger and jealousy had increased and my cynicism had skyrocketed from the year before. So I decided to start sexually gratifying my body. It was then that I realized I had been hurting my poor body. Perhaps there are some who have a body that does not need sexual release or they have passed the time in which biology harasses them. But for the rest, this is just self inflicted torture. We are human. Have sex. Just be aware of the consequences and be safe.

      • Hi Ginger, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. It would be good to note that your experiment is not the same as the Gnostic work, which as a base has the cultivation of chastity. Note that chastity and celibacy are not the same thing. The Gnostic work when it comes to chastity is about transmuting the sexual energy (in a different way to what you described), and most importantly – transforming the lustful energies and desires. In a celibacy this lustful energy is normally being pushed down and surpressed, which of course can have bad psychological consequences (like the ones you described). But in the Gnostic work, lust is transformed and eliminated.

    • Experience it and speak…. Dont talk rubbish

    • I totally agree with you!

  2. Hi, there. Great article. i can personally attest for everything that you have said about the experience of Sexual transmutation. It certainly really is very amazing. Since i began transmuting my Ems Semminis I have noticed my ego has begun to slowly dissolve. I’m progressively feeling increasingly calm, centered and unfettered. One of my favorite benefits is that i don’t give a damn what anybody thinks of me. Yesterday i was at a festival in town and tried to invite friends, but nobody wanted to come out with me so i just went by myself. I ended up conversing with many different vendors, making connections and meeting new people.(I Never would have done this as a person who regularly wastes the Ems Seminis.) Also, I’m coming up with more ideas and bold ideas at that. i actually enjoy the process of thinking up new inventions and ways that technology can benefit humanity. Also, I’m not afraid to learn new things. Heck, i even began to study/teach myself electrical engineering and how circuit boards work, lol. I think i made my point so far.

    Life just seems so much more brighter and FUN 🙂

    I really love the amount of awareness that I have now too. I see things that were always there but I guess I’ve been blocking it out.

    I only seem to need a minimum amount of sleep a night. I eat very little. Yesterday i realized all i had was some juice and maybe a light snack, crazy!

    I do practice yoga with this as well. specifically the Breath of Fire(belly breathing to clear out the blood in 3 minutes.)

    Women are so much more beautiful. i appreciate something about every lady i encounter now, and it doesn’t have to be sexual. I can actually interact with them and hold conversations, and check this actually be interested in what they are saying, lol. Hehe this is funny, well maybe for me because I never used to do this, but I have the utmost confidence around women i find attractive now. I’m more bold in asking them out directly too. I don’t think i’LL EVER ORGASM AGAIN, MAYBE JUST TO RELEASE THE SEMEN TO HAVE A CHILD, BUT THAT WOULD BE IT.

    Around day 7 my voice started deepening and now on day 14 I have this beautiful deep and warm voice.

    These benefits just keep stacking up for me. Everyday i notice something else. i may start a small blog to document my journey for other young men out there.

    Transmutation of the sexual energy of semen is one of those rare gems that i never thought i would find, but hey it’s amazing. i do have a tendency to gab, sorry 🙂 it translates over into my typing, LMAO!

    Now, i hope you can answer this question for me please. I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve started transmuting my sexual energies which has been 2 weeks ago, that some of my friends seem to be staying away from me limiting time on the phone or not returning phone calls and emails. I don’t know if i have manifested that response or if it is a result of them sensing on a subconscious level that i am energetically different and they know they would not want to interact with that? Either way i’m stumped. what do you think could be the causal reason?

    BTW, i wouldn’t mind discussing this topic further ith you sometime, either through the phone or the email. If every man in the world was to preserve the Ems Semminis most likely all of the worlds problems would be solved and we’d be living as real live magicians on the biggest stage of existence 🙂

    • David, I’m glad you tried this and see the benefits. The clarity and the improvment of the overall mental and emotional state is really remarkable. However, it gets much better when combined with the technique of elimination of subconscious states (egos). This is when the inteligence of the consciousness starts to seriously open up and increase. It’s interesting for example that Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, have also been refraining from spilling sexual energy. There are probably many more famous great minds that existed (aside from spiritual seekers and masters) that realized the same thing.

      Regarding your question, there may be several reasons why that is happening. It can be quite common for people to lose interest when a person starts changing and being different than them, but that happens more when there is a change from subconscious to conscious behaviour. Majority likes to live in subconciosu states, and then when a person starts to wake up to greater inner and outer reality, he cannot anymore associates with them in the same subconscious way. However, real friendship is deeper and true friends remain that way despite of change of interests.

      Another reasons is like you said, they may unconsciously sense that you are rising energetically above their own level.

      Another reason may be that your thoughts about them distancing from you have manifested certain feelings which your friends picked up and are feeling some kind of repulsion towards you. As an experiemnt, try being as clear as possible internally from any emotional states when around them, and see how they will behave then.

      Regarding your last paragraph, feel free to contact me if you have more questions: highestquest@gmail.com

    • Sex or x is more than the Union of Man and woman but underpins all that is in this earth of terra or terror as all is male/ female in order to create life here . This is not universally true beyond here . beings beyond this plane do not subscribe to our notions of gravity which is this +/- mode . They control matter . Matter doesn’t control them .
      All the sexual energy of this planet is cloning really not as we believe creating as all is transformed so there is no creating going on which is why its all deteriorating and new matter: life pushing forward regardless of the prior . Planet x is our home not an imaginary one . We are not free or above matter currently but once upon a time we were . How powerful we were and could be is hidden from Us. If it weren’t so then it wouldn’t be encoded we wouldn’t be told every day we are no one by obeying rules. The free don’t need a prison . If we pay tax and we haven’t left planet earth we aren’t free . If we haven’t become higher ascended beings we aren’t free. If we are afraid to speak out then we aren’t free. But it is our choice . The x energy of this planet is not beautiful but a terror .because we have forgotten there is more beyond these 7 dimensions we don’t realise this isn’t the true reality . I have given up sex because it leads to pain and having children in this world is more pain , perpetuating the cycle of misery and slavery. I am content like Mona Lisa looking upon all but being none for I AM. I have discovered ancient secrets and of the universe . We will never know what we can be if we do not know who we are .

      You are the most important being in the universe for were you not we couldn’t converse now . I am the most important . We are equal . We are a miracle . We are someone . The chance of you being here is impossible but here you are . All things are possible for I AM
      FEAR NOT I AM HERE. I was sent to comfort you in these hard times . I will never give up for I am . I believe in you .
      The true illuminati
      For the revelation

    • Re: spilling semen in order to have children, there is something in Gnostic teachings about not even having to do it then..!..some technique of sexual alchemy that doesn’t require orgasm but just releasing of one sperm? (because only one is required for the job, after all!)
      Can you expand on this, highest quest??

    • Re: spilling semen in order to have children, there is something in Gnostic teachings about not even having to do it then..!..some technique of sexual alchemy that doesn’t require orgasm but just releasing of one sperm? (because only one is required for the job, after all!)
      Can you expand on this, highest quest??

      • Yes, it is said that during the practice of alchemy, Divine Mother (the feminine part of our Higher Self) can take some extra control of the process and guide a spermatozon into ovum so that conception can take place.

  3. playing with own’s breath and mind is an opening to the spiritual world and poses a threat of demonic possession

    • There is a lot of myths going on about possesions in context of spirituality. It’s often used as a tactic for fear mongering, especially when you add prefix “demonic” to it, and I’m sure it frightens those without much experience of spirituality. In reality, possesion happens when a person deliberately, consciously, and intently invites another spirit into their body, like what some mediums do. Breathing technique and visualisation I mentioned in the above post is not in any way related to inviting other spirits into your physical body. “Opening oneself to spiritual world” is very vague statement. Could you not say that every spiritual activity opens you up to spiritual world, like for example praying, meditating, working on chakas etc.? If we’d go by that logic, it would be dangerous for everyone to develop spiritually, and this is certainly not the case.

    • Can you elaborate?

      • Zafar, what would you like me to elaborate on?

        • I was referring to mark’s “playing with own’s breath and mind is an opening to the spiritual world and poses a threat of demonic possession” which is not the way I see it..

      • Yes, things like that don’t occur just by doing spiritual practices. It takes clear intention.

  4. I’m sorry but i think this whole article is incorrect, not any of the ancient books advise anything against orgasming, or to eliminate the feeling of “pleasure” which you speak of as a whole, they only advise not to spill any energy outside the body, if the energy discharge does not happen how is there a mixing of energies within the bodies in the sexual act which allows two to become one? if both don’t orgasm it would be pretty much both keeping that energy to themselves, which is in a notion selfish and egotistic to advise not to release any of your energy ever in your partners body and vice versa them in yours a sexual act is mutual and the height of it should be mutual not kept for yourself.Peace

    • “they only advise not to spill any energy outside the body” – because i cant edit the comment, just to clarify by this i meant seed(semen).

    • Hi guy. The elimination of lust is spoken often in sacred texts, such as Dhammapada, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, and many others. They often mention lust/sexual desire as being at the root of all suffering; at the root of all other animalistic states. This is a practical thing that every seeker can verify for themselves. Orgasm is closely related to lust, as it happens due to sexual organs being stimulated by it. No, not ejeculating is not selfish. Orgasms is the end goal of lust – that is what is selfish.

      • One cannot know these things by reading texts no matter how lofty or inspired. One has to see it for oneself – that requires work that most do not want to do..

    • Agree 🙂

      • Indeed, just reading texts is not enough, but ancient spiritual texts can act as a map and point the way.

  5. Good article but this is not meant for the masses, it is too hard to accept what consumes them…people should arrive here through experience and contemplation. You become what you desire. Sacrifice of the self gloating or ashes to ashes.

  6. I agree with Guy above.. there is another way to sublimate the energy – to be in a Loving relationship. Then there is a fine balance that no longer needs energy exchanges.. Most human beings still need to find their sexual soulmates.. Have you found yours? The Q is the A!!

  7. Okay so i practice celibacy in the sense that i dont practice sexuality with other beings. I do however practice with myself at times when i feel i have too much energy and start to get insomnia from it…also if my hormones start to get riled up, i thought there was nothing wrong with releasing some of that energy when i am in solitude…the only thing is that i dont let my energy drop..as soon as i reach orgasim, i send the energy up and its a powerful force that moves up on its own. I feel it in my heart chakra and it activated my heart in that moment then i literally feel the energy fill my cranium…for example if i had a headache, its dissapated with this energy and then i try to cycle it behind me back to my heart although sometimes i think it remains in my third eye crown chakra area and remains. After this i feel tremendous peace and fall asleep and awaken very well rested. When i refrain from this practice thats when i start feeling frustration, aggitation, negative emotion, to much energy that i dont know what to do with and makes me feel restless..and when i finally do fall asleep, i awaken very tired…from my experience im not to certain if i can agree although im unc err rtain what to do now because i certainly want to return to the realms of heaven but i cant in the traditional sense..i feel if i dont take care of it myself i will find myself in a circumstance where it will happen with another…when i refrain completely ive found myself in dangerous situations where i was assulted its like due to me not taking care of that energy it attract people to react in strange ways towards me such as disrespecting my personal space like if it was magnatisim. But when i took care of the energy myself i was left alone…

    • I never practiced celibacy on it’s own without also working on egos of lust and egos as a whole, so I don’t know what exactly you experience. However I do know that there are many people who store their sexual energy without doing any spiritual work, and they feel benefits from it. The thing is though that without working on egos (especially on lust), one will have wet dreams. If lust does not get it’s food during the day, it will certainly get it during the night, when a person is in subconscious state of mind and thus more vulnerable.

      The frustration, insomnia, aggitation, negative emotions etc. that you exeprience when refraining from orgasms are due to subconscious states (egos), usually trggered by unsatisfied lust. That’s why it’s recommended to also work on your egos when practicing chastity. The following three links lead to posts that describe what I mean with work on oneself:




      The Ham Sah exercise from this post can also be good to try out and see if it helps.

      When energy is released during orgasms then that’s it, it’s already out and lost. The energy you feel in some of the chakras by pulling ti back in is probably related to some other energies of the body, which also have an effect on the chakras. The sense of peace you feel afterwards is due to temporary release of pressure that lust creates. Lust is unsatiable well, always looking for more, so that sense of contentment is very temporary.

      In regards to magnetism that you mentioned, I find that interesting. I once heard a feedback of some male practitioners of chastity and spiritual work, who said that they think that the more energy they store, the more attractive they become to females around them. There may be something to it, but it could also be that unfulfilled desire is griping them on subconscious level due to which they irradiate openes to mating. Such thing may even go completely unnoticed, especially if still not very apt with self-observation.

      If a person is completely sure he/she is not ready for this path, then I think it’s much better to find a husband/wife with whom one can have normal and regular sex, rather than engaging in masturbation.

    • How do you move it??? I’m just curious? I want to try this.

      • Move what? I’m not sure to which part of the comments were you replying too….

  8. informative…worth trying..Thank u

  9. Good..I really liked

  10. There is a big difference between orgasm for a man and orgasm for a woman. Most ancient texts and current research are only speaking about the male psycho-sexual experience, as is your current article, since you’re speaking from your own experience and you are male. However, there is new research and experience, now that females are more respected in society, where evidence supports female orgasms as energizing and similar to meditation through its effects on the female brain. Whereas orgasm often works/feels differently for males. Where it has been learned as a best practice for males to build up their energy by not orgasming, stopping at the precipice, it is being learned that the best practice for females to build up their energy is through orgasms (thus, this may be why female sex organs have so many more nerves than men and their ability for multiple orgasms).

    • When woman experiences orgasm the energy is also lost (just like it’s lost when a man reaches orgasm). Even if some people may perceive themselves as energized after orgasm, I don’t think you can say it’s like that for entire female gender. For one I state this because I’ve read/heard feedback of women who tried out the Work and have described how they feel/are when they have wetdreams. Secondly, there is also a woman (Marnia Robinson) who explored both paths (that of orgasm and white tantra), and tied it in with a spiritual work. She explains in scientific terms her excperince with it (altough tantra without the 1st key is not recommended).

      • So as a man are you not supposed to orgasm at all? Like not even a valley orgasm? I’ve been practicing and training my pc muscles so that when I am on the bring of ejaculation I can withhold it and still feel a pleasurably mini orgasm but not release my seed. I can continue to have sex without loss of an erection or vigor.. I’m trying to figure out the best way because I just want to attain enlightenment.

        • Jon, the enlightment is attained by transforming our lower nature, by sacrificing things such as lust, anger, pride, and all other animalistic elements that we have within, so that the truly spiritual within us is freed. To attain enightment we need to create vessels (higher bodies) that will be able to contain our higher divine parts (which are currently outside of us). It’s a great struggle to fight lust, but compromises in the fight against it only lead backwards. It’s not just about not having orgasms, but also not giving in to lustful sensations and pleasures, because this too strengthens the ego od lust and steals our psychic energies. The highest journey is hard, and only a few are ready to get far enough, but I hope people will try and attain it.

  11. So when I go for a couple weeks with no orgasm I end up having one in my sleep. No dream. Just orgasm.

    • That’s due to the build up of energy in the sexual center, and often time due to lust too. When semen/fluid builds up and is not released, it is then absorbed by the body. But the sexual energy is not absorbed and needs to be transmuted/raised as described in the article (the Ham Sah practice), otherwise it will eventually cause a wet dream. Like one teacher have said, “A glass that is full will inevitably spill.” As mentioned in the article this technique works best when combined with the overall spiritual work, which entails the work on lust.

  12. Although I agree that sexual energy shouldn’t be freely released to anyone in any form, I really would have to disagree that any orgasm will spiritually lower you. I have experienced my most profound healing from sexual abuse and other traumas THROUGH orgasm, they allowed me to release pain and years of fear and confusion. Orgasm is sacred, sexual energy is powerful, and when used properly, the results and experiences can be incredible. The power of orgasm and sexuality shouldn’t, in my opinion, be repressed, it should be explore, celebrated, and opened (with the right people and in the right mindset).
    Orgasm shouldn’t be something to be demonised.. it is a beautiful thing.. the male orgasm brings life, and the female orgasm brings immense pleasure. Why suppress something so beautiful and natural?

    • I’m not demonising orgasm in this blog post. What I wrote about it I wrote in the context of spiritual awakening.

      • Yes brother! It’s not only useful, this is what we must be really doing. But as we grow up, we develop so many bad habits and egos( defects). We are carried by our lustful thoughts and behavior, we get Identified with them. And when that happens, we spill the potent energy that is within us. It’s very powerful because as we know it, it creates another physical body, but if transmuted and directed into the guidance of Divinity, it will create bodies within us. That’s the way to become what we’re really meant to be. The water is very important symbol into great religions. And they say almost the same thing, in there Esoteric teachings. It’s better to transmute that energy while annihilating every defects that we have within us. In that way we raise our level of being, we will become higher than merely as an intellectual animal, to become a fully developed human soul.

  13. What about the female orgasm? Giving a woman you care about a beautiful sublime experience like orgasm only brings us closer together

  14. I love truth and i always learn to know it and learn from it.

  15. I see there are still people touting samaels aun weor’s work. Now I have some interesting experiences doing transmutation but there is some in accuracies I’ve noticed in my studies. First being that “semen” in occult circles mean a myriad of different things when you look at the historical, cultural, and linguistic context of various teachings. Before I continue let me ask what tradition are you deriving your information from?

    I disagree with the idea that any orgasm is bad on account of my own research into the human anatomy. Now in purely physical terms “semen” is not one fluid but rather a mixture of the secretions from the Seminal Vesicles, Bulbourethral Glands, and the prostate. Now it’s common knowledge that after a few months sperm, if left to mature, are reabsorbed by the body. But what hasn’t been proven is that the semen(which carry sperm) is absorbed the same way. We know that the body will always produce semen. eventually the prostate will overflow and prompt the body to ejaculate the excess fluids typically at night when you are relaxed.

    Now the reason why I don’t believe nocturnal ejaculations are inherently bad was from my experimentation after reading this quote from Swami sivinanda “A sexual act [orgasm] shatters the nervous system. The whole nervous system is shaken or agitated during the act. There is excessive loss of energy. More energy is wasted during coition. But it is not so when emission occurs during the dreaming state. In a wet dream, it may be the outflow of the prostatic juice only. Even if there is loss of the vital fluid, there is not much draining. The actual essence does not come out during wet dreams. It is only the watery prostatic juice with a little semen that is discharged during nocturnal pollutions. When nocturnal emission takes place, the mind which was working in the inner Astral body suddenly enters the physical body vehemently in an agitated condition. That is the reason why emission takes place suddenly.”

    I experimented with this theory as I have had many wet dreams but none of which made me feel sluggish or feel shame as most people feel. after buying a really expensive microscope, I spent 4 months celibate while transmutating. and every night I tighted a clean dried out condom to catch a sample. One night I woke up and the condom was full. I didn’t have a wet dream, in fact the dream that I had that night had nothing to do with sex at all. After putting the sample Under the microscope I seen very little sperm. After repeating this experimentation over the past 2 years I’ve gotten the same results.

    This is why I think it’s important to be clear on the terms we use to describe these phenomena especially when it deals with matter of physicality where science can verify the physical aspect of any transmutation practice. In the case of swami(and many others) his use of the word semen being synonymous with sperm is inaccurate to how these fluids appear in our physical system and do not justice to the actual teachings when actually investigated.

    The issue I find is the communities that express this knowledge is they tend to stray away from explaining the physical aspects of the practice. Either because they are ignorant to the anatomy of the physical themeselves, or they are blindly following a regiment. Whatever the case may be i hope this helped anyone

    • Hi Anthony, approaching this subject from only physical/anatomical point of view will not get you far, as the most important thing is the energy that is lost by the discharge/orgasm. Physical aspect of it, semen (esoterically known as ‘the water of life’) therefore is intimately related with that essential energy with which inner transformation takes place. Orgasm is orgasm. Disecting it and trying to find out how much semen or sperm is lost makes no difference, as, i repeat again, it is the energetic aspect that is the most important, and which is lost by orgasm.

  16. I don’t see what’s wrong with the loss of energy. We lose energy all the time when we do any kind of activity, and gain it all the time, by digesting food or through spiritual activity such as channeling energy. I don’t think we’re here to keep anything, including energy – everything changes. Being open to that change can bring about happiness. As a male, I’ve often felt low on energy after an orgasm if I didn’t have enough energy to start with, but quite the opposite if I did – I’ve had profound insights afterwards, and feelings of wholesomeness, balance, greater connection to the Divine…. Perhaps denying orgasms and changing the energy as you describe in the Ham Sah practice is one way to make something useful out of that energy, but it really seems like there are many other ways to make it useful too. I’ve found that doing what my heart, or Higher Self, tells me, is the best approach, and that may include having an orgasm.

    Thank you for this very interesting, stimulating discussion! (No pun intended)

    • Sexual energy is an aspect of the vital energy. It is essential for transformative work that can be achieved within oneself. Without it, this type of work cannot be done.

  17. I’m sorry, but I’m confused… since when does tantra only involve couples? Being single is the perfect time to know yourself, outside of a marriage, and outside of the pressures of having children.. granted, both lives allow for time to know yourself, and to have a deep relationship with yourself because you can learn about yourself in so many ways… but I’m confused about the author’s obsession with demonizing the love that persons have for themselves when they are not in a couple…

    • Your question is explained in the article, and expanded more upon in the comments. What is it that you find confusing?

  18. Also, one advice for the author, try looking into qigong! You might be forgetting to breathe(:

  19. Such a great article I read it almost every day. Could you perhaps provide more info about the pork and nightly pollution. I am very intrigued by this and cannot find anything on the subject other than what you have provided

    • Hey, I have initially learned about it in Gnostic course of the gnostic movement of a former spiritual teacher Belsebuub. I believe this knowledge has been known to other teachers too, such as Samael Aun Weor, Rabolu, and others.

      The teachings speak about the devolving nature of some animals – such as pigs etc., and how when eating them our own (sexual) energies are polluted. As a result, this stirs up lustful thoughts, emotions, and sensations, compelling a person to indulge in lustful activity or to dwell on lustfull sensations, which brings about wet dreams at night.

  20. Hi, in the classical tantra there are two important aspects to understand in this respect. One is orgasm the other is ejaculation. Modern medicine found that these two functions are covered by two entirely separate areas of our brain. The ancient tantra trained the man in separating these two functions. This way the man will have extremely profound orgasmic states which can be used for fast self realization, as properly utilized any very well controlled and directed intense state can be utilized in this way. This requires a very specific training as we need to both control the orgasmic energy, the energy through the chakras, awakening of kundalini, perfect awareness etc etc.This is the classical Tantric training. As an initiate in Vajrayana Buddhism, Kashmirian Shaivism and North Indian Tantra I can confirm that all these tantric traditions agree unanimously on this point. The same goes for women to perfectly control and direct her orgasmic states, just for women its significantly easier. The Tantrics are called the ultimate ascetics because its important not to get lost in the pleasure, but stay aware and be able to have such intense states and use them as rocket fuel for a huge jump in awareness. It requires a rigorous training which is rarely performed. Still if you want big results you cant cut corners. Because you are playing with huge forces which can turn you into a super human being . An enlightened being. Just controlling the ejaculation, or even have multiple orgasms without loosing the energy is not enough. It will turn you into a bed athlete and increase your ego massively, which leads to an often entirely irreversible downfall. Do realize that traditionally proper tantra is learned only from an accomplished master. Anything else is futile and should be avoided.

    • Hello, I have no doubt that such tantric traditions as you describe exist, but I am in disagreement about the path to which they lead. The self-realization as described in Gnostic teachings and what you describe are two different things.

      Orgasm is orgasm, regardless in what package one puts it. To lust for orgasmic pleasures keeps a person bound to this world, and one loses sexual energy. Many have tried to invent paths when seeing that they cannot cope with lust, but one cannot mix oil and water. The light of the Being and the feelings of orgasm are two very different things. One has to be sacrificed for the other. Unfortunate thing is that only a few knows what light is. Most people will choose orgasms. (Note: I have edited out the last part of your comment that has to do with self-promotion)

  21. I have been doing a “yoga” by looking at other humans as beautiful when attractive or not attractive to me. Looking at feelings of desire at seeing a form which is pleasing and realizing that in doing so I am practicing discrimination. My yoga is to see the spirit in all beings and even phenomena as the inherent reality of their existence and source. I am trying to see all living manifestations of spirit as such and to look on all as not being their true nature but the distorted filter in which they appear in this illusion. To see a person as fat, attractive, tall, short, fair haired or dark, etc. is my own perverted view of them. Nothing is as it appears and all have the seeds of something else. So far, my journey continues as long as I am conscious of my own existence and analyse my own perception of it.
    I am vegetarian and flesh is meat. Desire for another form is Hunger which upon satisfication only leads to more Hunger. OM…

    • Hi Mark, sexuality is a huge topic and I think I should expand more on the this article. In the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor it is explained that sexuality can be used for ones own awakening. It seems to me in what you describe, that you have to use your mind a lot in order to maintain such perception, which i believe can potentially take up a lot of energy from the intelectual center. Pure sexual attraction is related to magnetism and is a natural thing, but the problem is that the egos of lust come inside that and twist this natural force. Seeing people’s true nature (their essence or soul) comes naturally as the size of our consciousness increases and our perception deepens. But the sexual force will always be there, and it would be wise to understand it and to use it correctly.

  22. Hello, I’m commenting to ask if this practice makes you feel an energy ball/bubble/presence in the center of the chest after doing it a few times? I started doing this a week or so ago and now I feel a sort of energetic presence in the very center of my chest, inside the body. Thanks for any information you might have regarding this.

    • Hi Kaiden, yes that is normal, because through this practice of transmutation the vital/etheric part of the sexual energy is transmuted by being moved from one place in the body to another. When such energy accumulates in the heart center, we can then feel it there. It then becomes a force that we can use for our spiritual awakening.

      • Interesting! I’ve been accumulating energy and living a chaste life for 3 years and eventually, I have nocturnal emissions and lose some of my semen and energy. Will this change that? I like the fact that I can feel it in my chest it feels as if I am emotionally stronger and more stable than before the transmutation.

        • That’s a good observation – the transmutation of sexual energy practice does make a person more stable, stronger, and more centered in consciousness and therefore in the present moment. It works best with work on oneself as described in the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor.

          As for your question, this practice has a clear effect on getting rid of nocturnal emmisions that happen, as I understand it, when there is too much of a build up of etheric counterpart of semen and the body has not pulled it up yet from genitals. However, this practice will not stop nocturnal emissions that are caused by sexual type of dreams. The latter happen when one identifies with lustful thought, emotion or sensation during the day, and/or when there is not enough work on lust during the day.

  23. Ahh that is a difficult thing. I knew there was a correlation. If I’m very careful not to look at anyone in a lustful/sexual manner, like being careful not to look at a woman’s body and feel any desire, then it seems I won’t have a nocturnal emission. But it seems like this… takes extreme discipline. I frequent the beach here in Los Angeles, CA and there are gorgeous women all over. I seem to be able to see them and not fall into desire for them/for their bodies as long as my focus is somewhat grounded in my lower tantien, but I feel fear that if I let my guard down my mind/body or whatever it is that produces the lust will arise without my consent. How do I completely control this to the extent that I only feel sexual desire if I CHOOSE to? I only want to feel sexual desire for my partner when that relationship becomes a part of my life and even then only when I choose. Ideally I want an intimate relationship that is sometimes sexual but without ejaculating and without ever losing any of the sexual energy except when we decide to have children. Any advice/wisdom on this?

    • Lust that is causing wet dreams is not only caused by identification with lustful thoughts and emotions that occur when in situation where there is opportunity to look at attractive women, but also emotions and thoughts that emerge throughout the day on their own, regardless if we are home alone or outside. Tackling it requires serious psychological work as it is described by Samael in his teachings.

      Now, there is a difference between sexual drive (which is essentially lust) and magnetic attraction. The latter is used in the so called sexual alchemy, which is a tantric practice described as the second key to awakening. The more we work on ourselves, the more we see this difference between the sexual drive/lust (which originates in the subconscious) and magnetic attraction (part of the biological function of the body).

      Are you familiar with Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor?

      • Oh interesting, it sounds as if you’re saying it(lust) is something that can be completely eliminated from the psyche? I also understand what you’re saying about the magnetic attraction being used instead of lust, because after working on myself for these past few years I find myself less lustfully attracted to women, yet still attracted to them, but from a different place/energy. Things that aren’t even sexual have had the effect of arousing me/my body has responded with arousal to the awareness of who a woman is spiritually and energetically if that makes sense. I think this is what you described as “magnetic attraction”, the biological function of the body? I’m not familiar with the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor, but since you’ve mentioned them do you have any specific books that you’d like to recommend that give detailed and practical instruction on mastering this aspect of life?

  24. Hi Kaiden, that’s correct. Lust can be removed and replaced by consciousness that is trapped inside it. It’s a gradual process though. Being the root of all other egos, lust is completely eliminated only at the end of the path to awakening.

    That’s great what you observed about magnetic atraction. It is how that works. We can also be drawn to a woman in that sense when we feel/see divinity inside her. This is a great benefit of self-knowledge because we get to understand and see workings of our psyche that we weren’t aware of before, or we have put all functions “in the same basket” before, but with work on ourselves we can see more differences between each.

    Regarding your last question, I wouldn’t be able to recommend specific books on that subject because work on lust is part of a greater work that involves serious self study, eliminating egos, work with sexual energies, initiatic path and the three mountains, and the main techniques for walking on that path (also known as the three keys).

    If you want to know more about Samael’s teachings, I would recommend to start with a book called Revolutionary Psychology. This is to get an overview about the depth of self-knowledge that Samael is teaching. Then afterwards a book called The Mystery of Golden Blossom deals more with sexual aspect of the teaching (both books can be found under book section on this blog).

    I will soon start with a free course here that will deal with spiritual awakening based on Samael’s teaching. It will contain everything necessary to progress in the type of work he was teaching. If you want I can notify you about it when it starts.

    • Two more Samael’s books I would recommend to get an insight and overview about dealing with egos/subjective inner states are: The Great Rebellion; The Revolution of the Dialectic.

      • Thanks man, I’ll check the books out

  25. I have had experience with both types of energy and from what I noticed as a female, the energy loss manifests differently than it does with men. I noticed in myself and from talking with other women while I was in a Gnostic group for ten years, it’s felt more as stress, anxiety, depression, all these common feelings for many women. What I noticed in my past male partners was their anger, aggression and hostility increased shortly afterward. When we didn’t lose energy the relationships I had were so peaceful or if I was practicing and my partner was just having normal intercourse, I didn’t experience those low vibratory emotions but I would notice an increase in negativity in my partner.
    When I practiced Alchemy with a partner, I wasn’t practicing the elimination of my egos as much as I should. I recall the first time how uplifted I felt and this clarity when I looked at the world. As I continued though I could feel some dark emotions rising in me that I hadn’t felt in years if ever and I realized I wasn’t transmuting the energy properly. It requires a collaborative effort of watching and being in awareness during the day, eliminating egos so the energy is pure when it’s transmuted.
    So what I noticed if you just live a normal day not in awareness of the present moment and not eliminating egos, especially negative ones, when you go to transmute the energy with a partner you can increase the energy of these negative egos. I realized I had to stop that practice until I managed to work on more of my negative egos because of what was coming up inside me and my thoughts were going to darker and darker places. I found more internal peace and less nervousness and anxiety keeping the energy within and transmuted.
    Now whilst alone and chaste I have tried this Ham Sah practice more seriously and have notice a significant increase in the level of light I have in my being. I feel some of the negative weight of the world lifted and am looking at situations with more clarity.
    We were taught this practice whilst in the Gnistic group I attended but the emphasis on how important it is to practice the Ham Sah daily, especially as a single person, coupled with an inner study and elimination of the egos wasn’t always there. I’m seeing now how these practices go hand in hand and are very intertwined in order to achieve lasting results.

  26. Thanks for sharing your experience on these topics, Christy. I think that many people over the history had to stop with the practice of alchemy until other steps are taken in a proper way, because it is a double-edged sword. One needs to be defined for the work and the path in order to get the expected benefits out of alchemy. There is a lot to the practice of alchemy, and it is important that it is explained very clearly to those who want to embark on this path.

    Practicing Ham Sah as a sit down practice can be of enormous help too. In many groups this practice has been very underrated, while there are so many benefits to it when done as a daily practice together with other Gnostic practices, like meditation, eliminating egos, exploration of reality etc.
    Thanks again for your input.

  27. There is spiritual full body spirit orgasm when energy moves upward – extasy, this is beautiful and it awakens, it happens when you love fully. Love, love, love divine, is the answer of all alchemy. There is plenty of energy in love, when sex is not focus but can happen just to release excess energy. Focus is building up more and more love….

  28. readers of this article may find this one on the same topic interesting from another gnostic website/page…it outlines the impact from both perspectives of 1) losing the sexual fluid and 2) shocking the nervous system…
    this may help to explain to some of the commenters the importance of avoiding the spasm as well as the ejection. https://gnostictransformation.blogspot.com/2009/04/science-of-orgasm.html

    furthermore I’d like to ask some advice please…
    What can be done for someone who has an over sensitive organ, especially when masturbation is not approved within gnostic circles. this was the only non drug option that seemed possible but it is frowned upon…what to do?

    • There is a spiritual orgasm-whole body experience, which is wonderful thing for health, for spiritual growth, you don’t loose energy, but natural alchemy between 2 people takes them in higher place. There is also genital orgasm, local, lover just grounding experience to release energy unused, that is not uplifting feeling, it’s draining. Should be avoided, result of lust, partial connection

    • Ptah, if by “over sensitiveness” you mean more-than-normal lustful sensations in the sexual center, then perhaps the way to make it go away is by doing elimination from moment to moment technique (also known as the first key for awakening).
      The feeding of lust creates an energetic layer of that energy in the psychological center, particularly in the emotional, instinctual and the sexual centers. To free oneself from that requires consistent inner work, starting with self-remembrance, self-observation, elimination of egos from moment to moment, meditation, etc. In this way a higher energy is harnessed and used so that the essence can break free from the bonds of the egos.

      • Thankyou for the wise words but my problem is more physical sensitivity. Overly sensitive to both pain and pleasure sensations.

        • Hmm in that case I’m not sure. There are probably a number of healing modalities that might help, depending on how open you are to alternative types of healing.

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