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Is Environment Important when Searching for Truth?

Often time one can hear a statement that “the truth is inside you so you don’ have to go anywhere to discover it, because you already have it within”. If going by this logic, then we should just stay at home, read a lot of books, or do an online course and we will eventually discover the truth within. But one can wonder, is it really so simple? And, can we really say that such process is valid for everyone?

Even though there is truth to the statement that we can find a lot of what we are searching for within us, still in many cases the path to it is not as simple as just staying home and meditating a lot. For many people, searching for truth entails a lot of activity, visiting different centers, groups, conferences, vast landscapes, and even countries.

This searching is a process initiated by something deep within us, often time it goes hand in hand with a compelling type of emotion that we haven’t really felt before, or at least not to such degree, but it moves us profoundly. We feel that there is something greater out there that needs to be explored. And so the search begins.

The process of searching is different for everyone, because each person’s history is different, as well as the consciousness itself, and the way it is moved to activity by their Being/Higher Self.

Some people will begin their search for truth in religion, others in mainstream science, someone else in psychotropic substances, others yet in long travels. We cannot make an overall rule what is the best way for someone to search, and then impose it on to them by popularizing the statement “the truth is within, so no need to go anywhere.”

Some may need to search for it in nature. It is not uncommon that people become more conscious when they begin to really look for answers while looking at nature.

During my travels to some ancient sacred sites, I have often noticed that my consciousness is lifted up in some ways. It became often time much easier to ground in the here and now, and also to experience a kind of awareness that makes it achievable to connect to deeper aspects of those places; being able to feel and perceive more.

And so another statement that says how “God won’t be found in churches, temples, or mosques, but only inside oneself”, is another one that can be easily misinterpreted, as sacred sites help many people to connect to their inner divinity, even though they might not perceive it as “inner”.

Ultimately it is through an effort that we find truth, and we do find it within us, but also outside of us. For many this could take place from the comfort of their own home, but for many others it needs to happen through a lot of physical activity and movement. Important thing is to listen to the voice of the silence that is coming from deep within you, when you are still internally and receptive to its guidance.

HDP, February 2020.

Author: Dario

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