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Meditative Visualization: A Journey Through our Solar System

It is well known in the esoteric teachings that visualization is a powerful tool by which we can develop our inner senses positively, provided we combine it with other important practices for spiritual development. Through meditative visualization we can access various information, whether that be about remote locations, or more specific knowledge about objects, places, events etc. In the Gnostic teachings of Samael the power of visualization is emphasized a lot, and for a good reason.

I would like to share a type of visualization that I felt I should do at one point of my inner work. At that time I was already doing visualization practices regularly for some time, but I felt a pull to do a particular type of visualization in which I visualize and feel myself traveling through our solar system. The preparation for this practice entailed seeing images of the planets of the solar system and to remember them so that I can visualize them during the meditative visualization.

In my visualization, I felt myself being in space, looking from the first person perspective, visualizing the Earth in font of me and the stars all around me. Then I visualized myself at the Sun, observing it. From there I flew to the planet that is the nearest to the sun, and which I saw as a bright spot in the distance – the planet Mercury. Again I imagined myself being close to it, at a reasonable distance so that I can see the whole of its body mass.

I then visualized flying to Venus, and then to Earth again, and then to Mars. Once again I observed the planets next to which I floated, and have noticed that as I am observing the planets one by one, that I am also perceiving an energy of the planet in the form of a feeling. Each of the planets have their own particular energy, which translates in a feeling that we may experience, and because our consciousness can tap to our inner Being (higher self) in such practices that involve looking at particular distant location, it is possible for us not only to perceive accurately such distant objects, but also to experience their deeper nature.

From Mars I continued to Saturn, visualizing its beautiful ring that was in silent motion. Again observing the planet closely and paying attention to the feeling that I am receiving from it. From Saturn I moved on to Jupiter, the largest of the planets of our Solar system, and there I repeated the same thing. When we visualize the planets in this way, we can also receive some other information relating to those planets, which we couldn’t know about before. This information is coming to us through our higher senses that the consciousness triggers with its intent, provided that we have those senses somewhat already developed. The intent however should always be aligned with noble goals and aspirations. When we search for knowledge in this way, it is necessary to be careful not to do it to satisfy our lower nature, but rather always acting from the feeling of aspiration that comes from deep within us, from our Being.

And so from Jupiter I continued further to the outer parts of our Solar system, to planet Uranus. This beautiful bluish planet irradiated very calming and uplifting energy, which I took in before moving on to the next and the last planet that I visualized – planet Neptune. This one had another type of energy and presence to it.

Doing this practice daily for some time has created a strong inner boost; I felt a particular spiritual strength that was like a shield that pushed away negative influences as well as my own egos. This strong energy created a tangible result, which is why I would suggest this practice as an arsenal of tools that one can use for their own process of self-realization. On the path we need various tools, and from meditative visualizations we can derive both knowledge and useful energy, which ultimately can push us forward on the path.

An important detail regarding this practice is to approach it with an open mind, without opinions that one may have about the planets and their influence, but rather simply observing them as if we want to study something new.

HDP, September 2020.

Author: Dario

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