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Mantras for Astral Projection

In the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, there are many mantras that are taught as a mean to achieve astral projection. The latter is an ability through which we can safely leave our physical body at will in order to consciously enter the astral plane (which is in the fifth dimension) and to explore more of the reality than what we know of here in the physical world.  This was an important practice in many esoteric and occult schools of various religions and spiritual traditions, because it was known that we leave our physical body each time when we fall asleep and it was thought that using the time of sleep was a great opportunity for conscious exploration of higher dimensions of life. To learn how to astral travel requires training and discipline, just like any other important skill in life.

There are many different techniques to achieve direct astral projection. The usage of sound is one of those ways, and particularly interesting from this category is the usage of mantras because it contains a beneficial energy imbued within the mantras because they’ve been vocalized for some time by many people for the purpose of achieving conscious astral split, and thus ending up charged with this particular energy.

In this article I will write about seven mantras for astral projection that Samael mentioned in his teachings, because I noticed that many people responds well to mantras and that they find them an inspiring method and thus effective to hold their attention on them until projecting from the body.

Vowels in these mantras are pronounced like this: The vowel “A” is pronounced like in the word “Alpha”. The vowel “E” like in the word “Let”. The vowel “I” like in the word “Cliff”. The vowel “O” is pronounced like in the word “Door”, and the vowel “U” like in the word “Lose”.

Mantra LA RA

This is a popular mantra that Samael taught, and which seems to have an older origin. From where he got the information about the mantras for astral projection is not always clear, but it seems to me that a lot of the mantras that he taught in Gnosis was from the time when he studied under his teacher Krum Heller, and some he was given when out of the body. This particular La Ra mantra is mentioned in his book The Greater Mysteries where he was writing about the temple of Chapultepec, which is said to be located in the 4th dimension. In that book he writes the following about this mantra:

“The one who wants to come out in the astral body at will, should lull himself to sleep while mentally pronouncing the syllable “LA”. This syllable is mentally alternated with the syllable “RA“. Mentally pronounce these two syllables in an alternated and separate manner. The student should try to listen to the sharp sound of the cricket. That sound emerges from within the cerebral cells. One needs a serene mind, a good quantity of drowsiness and good attention on what one is doing. If the exercise is well done, then as soon as the student enters that transitional state that exists between vigil and sleep, he will feel the sharp sound of the cricket within his cerebrum. The student should then lull himself to sleep a little more, and increase the resonance of that sound by means of the will; he should then rise from his bed heading towards the Temple of Chapultepec, or the Gnostic Church, or wherever he wishes.

“When we say that he should get up from his bed, this should be translated into deeds. The student should rise from his bed. This is not a mental exercise. Really, it is not a matter of mentally rising; the disciple should rise with actions, with deeds. Nature will take care of separating the physical and the astral bodies, in order for the astral body to remain free and the physical body remains in the bed. What the student has to do is to get up from his bed, that’s all. With this clue, our Gnostic disciples will be able to transport themselves in the astral body to the mystery temples of the White Lodge.”

This syllables of this mantra are also elongated, like this: (first breath) LAAAAAAAAA
(second breath) RRRAAAAAAA. When pronouncing it mentally you no longer need to pay attention to the breath, but you elongate it nonetheless.

Mantra Tai Re Re Re

This mantra is a bit different than the rest in that it has a singing tone to it, which I think can be particularly beneficial for those who are prone to fall sleep quickly when closing their eyes. Here is what Samael Aun Weor have said about this mantra:

“Another method is for the disciple to lull himself to sleep vocalizing this Mantra: TAI RE…RE…RE This Mantra should be sung strongly accenting the vowel A: TAAAAAAIIIIIIIII. The three remaining syllables are vocalized giving the E a ringing melodious, prolonged sound. The R is not made to vibrate, but is only pronounced in a simple form: REEEEEEEE… REEEEEEEEE… REEEEEEEE…The syllable TAI is sang in a deep tone. The repetition of Re is done  in a higher tone than TAI.

“When the disciple is already falling asleep, when he finds himself in that precise state of transition between vigil and sleep, he should rise from his bed without hesitation, laziness, doubts, reasoning, naturally, like a reflex or in an instinctive manner, automatically, and absolutely childlike.

“Observe the birds: When they are going to fly, they do not reason about it, they do not harbor doubts nor preconceptions, but simply fly away instinctively; we can say: automatically. The disciple should proceed in that manner: imitate the birds. He should rise, therefore, from the bed and leave the room and head for any Corner of the infinite, or wherever he likes.

“When we say that the student should RISE from the bed, this should be translated into effective and immediate actions, without stopping to think.”

Mantra Fa Ra On

Perhaps the two most popular mantras for astral projection that Samael taught are related with Egyptian tradition. The mantra Fa Ra On (referring to English word “pharaoh”) is a particular because, besides vocalizing this mantra only when attempting to astral project, Samael also recommends to simultaneously visualize in your mind’s eye the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The procedure when it comes to astral projection is the same as always. First it is necessary to relax well, and then focus on a technique for astral projection, in this case the mantra Fa Ra On. If you want you can pronounce it out loud at first and then more and more softly until you only pronounce it mentally. It is pronounced liked this:

(first breath)       FAAAAAAAAAAA
(second breath)  RRRAAAAAAAAA
(third breath)     OOOOOOOOOONN

While vocalizing this mantra you can, if you want, also visualize the Great Pyramid of Egypt, or only staying focused on the mantra itself. Like with every other technique for astral projection, the point is to stay focused on the technique at hand until your physical body falls asleep, so to reach the stage of conscious astral split. This happens at the point when the body falls asleep while the mind stays awake.

Mantra Egypto

The mantra Egypto is another mantra for astral projection that is related to ancient Egyptian tradition. It is pronounced like this:


Mantra Rusti

In his book the Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor wrote the following:

“The disciple should lie on his bed in an horizontal position.  Relax the body so that no muscle applies pressure on the astral body. Become drowsy singing the mantra Rusti like this: Ruuuuuuussssstiiiiiii. This mantra is sung mentally. In those instants, the student should become a “spy of his own sleeping process”.

“When the student already finds him in that state of drowsiness or somnolence that precedes sleeping, he should get out of bed and leave the room. How? In what manner?

“Almost all students suppose that it is an exercise of magnetism or auto-suggestion, etc., but they are lamentably mistaken because here we are not dealing with auto suggestion or hypnotisms. Simply get out of bed for Nature will do the rest. She will know how to separate the astral body from the physical body. The disciple merely needs to stand up and leave his room for Nature will do the rest. Already out of his room, the student will take a little hop with the intention of floating in space.”

Mantra S

The mantra S is one of the mantras that I have personally found to yield the most results for me, possibly because of its simplicity and continuous vocalization of the sound S. Like every other mantra for astral projection, you can start elongating the sound S out loud for some time, and then pronouncing it softer and softer until only pronouncing it mentally, with a deep focus on it. In his book the Igneous Rose, Samael writes the following:

“The disciple must become sleepy while vocalizing the sweet and affable sound of the “S”. When the disciple reaches that state of transition between vigil and dream, then he must rise from his bed and leave the room, going towards the Gnostic Church. Once there, we will teach and instruct him in the Divine Wisdom. However, we must clarify to our disciples that this explanation which we have given must be understood as an immediate action.

“The student must rise up from his bed, as naturally as would a child who knows nothing of occultism. It is not a mental practice. It is a practice which must be understood as a concrete action, just as when we rise up in the morning in order to eat breakfast. The vowel “S” has a terrific power. “

And in another place he says that “by vocalizing the letter S, the student will acquire the capacity to resound the still, small voice within his brain, the Anahat sound at will; this will allow him to consciously project himself in his Astral Body.”

The Bird Mantra

“These mantras are found to be closely related to the elemental class of birds and it is evident that they will effectively assist the devotee by helping in the work of astral projection. Each bird is the physical body of an elemental and they always assist the neophyte provided that there is proper conduct.

“If the aspirant is eager for assistance from the elemental class of birds, they must learn to love them. Those who commit the crime of confining creatures of Heaven in abominable cages, will never receive this help. Feed the birds of Heaven, transform yourself into a liberator of these creatures, open the doors of their prisons and you will be helped by them.

“When, for the first time I experimented with the majestic key, after intoning the mantras, I felt light and airy, as if something had entered inside the EIDOLON (the astral body).It is obvious that I did not wait to be lifted from the bed; I myself abandoned the couch. I voluntarily arose, and walked very slowly out of the house. The innocent elementals of friendly birds within my astral body helped in my astral projection.”

I have learned this mantra early on in my studies and it happened to be sunny summer afternoon when I tried it for the first time, which was ideal because of the many birds that were out and about at that time. Samael mentioned this mantra in his book the Mystery of Golden Blossom, saying that it was given to him in the astral plane by Eliphas Levi. He also wrote this about it:

“For the benefit of our gnostic students it is useful to establish didactically the skillful succession of these magic sounds.
a) long and delicate whistle similar to that of a bird.
b) The intonation of the vowel “E” (as in the English word “let”) (eeeeeeeeee) prolonging the sound with the note “RAY” of the musical scale.
c.) Singing the “R”, making it resonate with the musical “TE”, imitating a high pitched child’s voice; something similar to the shrill sound of a hand mill or an extremely fine and delicate motor (rrrrrrrrrr).
d.) Make the “S” resonate very delicately, like a sweet and gentle whistle (ssssssssss).
Clarification: Point a. is a real and effective whistle. Point d. is only similar to a whistle.”


Here are some of the many mantras that exist for astral travel. As many students have found them beneficial, I thought it’s a good idea to share it with others in this compiled form. When trying them out, instead of using one for each day, it is better to practice only one for some time to see how it will affect you. When I did them I would normally use one for around two weeks, sometimes more if I noticed that it is more beneficial. Over time, when going deeper into the teachings and the inner work, you can learn how to use some other phrases and sounds that resonate with you even more, and upon which you could rest your attention for the purpose of conscious astral split.

HDP, November 2020.

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