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Silence, Solutions, and Divine Wisdom

How many times have we got solutions to various problems when we were simply focused on a task at hand, and not actually thinking about the problem itself. Majority of people would do the opposite – they would think intensely about the problem and try to find a solution to it, not knowing that by so doing they will just get more entangled in the mind and in the ‘battle of the opposite’ – the mind will just present what is in its scope of possibility, but that is limited when we are searching for solution to something that is more complex.

However, when we are not actually thinking about it but instead are just present in the moment, or focused on the task at hand, the solution can emerge spontaneously from deep within us.

Within silence is wisdom. Inner silence is not a vacuum and a place of dread. Those whose longing brought them to the treshold of silence, and who stepped inside through that marvellous gates, know that the inner silence is a direct connection with divinity inside of us, and that such silence is not really silent, but is filled with substance that provides nourishment for all the levels of our being. This silence is consciousness, our true self, of which we become aware of when the mind and emotions become still.

The following is an excerpt from a text attributed to Arnold Krumm Heller, also known as Master Huiracocha:

“If you enter a dark room in order to do something, the first thing you do is turn on a light so as to distinguish between the objects and find what you are looking for. You must do the same in order to solve a problem. Within you there is light. That light is the spiritual enlightenment, which represents divine wisdom. For the solution to be revealed you must turn on your inner light; and you will achieve this by closing the doors of your mind and entering into silence. There the solution will be revealed to you and you will know what you must do.

To explain how you can obtain this state of consciousness I must tell you to never say “I can’t”, “I don’t”, because this is a falsity. Although you may not know it or feel it, within you there is divine wisdom; and if you continue with the repetition of those negative or indolent words, you will never obtain the manifestation of divinity within you. The unfolding of the faculty by which you will intuitively know the solution to any problem comes more from the force of love than from the force of knowledge.”

As the inner silence is directly connected to our consciousness, it is as such also connected to the force of our Being and to all of its qualities. It can guide us by giving us understanding and presenting us with solutions as well as knowledge. It gives us what we need, when we need it, if only we ask for it. It is there at every moment, available to us and awaiting of us to knock on its door. The easiest way to access it is through meditation, when we shut ourselves off to anything external, and are absorbed inside ourselves, realizing ourselves fully as consciousness, as that what we are.

Still, if a certain level of the inner work is reached, the access to that silence becomes easier and also the arrival to solutions and divine wisdom becomes easier too. In that case, we are always in the state of stillness, regardless of what we do. And by being still and present in the moment, we are then also centered in consciousness – the place from which the silence unfolds.

H.D.P. October 2019.

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  1. Hi Highest Quest, I enjoy reading your blog. Is there anyway for you to have the whole of the blog post appear in the email so I don’t have to click through to website to read it? Paz inverencial David

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment.
      I’m not sure if there is such an option. Because I’m using wordpress.com (and not .org) I’m limited to plugins that I can use. If I come up with something I will let you know.

      • Thank you. Enjoying the blog.

  2. Thank you. Enjoying the blog!

  3. The place from which silence unfolds and allows our inner wisdom to speak to us is hard for many to access. I like the quote which suggested, “…For the solution (to a problem or need) to be revealed you must turn on your inner light; and you will achieve this by closing the doors of your mind and entering into silence. There the solution will be revealed to you and you will know what you must do.” It requires turning away from the hustle and bustle – – – and allowing the stillness to engulf you. It’s a peaceful place. Thank you, “Highest Quest” for your thoughtful blog. I’ll be back!

    • Thanks for your comment JanBeek. Indeed it’s not easy for people to access this silence. Only with effort do we get more consistent results, though sometimes our consciousness can “hit” us with this amazing awareness in which we get a glimpse into silence and are inspired to seek it. It’s incredible to consider all the things that happens internally, behind the scenes.

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