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A Powerful Mantra for Clairvoyance and Developing the Heart

A few years ago while studying about something in one of the books of Samael Aun Weor, I discovered an interesting approach and mantra for clairvoyance. It differs from the other ones that Samael wrote about in other books, in that this mantra has a special singing tone, and yet again a very basic one. Clairvoyance in itself is a faculty that is very useful to have, but it is not a type of a “siddhi power” that can be attained without a proper amount of training, effort, and above all inner purification.

In the clairvoyance approach of Samael in the technique  that I will share here, he explains how re-acquiring the atoms of infancy is the key to activating ability of clairvoyance. After working on this method and looking into this approach for some time, I realized that that statement is very true. Such approach is not only valid for activating clairvoyance, but for the spiritual development in general. By this I do not mean that it is necessary to become childish in order to progress spiritually, but rather that as we eliminate egos and subsequently increase consciousness, and as we awake the free consciousness that we have available, we will notice how we become more and more spontaneous and simple, with some virtues that you can often time see in small children.

As consciousness grows and develops, we get access to new virtues, some of which are compassion and love to everything around us, and ability to connect to our immediate and more distant environments. Often time this capacity has a note of ’playfulness’ and simplicity, however not in an ignorant way, but rather supported by wisdom.

The mantra that Samael wrote about is “Mama, Papa”. He writes the following about it:

“If our disciples want to awaken divine clairvoyance they must re-conquer their lost  childhood. The atoms of infancy live submerged in our interior universe and it is necessary to self-awaken them towards new activity. When these atoms of infancy emerge from within the profundity of the consciousness, in order to reappear in our objective and secondary system, we then re-conquer our lost infancy and the result is the awakening of divine clairvoyance.

“We can make these atoms of infancy rise from within the profundity of the consciousness to the exterior surface, by means of the verb. The blessed and venerable Guru Huiracocha spoke to us about the sacred verb of the light through his book Logos, Mantra, Magic. He told us that we must begin articulating, little by little, as a child does when he begins to say “MAMA”.

 “In this book, the Master Huiracocha tells us about the marvellous power of the vowel “M”. Yet, because this great Master wrote in codes, only the Initiates understand him. Whosoever wants to re-conquer his lost infancy must again begin vocalizing these infant-like syllables.

“The words MA-MA, PA-PA, must be vocalized, stressing the tone on the first syllable of each word and lowering the tone on the second syllable of each word. The mind must assume a complete infant-like attitude during this practice. Thus, divine clairvoyance will awaken in our disciples with the condition that they must be in the most perfect chastity,”

 Like Samael says, chastity is important to be able to activate clairvoyance substantially and permanently – chastity in thought, emotion and sex. But besides that it is also necessary to have pure and noble goals in regards to the usage of clairvoyance, and also having a substantial degree of purity in our daily living and in our long term life plans. The more noble our life becomes, the higher chances of being given this marvelous gift by our inner Being.

With the mantra “Mama Papa” we may not only develop the faculty of clairvoyance, but also the heart center in general, as the atoms of infancy are directly related to the heart. In turn, this would stimulate more loving energies that can enable us to start looking differently at some things, and to overcome certain obstacles. It is an interesting mantra to experiment with and see where it takes you.

HDP, April 2020.

Author: Dario


  1. I got your email couple of days back, read your article and then yesterday while lying in bed I decided to sing the mantra you mentioned “mama, papa” I chanted for 5 minutes and then just lay quietly and was trying to be very aware. All of a sudden I started feeling joy, happiness, peace in my heart, felt my heart overflow with so much love and tears started falling down my cheeks…I was crying..of joy…at one point I was telling myself I am not sad..but why am I crying…and told myself I am crying of joy..happiness..at that moment I loved everybody, everything…it was a beautiful moment…I allowed myself to cry freely knowing crying is also healing…I was crying happy tears lol..was also thinking if my kids walked in at that moment they would’ve thought I was sad and would’ve felt bad for me..and if I told them I was crying because I was feeling so happy ….they would’ve thought “moms crazy” lol
    I am pretty sure it happened because of the mantra. Thank You for sharing that mantra! God bless you!

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience, Merita. I remember getting something similar from this mantra, but in a milder way than you. It is like an overflow of a very peaceful joy and a feeling of humility and innocence. It really felt that this is the state to be in to receive gifts from the Being and from divinity in general.

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