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Meditation with Mantra GA-TE: Knowing the Mysteries Hidden in (Ancient) Art

In his book The Mysteries of the Mayas, Samael Aun Weor has written about an interesting approach for receiving esoteric information about symbols hidden in art, sculpture, or a sacred site. The book speaks a lot about symbols related with spiritual awakening, found all over the ancient sacred site of Copán, Honduras. This ancient site of the Maya is known as one of the richest with Mayan artistic sculptures, altars, and symbolic carvings in general.
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Mantra SUIRA and Directing the Solar Force to Awaken the Chakras

In some of his books, Samael Aun Weor has written about an interesting practice that deals with activation of chakras and their corresponding faculties by stimulating the chakras with solar energy. This is done by pulling up that energy from the solar plexus chakra and leading it towards the chakra that one wishes to activate. To achieve this, one uses visualization and particular series of mantras. Samael says the following in his book the Perfect Matrimony:
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A Powerful Mantra for Clairvoyance and Developing the Heart

A few years ago while studying about something in one of the books of Samael Aun Weor, I discovered an interesting approach and mantra for clairvoyance. It differs from the other ones that Samael wrote about in other books, in that this mantra has a special singing tone, and yet again a very basic one. Clairvoyance in itself is a faculty that is very useful to have, but it is not a type of a “siddhi power” that can be attained without a proper amount of training, effort, and above all inner
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Experience of Clairvoyance during “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra

It is said that spiritual perceptions and experiences of such kind are gifts from divine beings, as well as our own Being. These type of experiences can come when we least expect them, giving us a flavour of our latent potential and helping us peak “beyond the veil”. This is what happened to me during my time in Canada. I spent about a week in a retreat center, somewhere in the forests of Ontario. The area was gorgeous with many lakes, beautiful lush forests, and a rich animal life. During
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Egyptian Mantra “Eph-Ra-Im” for Activating Consciousness and Psychic Senses

In his short book “The Seven Words”, Samael Aun Weor describes an Egyptian mantra Eph-Ra-Im. It is one of his early books when he was still working in the First mountain (which is a stage of the path to awakening). He describes the power of this mantra and that it has Egyptian origin, of which not much is said, but it is probable that he obtained it in his youth while belonging to the Rosicruscian order of Arnold Krum Heller - an esoteric order that, besides other cultures, also dealt with
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