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Experience of Clairvoyance during “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra

It is said that spiritual perceptions and experiences of such kind are gifts from divine beings, as well as our own Being. These type of experiences can come when we least expect them, giving us a flavour of our latent potential and helping us peak “beyond the veil”. This is what happened to me during my time in Canada. I spent about a week in a retreat center, somewhere in the forests of Ontario. The area was gorgeous with many lakes, beautiful lush forests, and a rich animal life. During one of the mornings we gathered in the practice room (which was actually a tent) to chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

This ancient mantra from Hinduism is related to god Shiva, who in esoteric philosophy is associated with the Third Logos (Holy Spirit). It is said that chanting this mantram invokes the energies of Shiva so that they pour down to the physical world and bless the practitioners with spiritual insight, health, wisdom and happiness.

It was morning when the chant took place, and rather rainy day. During this practice I was able to go more deeply into concentration, while chanting out loud the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. I went deeper and deeper, until I slipped into a drowsy state. It was then when a vivid vision came to my view. In it I saw a tree-covered hill, surrounded by a forest, during a rain storm. I saw it from one perspective but then the vision moved towards the bird perspective also.

The image was so vivid that it immediately made me come back to waking state and the full awareness of the practice room. I recognized that the landscape is very similar to where I was at that time, however during the car ride to the retreat place I have not seen any hill at all. This made me question if what I saw pertained to somewhere nearby, or to completely another area.

I had no doubt that what I saw was real, because by then I already learned how to recognize between a random subconscious image, a teaching coming from a higher source, and a remote viewing type of image. But the question remained, where is this place that I have seen while chanting the hindu mantra?

It was not until later during my time at that retreat place that I discovered this hill when I went with a few others to do some task, that entailed riding in a vehicle towards another side of the area, which I haven’t seen before when we were coming to the retreat place at the beginning from the opposite side. All in all, it was interesting to have this experience of clairvoyance, which stimulated my third eye in such a way that made the remote viewing much easier for some time more after the retreat ended.

Did this experience occured from the mantra, the environment, the meditative state, or as a gift from divine….it is hard to say. But what is certain is that active psychic senses can sometimes provide us with much needed boost for the Inner work.

HDP, January 2020.

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