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Egyptian Mantra “Eph-Ra-Im” for Activating Consciousness and Psychic Senses

In his short book “The Seven Words”, Samael Aun Weor describes an Egyptian mantra Eph-Ra-Im. It is one of his early books when he was still working in the First mountain (which is a stage of the path to awakening). He describes the power of this mantra and that it has Egyptian origin, of which not much is said, but it is probable that he obtained it in his youth while belonging to the Rosicruscian order of Arnold Krum Heller – an esoteric order that, besides other cultures, also dealt with an esoteric side of ancient Egypt.

The mantra Eph-Ra-Im is pronounced by elongating each of the vowels and consonants in three exhalations, like this:




Pronouncing it like this, the sound affects the corresponding chakras and makes them vibrate, which can then awake the psychic sense that lay latent in each of these chakras.

For example, Samael explains that the sound “E” (pronounced like in the word Let) activates the throat chakra and the sense of clairaudience (ability to hear sounds from higher dimension); the sound “A” activates the lung chakras and the power of remembering past lives, and the vowel “I” is related to the brow chakra and clairvoyance. Here is what he said about this particular Egyptian mantra:

“All the occult power of the Astral body goes into activity with this powerful Egyptian mantra. The vowel “H” is pronounced like a deep sigh, and the letter “P” gives force to this vowel like one is blowing out air.
A catholic priest asked an Aztec magician, “How do you call God?” And the Aztec magician answered him by sighing deeply. This sigh was the vowel “H,” and the word breath should have the vowel “H.” The “H” is a vowel, even though the grammarians do not say so. The “H” is the breath of life, the igneous breath, and combined with the “P,” like this, “PH,” it gives the sensation of knocking with the lips, the breath of life.

“In this manner, in this mantra, terrible powers are contained. The vowel “E” develops the thyroid chakra and the powers of the mind. The “PH” takes the igneous breath to all the chakras of the Astral body to awaken them. The mantra “RA” makes all the chakras of the Astral body of man vibrate. The vowel “I” awakens the chakras of the head, and on combining it with the vowel “M,” in this manner, “IM,” it acquires a terrible power that diffuses through all the astral chakras, giving them life and lighting them up. The vowel “M” is pronounced as a Sound that is felt in the mouth, but as the lips are closed, it has to come out through the nose. The vowel “M” contains terrific powers.”

Practicing this mantra for some time, I noticed that it affects my interior in an interesting way. It is possible that this Egyptian mantra has over the course of history been charged with a strong energy, that can affect the chakras and the inner structure of a human being, temporarily giving us an energetic boost that can be used for further spiritual development.

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