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Preparing a Place for Spiritual Practices

“Find a quiet retreat for the practice of Yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smouldering fires, and ugliness, and where the sound of waters and the beauty of the place help thought and contemplation.” ~ The Upanishads

As everything else in this world, success in spiritual practice depends on a certain requirements that need to be met, such as discipline, having a strong will-power and determination, right intention and goals, clear vision, asking for help etc.

When you start your spiritual practices, and particularly if you start a journey on the Gnostic Path, inwardly you will become more balanced and clean. Naturally then, you will want for your exterior to mirror what is inside you. In spontaneous manner we then arrange our practice room in a way that is inspiring and, by doing practices and preparations, are unconsciously charging it with higher energies that boost any spiritual practice.

The more inspired you are by the place, the more will you be aligned internally with the spiritual side of life, and will therefore apply more efforts into staying focused. In fact, the ability to concentrate in such environment becomes ‘effortless’, as if we are riding on a wave of a higher energy that is taking us towards our goal that we’ve set with the practice, be that achieving peacefulness in meditation, deeper Samadhi states, out of body experience, or anything else that we may want to achieve.

It is of no wonder that monks and saints from around the world have always had a special place for practices, such as temples and specially designed halls.  When they would meditate in their rooms, they made sure that it is clean and tidy.

A room clustered with things brings about disorder to the space, and this can very easily reflect in our own practice, unless we are a meditator of a high grade that has developed ability to block all impressions from disturbing our mind. Chances are we are not at that level yet, so that’s why it would be very useful to prepare our space for the practice.

How is this applied practically?

For starters, choose a room in your house that you will use for meditation. Ideal thing would be to have a room that is used only for spiritual practices and nothing else. If you have a spare room that is nice, by turning it into a practice room you are essentially building up an energy there each time you practice. That’s because practices like meditation etc. put us to a higher state that generate irradiation of love and peacefulness. Combining that with spiritual inspiration that is generated from you by looking at nice objects that you would place inside, such as figures or paintings of certain higher beings, higher nature, flowers, candles, incense etc., will put a definite charge to the room, and this then will attract higher beings and spiritual forces to it and to your home.

Each time when you would go to a practice room, you would be inspired because higher parts in you would be immediately activated and would help you in your spiritual pursuit. With this I don’t want to say that having a great place for practices is enough to reach enlightenment, no. But you would potentially help yourself a lot by having something of that kind.

Other factors that are involved in preparing a practice room are doing some cleansing rituals, such as LBPR, smudging with white sage, balancing the room with quality incenses, perhaps placing an inspiring or meaningful crystals somewhere inside….All of that can contribute to making a place that would help you getting into the right state of mind with more ease.

If you don’t have a nice spare room in your house that you can dedicate for practices only, then go with what you have available. Maybe that’s just your own room, or shared living room. Whatever it is, it is possible to have it clean and tidy, with inspiring objects inside that would lift you up internally. I find that sometimes, when I am away from home or in a place where there is not much I can do to better the environment, it is enough to just place a small statue of something that I associate with spirituality, be that an inspiring small wooden figure of Buddha, Horus, a Tibetan bowl, or anything else of that nature. I find that such an object can break the monotony of the place that I find myself in, and help me be aligned with the higher force. An ultimate goal of that would be that it helps me concentrate on a practice at hand.

Prayer to Divine Beings to cleanse the room and entire house is another thing that can be very beneficial, as they can energetically clean it of energetic garbage that we may not even sense, and that too can influence our practice.

Practicing outside in a beautiful natural environment, is another thing that can be tremendously uplifting, whether that be on a flower field, on top of a mountain, under the stars, or by a creek. If we can create a garden temple or a space in nature dedicated for practices only, it could have a wonderful effect as well, as nature abounds with life.

HDP, September 2018.

Author: Dario

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