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Increasing Chances for Astral Projection: Learning to Have Consistent Out of Body Experiences (1/3)

Astral travel is an enchanting ability, one of those that inspires mystery and wonder in many people throughout the world. And how wouldn’t it be when it offers potential to explore higher realities, a higher dimension of life in which so many things are possible. Most of people have difficulty with projecting out of their body. Unfortunately, they interpret this as a sign that astral travel is a made up thing because a technique doesn’t work. This of course is jumping to conclusion, which can be testified by the many people who have obtained the direct experience of the reality of astral projection and astral travel.

Even though in its essence astral projection is a simple thing – the mixture of concentration and relaxation – it often time requires more effort and additional information/instruction in order to make it happen. These days many people want to see the reality of astral travel, but because it is craved for for wrong and silly reasons, many will not see it happen.

In this series of articles I will go through elements that have been proven to have potential for increasing the chances for astral projection. Just to make it clear, not all of the things I will mention here are necessary to do to have astral projection, but they can be of great help. First and most important thing is:

Setting correct intention

First and foremost is to have good reason as to why you even want to astral project. Once people find out that through astral travel they can travel to far distant places, explore other planets, visit afterlife and meet with their deceased loved ones etc., they are inspired to learn it. There are other valid reasons that a person might have in order to be inspired to try and see for themselves if astral plane is real or not.

However, it seems to me that huge number of people these days want to try astral projection for reasons that are not so noble or genuine, such as to have astral sex, manipulate others, and doing all sorts of silly things. This is equivalent to having opportunity to explore immense planet full of life and things we never knew about, but once we get there we stay in the room doing common and mundane things. That’s the reason why most people will never have conscious astral experience, and even if they will it will be brief and unsubstantial.

Understand that astral plane of the fifth dimension is a higher dimension of our Universe where one can learn and experience the unknown to the extent that one never knew was possible. If you align your intention with the longing for discovering the mysteries of life, death and the Universe for your higher purpose, and to eventually helping others spiritually, your chances for learning how to astral travel will increase tremendously.

Setting astral goals

Once the overall intention for the astral travel is set, it is very important to have goals of what to do once you consciously arrive to the astral plane. For me, if I don’t do this prior to do practice, what normally happens is that, once there, I would start pondering on what to do next. This dramatically lessens the ability of having substantial experience, because the mind becomes scattered, and it’s easy to get lost in thought. This most often brings us to the end of our conscious astral experience, because when out of the body we get lost in thought, it means that we get submerged in dream state and may not even remember the conscious astral experience when we wake up.

The astral travel goals can range from learning how to fly and teleport, to visiting the past of human civilization through akashic records and deep space travels, to communicating with extraterrestrials, higher beings, exploring the worlds we never knew existed, meeting ones higher Being, and so much more…

Practicing self-remembrance throughout the day

Practicing self-remembrance throughout the day, we become more and more conscious of ourselves and of our surroundings. This means that our consciousness is then active and awake. This awakeness is then carried over to our dream/astral life, which can result in us becoming conscious that we are dreaming. If we are not practicing this throughout the day, we get prone to losing the conscious our of body experience more quickly. The more conscious we are in the physical world, the easier it will be to be conscious and aware in the astral world. If we do this often and properly, it can happen that in a dream state we suddenly start practicing the exercise of self-remembrance, which can dramatically increase the chances of becoming conscious in the astral plane.

Early morning practice when planet Venus is the Morning Star

Samael Aun Weor has written that one can take advantage of the time of year when planet Venus is the morning star, because of the beneficial influences of its rays, which can supposedly help with astral projection. For that, it is necessary to wake up and practice early in the morning. After the practice you can go back to sleep and see if you could still benefit from having a lucid dream, because chances for it to happen are increased  in that early hours of the morning. This practice come with a warning though: Samael says that one should be working on oneself thoroughly, because if one is not chaste in mind, emotion and sex, one could succumb to temptation of the negative (lustful) aspect of the Venetian ray.

Practicing concentration throughout the day

Another activity that contributes a lot to increasing chances for astral projection and astral travel, is to be focused on every activity that we are doing throughout the day. We can apply that for any mundane activity, whether that be washing dishes, mowing the grass, typing on computer, making a cup of tea, or anything else that we need to do.
This will sharpen our concentration skill, which is essential for both achieving astral projection, and making things done while having a conscious astral experience.

Learn to discern when to be aware of the present moment and when to have the mind focused on activity at hand (generally awareness would be with activities such as walking, driving, talking, and concentration when doing things such as cooking, typing, washing, etc.)

Two short concentration exercises per day

As already mentioned, the recipe for astral projection is concentration + relaxation. In other words, when the body is fully relaxed, we need to concentrate on a technique that we use for projection, and gently hanging on to it until the astral body detaches from the physical body. By having the mind fully focused on the technique, the sleep arrives, but instead of engulfing the mind (as it does in a normal process of falling asleep), we will consciously project from the physical body. In order to achieve this, we need to have our concentration developed to a certain degree so that we can maintain our focus when sleep comes. This may sound intricate, but in reality it can be a moment that happens minutes after starting the practice of astral projection, especially if one practices it in the middle of the night.

Therefore, in order to bring your level of concentration to such a degree, it is necessary to have one or two (ideally two) short concentration exercises every day. They can be 10 minutes each, during which time you dedicate your entire focus on a technique at hand.

Reality checks

Checking in which reality we are every now and then can help us repeat the same thing when dreaming. The dynamic behind this wonderful key is that by questioning throughout the day where we are, on the subconscious level this action will be recorded and then eventually repeated in a dream. In the same way that we dream things that we care about and that we do during waking life, the same applies for reality checks.

The way it is done is that during waking life you question reality in which you are in, and genuinely wonder whether this is the physical or the astral world, and then proceed by pulling your finger, or making a slight jump. If you are in the astral plane and pull your finger with intention to stretch, it will stretch. And if you jump in the astral plane with intention of flying, due to gravity working differently there it will take longer time to reach the ground, and you will realize that you have woken up within a dream, within the astral plane.

Relaxing well

It is really important that you learn to relax your body well when you begin the journey of learning the skill of astral projection. Without that, your body will remain tense and sleep will not approach you in a manner that it should. It is interesting to observe the process of falling asleep from the perspective of getting oneself ready for astral projection, i.e. from perspective of lying in bed with ones body well relaxed and with the mind focused on a technique. Even though it is the same process as when falling asleep normally, observing this process from the point of view of astral projection training is equivalent to an unknown closet being suddenly opened for us to view its content – what we were previously ignorant of and taking for granted, now we are exploring and seeing in a new way – and relaxation is an important key that enables us to unlock that ‘closet’.

Deep states of relaxation

Once you learn how to properly relax, it’s very worthwhile trying to go further in order to reach deep states of relaxation. This not only helps with achieving astral projection, but it also has many other benefits for the whole human system – it affects physical, etheric, astral and mental body of a human being. Once you are in a deep state of relaxation, you will notice energy flowing through your body, unclogging blockages of energy in the energy centers all over your system, activating the chakras etc. The result will be increased state of happiness and pure enjoyment during practices as well as afterwards, not to mention the health benefits for the physical body. Like this, even though the astral projection may not be achieved, one understands that there is still a lot to gain just by the practice itself.

Reflecting on possibilities and benefits that come with astral traveling

You have probably already heard a lot about astral projection and are inspired to try it because of the many possibilities that open up once you are in that world of wonders. Every now and then you can reflect on these, and on your own goals regarding the astral travel. This will fortify the intention, lighten up the inspiration and it will keep you on the path of learning how to astral project.

Prayer and asking for help

When we aspire to go into the astral world, we go into the higher dimension of nature, which is more real and substantial than where we are now. Even though the astral plane of the fifth dimension is not the Ultimate Reality, it is still a home of powerful beings who abide there and who use it to help humanity. These beings have been known by various names in the history of humanity, such as gods, angels, archangels, seraphims, devas, beings of light etc. It is said that they are organized in a hierarchy, depending on their level of spiritual achievement, and that they can help us with guidance and protection on our spiritual path and during our astral journeys. These higher beings can be asked for help: if you focus on them mentally and send them your petition, it will be received. Most importantly, we can also ask our own Inner Being (the higher part of our self) to help us. It is he/she who is guiding us, giving us symbolic dreams, helping us with astral projection and meditation, and installing in us the longing for spiritual unfoldment.

Continued in Part II.

HDP, November 2018.

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