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Transformative Effects of Out of Body Experiences

It is not unknown that those who have had out of body experiences (OBE), regardless of how they occurred, have had an experience that changed them in some way. It is also not uncommon that these types of experiences can change the course of people’s lives. One of a famous case of such occurrence was Robert Monroe, one of the pioneers in the research on out of body experiences. He was a regular citizen, not really standing out from the rest, until he started experiencing spontaneous OBEs in his 50’s. This changed the course of his life, and he had these experiences frequently until the end of his life. He said both in his books and in interviews that out of body experiences completely changed his life, enhancing it for the better.

Imagine the situation where you are conscious in your astral body and standing in your room, looking at your physical body sleeping in bed. Or flying out into space and seeing our planet Earth from that perspective; or visiting friends and family; talking to deceased and visiting places in the afterlife. Experiencing this would probably make you question life in a big way, and if you are brave enough, it would also make you look for answers. This path of searching might then lead you to trying to induce these type of experiences on a regular basis.

Someone who is learning the skill of astral projection and astral travel can reach the point of having such experiences more or less once a week or more, depending on the amount of efforts, and if his endeavors are supported by the spiritual work. If the practice of astral travel is enhanced by the practices of spiritual development (such as the ones that we learn in the Gnostic studies), then the experiences that the student would have would reach a new level. This is because we get more and more access to reality as we do the inner work. In another words, the more that we liberate our consciousness, the more we raise our vibratory frequency and therefore the more we start to gravitate towards the higher realms of existence, where a lot of knowledge can be gained.

This can be very life-changing in a way that we start to understand the deeper meaning of life, and we also start to perceive its hidden aspects. It can help us to stop identifying so much with problems and worries of life. We still deal with those as they come, but from the state of detachment and heightened objectivity.

If the seeker goes deep enough in the higher realm through an out of body investigations, even though if they are initially not interested in inner development, it is very possible that eventually they do become interested. The reason for this is because their astral experiences start to shift more and more towards spiritual development, in that they start meeting beings there that teach them about our purpose in life. The seeker then realizes that his physical life is a place of learning and development, and if he wishes to he can start changing inwardly in order to initiate the path of self-realization.

In my case, I remember that out of body experiences were one of the first things that drew me to studying the deeper aspects of life, and later on into the spiritual work. The effect that these early experiences and endeavors had on me were truly amazing, but as already mentioned above, they became much more interesting when combined with the spiritual work.

HDP, January 2020

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