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A Practice of the Light (by Arnold Krumm Heller)

In his book the Magic of Silence, Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller (also known as master Huiracocha) has written about an interesting practice, which he named the “Practice of the Light”. It is a type of practice that invokes and maintains the presence of light through continuous visualization and conscious intention. I decided to share it here with hope that it might be useful to some people. What this practice essentially does is that it stimulates to activity the higher parts of ourselves (depending on if it’s done correctly and if the person is resonating with this practice), so to have a particular force throughout the day that can remind them of the inner work. All practices that we do in the Gnostic teachings truly come down to that – to remember oneself and to remember the inner work from moment to moment by having the consciousness active and awake.

Here is the description of this practice as Arnold Krumm Heller describes it in his book the Magic of Silence:

“The first step to self-mastery is the CESSATION OF ALL EXTERNAL ACTIVITY, both of the mind and of the body. The following exercise, if done for fifteen to thirty minutes at night before going to sleep and in the morning before starting our daily obligations, will give wonderful results to everyone who makes the necessary effort.

“ The Second Step: Take care not to be disturbed. Then establish harmony and tranquility. Immediately imagine and feel that the body is wrapped in a dazzling WHITE LIGHT. During the first five minutes in which that image is kept in your imagination, RECOGNIZE and FEEL INTENSELY that your OUTER SELF has been linked to your powerful GOD WITHIN; then focus attention in the center of the Heart, visualizing it like a GOLDEN SUN.

“The next step is RECOGNITION:

“I now joyfully accept the fullness of the powerful presence of God, the pure Christ.”

“Feel the GREAT BRIGHTNESS OF LIGHT and intensify it in each cell of your body for ten minutes or more. Then enter the meditation with the following commandment or a command:

I am a child of Light. I love the Light. I live in the Light. I am protected, illuminated, full, sustained by the Light and I bless the Light

“Do not forget and always meditate: We become THAT in which we meditate and once things sprout from the LIGHT, the LIGHT is the Supreme Perfection and dominion over all things.
CONTEMPLATION and ADORATION TO THE LIGHT gives rise to the ILLUMINATION in the mind, to health, strength, discipline in the body, bringing harmony and prosperity in the business of every individual who truly practices this and who tries to live it.

“In all centuries, in all ages, in any condition, we are told by all those who carried out the greatest events in Life, that LIGHT is supreme, the LIGHT is Omnipresent and in the LIGHT all things exist. This truth is as true today as it was millions of years ago. Since ancient times, since when we have news of humanity, the sages and great men of all ages are represented with a halo of LIGHT that emanates from their heads and bodies.

“And the LIGHT is REAL, as REAL as the electric Light that illuminates your homes. The day is not far off when devices will be built to reveal the LIGHT that emanates from every individual to the physical sight of whoever wishes to see it. Such appliances will also show contamination or discoloration that is present in the form of a cloud around the LIGHT OF GOD, generated by the personal “I”, and by the virtue of discordant thoughts and feelings. This and only this is the way by which the great energy, the stream of Life is used negatively and wrongly impregnated in us.

“If the recommended exercise is faithfully practiced, feeling it in each atom of the mind and the body, with deep, VERY DEEP INTENSITY, you will receive abundant evidence of Tremendous Activity, Power and Strength that reside and are permanently active within the LIGHT. When you have experienced this, even when it is little, the privilege of a new experience will come to you. So turn this guidance into your own experience. The light is the Kingdom, enter it and be in Peace. After the first ten days of practicing this exercise, it should be done three times a day – if possible – in the morning, noon and at night. Many times we hear the complaint: “Oh, we don’t have that much time …”. To whomever thinks like this I want to simply say this: the time that common individuals spend in the criticism, blaming and condemning people, conditions and things, for not being different from what they are, if it is employed in the recognition and use of the Light, it will bring the sky to the land for those who dare to experience it and have enough strength to persevere. Nothing is impossible. The light never fails.”

The main point of this practice is to consciously visualize every cell in your body as light, “setting oneself ablaze” with light so to speak. But this light that you intent and visualize shouldn’t just be a figment of imagination. It should have a basis on something that is real. If you already have an experience of a spiritual light, of the virtues and qualities of the soul such as unconditional love, peace, conscious faith etc., then you can connect your visualization to that, which means that the light that you visualize is a representation of a true spiritual light. By so doing, you bring those qualities of the Being to the forefront of your everyday life, and that could have a useful effect on your everyday life, especially if you are doing the inner work. This light can also heal and unblock energetic obstacles, make the chakras function better etc., and in the case of the inner work, the help could come in the form of remembrance of oneself, to apply the techniques for spiritual awakening from moment to moment, as well as in the form of creating a closer contact with your Being.

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